Strange Memory

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Hello friends.

I am Rajiv and I am 22 years old. I am a student of engineering and I presently live in Hyderabad. I have a short family – an elder brother, mother and father. Now cutting short the intro I come down to the incident that happened when I was younger and this incident gave me a strange memory.

It was early summer. We had some relatives visiting us. I had never seen them before.  It was three of them – uncle, aunty and their daughter – Neelam. Honestly I remember her name only and the memories spent with her. She was loving, caring, affectionate, beautiful and everything else. She was 6-7 years elder to me, the same age as my brother.

During their stay she became my best friend. We used to play together and talk a lot. She was fond of me and adored me a lot. Everything was going like this till the second night of their stay.

We had a sufficiently big house – enough to accommodate half a dozen extra people. We had three bedrooms – one was given to their family, one was shared by me and my brother and the third one was of mom and dad. The second day Neelam voted to sleep with me as we had become best friends. So, my brother slept with mom and dad and Neelam slept with me in my room. We had fun that night. We played carom and did loads of fun and slept.

The third night changed a lot of things. We had slept early. It was around midnight that some moaning sounds woke me up. When i woke up and saw what was in front of my eyes, i was shocked. Neelam was all nude sitting on the bed and she was touching her vagina and rubbing it. I was small to understand her activity that she was masturbating. When I woke up and saw her, she noticed me and held my hand and made me watch her masturbate. She continued it for a long time and then suddenly she gasped heavily and stopped. After that she went to the washroom and put her clothes on. Then she came back on the bed and lied next to me and kissed me on the cheek and slept. Being unaware of what had happened I too slept.

This continued all the other nights. It was like she liked to masturbate in front of me. I stared at her all the unaware of what was happening.

They left the fifth day. All I can remember is that she gave me a kiss on the cheek while departing.

I never met them again nor heard about them. I don;t know if I’ll meet Neelam again. All I know is that she gave me a strange memory – a memory that I don’t know whether to cherish or to condemn.

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