Snow Day

Hey, my name is Alexander… but my friends call me just Xander. I’m here to tell you a story about a hot little chick named Andrayka… everyone calls her Annie though.

It was the week before the winter holiday and it had started snowing early this year. The snow was falling lightly, but apparantly it was enough snow that the school shut down for the day. Our town was beautiful in winter, green and lucious. But, in the snow it was like a movie, snow falling softly onto the partially snow covered ground. I was looking out the window in the front room. I was home alone… my parents went on vacation untill Christmas Eve. I yawned and was about to get up and go watch television when I saw her, she was so fucking sexy. She was wearing this hot little skirt with tights… they looked thick though… so she would stay warm. The skirt was ice blue, black and white plad and the tights where white. She wore a tight ice blue knit sweater that curved around her young shapely body.

This girl was a catch. She was about 5’6″.. brown wavy hair and eyes. She was tanned, but not too much. Her brests where average for our age….. B cups… not bad for a 16 year old. She had awesome curves… her chest and her hips almost the same width.. her hips being a bit wider. Also, she had this nice round full ass. The kind of ass you just want to slap and watch it juggle. Sometimes I got hard thinking about seeing her naked. She wore this damned beanie, gloves and scarf set. They where ice blue.. like her skirt and sweater. I had gotten that set for her for secret santa in homeroom class. She had teken them kindly with a hug. Then… when I asked her to homecoming she turned me down. That bitch, she would pay. She lived next door to me. We weren’t best friends or anything, but we were friends.

I walked out onto the porch and waited for her to pass by… “Hey, Annie?” …. I called out to her.

She stoped and looked at me with her big brown eyes.. “Oh.. hey Xander. What’s up?” she replied and asked sweetly. God she was hot…

“Want to come in for cocoa? I’m kind of lonely and… yea. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” .. I said sheepishly. Of course, I was faking… but she couldn’t say no. She never turned down cocoa when I invited her.

She smiled and walked up the steps to my front patio, her little skirt flying up a bit as she did so. “Of course!” she said enthusiastically.

I opened the door for her and watched her walk in… her little ass shaking as it swayed side to side with her long steps. It was as though she was flaunting herself. But, I knew she wasn’t.. she was so innocent and unknowing. I knew she had to be a virgin. But she had been sexual before. Her window was accross the way from mine and I looked in on her often as she rubbed her little clit and held in her moans while biting on random peices of clothing. She was quite oblivious though.. always leaving her blinds open.. as though she knre I would watch her. She was a naughty girl.. and she was expecting cocoa… although she would get something much more enticing.

I walked into the kitchen and she paused… “Hey… I’m going to go to the restroom.. I’ll be right back, Xander.”… she said… perfect. She was falling into my trap.

“Ok… oh. Annie, wait. The downstairs bathroom flooded last night… use the one upstairs.

She fell for it.. with an “Ok.” .. she walked into the livingroom and I could hear her little feet going up the stairs lightly. I followed her when I heard the door close. I waited a minute or so and grabbed her when she came out.. she gasped a little then I covered her mouth. I pulled her into my room and grabbed a knife from on my nightstand, putting it to her neck. I smiled at her.. “You talk, or scream… and I’ll slice your head off…. got it?” .. she nodded, her eyes widening when she first sees the knife.

I took my hand off her mouth and she stayed quiet. “Good girl. Now sit..” .. I said.. pointing to by bed.. “And get naked.” .. she shook her head no… and I put the knife against her neck with a smirk. “Get… naked, bitch.” She wimpered a little and did as I said… taking off ehr clothes. She did it so cutely… folding each peice as she took it off. God.. the innocence. I wanted her now.. but I had to tease her first. As she did that I locked my door and grabbed some handcuffs out of my nightstand… just one set. I came to her.. pushing her down and handcuffed one of herhands to my bed. She started to tear… knowing what I had planned for her.

I took of my clothes.. throwing them on the floor and shoving her neatly folder clothes down on the floor with mine. My dick was rock hard… it’s about 8″ long when hard. I mounted her and brought my self up to her face.. still holding the knife. I held the knife to her neck and put the head of my cock to her lips.. “Now… you suck on it.. and watch your teeth or I’ll hurt you so bad.” .. she bit her lower lip and nodded..

“Ok, Xander.” .. she said quietly.

I pressed the knife against her neck.. “What did I say about talking?!”

She whimpered and pleaded.. “Please no… I’m sorry..” .. she said.. her eyes tearing a little.

“That’s better… no more talking.” I said with a smirk on my face.

She nodded.. and looked at my cock. I pushed it on her lips and she looked at me… “Can I sit up to do this?” .. I let her sit up, and she pushed my down, wrapping her hand around my cock and putting her mouth over the head. I moaned. I didn’t expect her to be agresive. She licked at the head of my cock.. ressing her tounge against it gently.. yet hard too. She had done this before.. I could tell. She shoved her head on my cock.. fitting about 6 and a half or seven inches of it in her mouth and down her throat. She held it there a moment then let out a little.. breathing heavily through her nose. She sucked on me hard … running her tounge over my cock… bobbing her head back and fourth over my thickness as she sucked me off. I twitched a little and let myself go… in her mouth. She contiued to suck.. swallowing every drop of my cum. I moaned a bit loudly. She pulled her mouth away.. licking her lips. I looked at her a bit… “You little slut.” ..

She smirked… “I’ve never done anything except this before. Someone taught me how… and payed me 20 bucks. Gues I am a bit of a slut.” .. she looked down slightly in shame…

I laughed a bit.. “You’re my slut.. ” .. I put a hand on her face. “Do you want me?” .. I asked her. She shook her head yes. I smiled and started to take the handcuffs off her and she stopped me..

“No.. I like them.. It’s kinky..” .. she said and blushed a bit.

My cock got a little hard. It was soft from going.. but it gradually got harder. She layed back down on her back. Her cute little body wriggling as she got comfortable. I smirked at her and ran my hand down her body.. stopping at her stomach. Her belly button was pierced.. which I found amazingly hot.. I ran my fingers over it.. and she giggled… it tickled her. I chuckled a little and ran my hand down to her shaven pussy. I slid a finger into her folds.. not into her cunt.. but just into the warmness. She moaned a bit, and I pulled my hand away… teasing her. She gasped and pushed her body up twards my hand. She wanted it. I put my hand back down there.. getting it wet in her pussy and pulling it out .. rubbing it all over her clit. She moaned and squirmed. I put a finger in her pussy hard, and she moaned loudly. I covered her mouth for her.. “Not so loud.” .. I said.. not threatiningly. She was tight… so very tight. I brought my mouth down.. flicking my tounge accross her clit as I fingeref her tight virgin cunt. I was carefull not to break her while fingering her though.. I would save that for my cock. She moaned and squirmed. I loved the feel of her wriggling twards me. She came.. her entire body tensing as she did so. I slid my hand out.. I had gotten three fingers in at the most. S
he gasped… as I put my fingers in my mouth.. licking them clean. She bit her lower l
ip.. looking at me seductively.

I lowered myself to her. I hadn’t had sex before either… but I had read pleanty to know what I was doing. I lowered my body down.. pushing the head of my cock into her. I almost lost myself and fell… but I held up, using my buff arms to hold me up. I went in.. slowly.. but not all the way. I let about 4 inches of me in and went in and out a bit. I didn’t wanna break her yet.. I wanted to distract her from what was going to happen. “Ok.. Annie… this is going to hurt.” .. I put a small pillow partly into her mouth… “Bite on this and try not to scream. Are you ready?” .. she nodded.. her eyes wide and scared. But she wanted me anyway. I pulled out compleatly and put all my force into her.. breaking her. She screamed a bit.. but it was muffled by the pillow.

I stayed in her a moment… letting her streach to fit me. She was so tight that I couldn’t help groaning with pleasure. “Oh gods…”… I wuispered. She took the pillow out of her mouth and put her free hand on my shoulder, bracing herself. There where tears running down her cheecks… but she was ready for me.

I began to slowly pump in and out of her.. and her back arched up twards me. I took her righ nipple in my mough.. sucking on it herd and nibbling at it a little. She moaned loudly and her hand grasped onto my shoulder tighter. I began to pump a bit faster.. moaning into her brest as I continued to cuck her nipple.. then switched to the other one. She moaned again and I couldn’t help but groan in unison with her. I continued.. in and out of her tight little cunt .. harder and faster.. untill my ballsack was slamming against her.. making a smacking noise. She moaned more and faster.. and I breathed less and less as we reached our climaxes at the same time.. me going inside her. Our juices joining… her body tensing.. her cunt throbbing along with my cock. I fell limply ontop of her.. staying inside her as we both started to maintain out breathing.

She then pulled at the handcuffs.. I got out of her.. cleaning up a bit and undoing the handcuffs. She sat up and talked to me.. “Don’t worry about me getting pregnant.. my parents put me on birth control when we started high school..” .. she rolled her eyes. She smiled.. getting dressed. I got dressed to.

We went downstairs… sharing those promised cups of cocoa and spending the rest of the evening with eachother. But, that night.. before she left… she apologised. “Hey.. Xander. I’m sorry about the dance.” ..

We where going out now and all was good… but that wasn’t going to be the last time we fucked.

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    cant wait to hear about more ‘snow days’

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