fun with father paul at church part 1

after father paul and i had 6 or 7 hot and secret sessions in the hospital room, i decided to “drop by” the church and see him again. i was a little frightened to just show up, and i didn’t want to go to church with my mother, so i went to an early service wearing proper church clothes, a suit but without panties, and no bra, just a shear blouse that covered my medium sized tits with tiny pink nipples well, until i went up for communion and kneeled down, then i was sure to give him a peek! i sat in the front row, there was only 12 or so people there for the sunrise service and started to give him a show while he gave the serman..i slowly rubbed my leg, inching my skirt up gradually while he watched, parting my legs whenever possible and when it came time to go up for the communion, i kneeled down, waiting and excited for him to hold the large silver cup of wine to my lips, his cock level with my mouth, i was dripping wet and was scared someone would notice the pussy juice running down my legs.finally it was my turn! he walked over saying “the blood of our lord jesus christ” and put the cup to my lips, and i felt his cock through his robe on my neck! it was just barely a moment, but i’ll never forget the excitement i felt. after the service i went through the line to shake his hand with the others, making sure i was the last one, and when he got to me, he said in a stern voice, “sally, go to the rectory now and wait for me in my office” i was terrified! i thought he liked what i was doing, and that he wanted me there, but he sounded so angry! i went to his office and sat in a big leather chair and waited, very worried, and i even thought of getting up and running away, but just then he came in, locked the door, and came over to the desk and sat down. he asked me to stand up, and then he said we needed to pray together to cleanse me, and he told me to come to him and kneel down at his feet and remove my jacket. i was afraid and ashamed, since i had a paper thin cream colered silk blouse on, without a bra but he insisted. i removed my jacket, and he looked at my breasts and started praying…as he was praying he reached down and took ahold of my nipples, one in each hand, and started to twist..”you’ve been a very bad girl, and i need to punish you” and continued to twist my tender pink nipples until i cried out. he then guided me off of my knees by my nipples and instructed me to lay across his lap, and when i did he raised my skirt and smacked me hard!”you little slut, coming to my church without any panties” smack! the tears were streaming down my face and then he took his thumb and wiggled it into my ass and then took his free hand and smack! while pumping his thumb in and out of my ass. “please father paul, i want to be a good girl for you” and with that 5 hard fast smacks in a row while his thumb was like a piston pumping fast and smacking me at the same time! then he thought it was time to raise his robe and free his 8 in cock and while he fucked me in the ass with his thumb he stuck his cock in my mouth and yelled “yes jesus, yes..suck me my little slut” and i did i ever!i sucked father’s cock while i came, and when he felt my ass clenching on his thumb he shot his load down my throat while telling me how he was going to make me do it as often as it took until i was clean again. he then ordered me to come the next day, this time at dusk, and this time in the church, and told me to sit in the first pew and to make sure i wore my school uniform this time, or i’d get even a worse spanking. he told me to wear plain white panties and knees socks, but no bra and not to be late.

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