Oldest Daughter

I was only 18 when Dawn was born, then I went off to war. Divorced while away. Came back a wreck ,was a loner for years.
When I was 36, got a letter from Dawn saying that she wanted to meet me.
Well I answered and we met, she told me that her mothe

Weird fetishes

videoboy333@aol.com says:
u were peeing
Jessie bby says:
mmm…and i just finisehd
videoboy333@aol.com says:
can i ask u an honest questoin..?
-turns the water on-
Jessie bby says:
yes honey?
videoboy333@aol.com says:
do u

Sleepaway Camp Part 7

[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

Just as Steven had suggested we stuck together like a team, AND QUIT Camp Spirit Thunder! We told Sergeant

Sleepaway Camp Part 6

[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

My name’s Christina. It was the summer before my senior year of high school when my older brother Steven g

Loving Comfort

Nathan’s cry was strong enough to sear my soul. I reached out to him, longing to calm the racking sobs that had taken over his body. He had never been close to his parents; His father had abandoned him when he was a child and his mother had never r

He Really Didn’t Love Me

Her Boss had gone away for two weeks and while he was away she told her Husband about the Affair. She wanted to leave him and told him how she didn’t Love him anymore and he couldn’t satisfy her the way her “Boyfriend” did. She wouldn’t tell him who

My Shower Bud

My Shower Bud

Thinking back, I cannot remember a time in my life when I was ever free of strong sexual desire. As a very young child I was the bad boy in the neighborhood… You know, the one that lured the other kids into the bushes and forced th

My Native American wife takes on three

This is another story involving my wife. Let me know what you think.
I was recently staying at a hotel out of town when my wife came to see me unexpectedly. I was happy to see her, seeing as I was horny as hell. My wife is Native American and beauti

Helping Sis Part 2

Mike was humming softly t as he entered the nearly empty pizza shop. He inhaled deeply through his nose as he did savoring the pizza odor that filled the place. There were five people in the place; a couple sitting in a corner booth and three young m

Bar Night

I see you from across the bar. Straight hair, black boots, leaning over the bar to get the bartenders attention for another drink, the top of your breasts exposed from the top of your low cut shirt, your cleavage inviting me to have a look. Your skir

Major for Unsportsmanlike Conduct Part II

“I’m sorry.” biting your lower lip softly then increasing the pressure.

My right hand firmly still gripping your wet hair, my left slowly tracing down your collarbone your erect nipples squeezing ever so softly, then down to your hips.

Major for Unsportsmanlike Conduct Part I

It’s one of the most exciting days of my life. I cannot believe we are going let alone I got tickets for a steal. I sit on my couch watching the pregame interviews and montages of players that have led to this point in the season. I double check my

The Beach Side

We sit anxiously on the plane, awaiting our landing. It seems like it has taken an eternity to get to this paradise away from the smog and crowdedness of the city. We peer out the window, the most beautiful blue water below us, encircling small coral

No Way Out

I pace like a caged animal in the giant suite we have in Vegas overlooking the strip. Another pill popped to calm me, chased by rum. I sit on the bar stool at the marble bar in the sitting area of the suite. My suit fits perfectly, thank god for losi

Timmy’s New Job Part 4

In the morning Timmy woke up from a deep sleep. He slept soundly through the night after drinking mommy’s milk. Timmy was disappointed, for he realized mommy had not raped him last night. He looked up into the mirrored ceiling and saw his small bo

Sarah& Tom explore Chapter one of seven

Sarah and Tom explore

Sarah worked in the dry cleaning shop in the high street. Tom came in to collect some cleaning that he had left there a few days before. There was a bit of a problem immediately because Sarah couldn’t find the correct item

My wifes 1st time getting fucked

As Joe lay back with his huge cock throbbing, she wiped the cum from her face and tasted it. She licked her fingers as she climbed on top of his chest. His hands were huge as he pulled at her newly budding nipples and squeezed her tiny ass. Soon her

Girls Holiday turns filthy

Me and my best friend Lauren decide we were bored of going out in the same places, seeing the same old men. We booked our first girls holiday for our 18th birthdays to Ibiza!

So, off we went and landed in ibizas hot sun! After a few nights of goin

The Perfect Business Trip Part 12

Tuesday Morning
Waking about 5:30 on Tuesday morning, I slid from the bed to take a leak. As I pissed I thought about the fact that Jeff and Janet would be leaving that day. I would miss the two sexy slaves that had introduced me to so many new pl