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I was not fully awake yet. The man beside me in the car was
not touching me, but I could feel his eyes on me. I squirmed
slightly, and he chuckled. My legs were cold, and I felt the
gooseflesh rise on my arms. I shivered, and he laughed. The
driver turned his head slightly and our eyes met in the
rearview mirror. He smirked at me and I quickly lowered my
eyes. I knew what he was thinking and I wasn’t sure if I was
ready to face anyone yet. Was I? Well, it didn’t matter
whether I felt I was or not…because tonight I was not only
going to be meeting others like the man beside me, but also
others like myself…slaves to their master. I was intrigued
by the idea of the party we were attending tonight. My first
since becoming his slave. My first real outing as slave, if
truth be told. I have been a slave for only a few weeks, but
my master feels that I am ready to be “displayed” to his
friends and collegues. I am not to embarass him, nor
disappoint him. I have been warned that to displease him will
bring great punishments…some of which I can only imagine.
Thinking back over the last couple of weeks, I find that I am
warmed by the actions of the man beside me. He took me in from
the street after I was brutally gangraped and beaten. I was so
bruised and battered that I could barely speak for several
days. The doctor had been, and I was quickly on the mend, only
to find that I had no way to repay the man for his kindness,
until he offered me a solution. I would only have to please
him and then the debt would be paid. I quickly agreed, and
then found myself wearing his collar. It was about 2 inches
wide and sported a tag that read “Property of Mr. C. H. Please
return to _____ if found”. Soon I was wearing cuffs on my
wrists and ankles that sported rings for attatching things to
and also to hook me onto various “toys” that he had throughout
the house. He was gentle at first, teaching me to honor him,
care for him, and even beg him to let me service him. This I
did on a daily basis, licking his cock until it was hard and
thick, and squeezing his large balls just enough to make him
jerk with expectancy. He would rub his hard cock all over my
face, spurting his rich cum in my mouth, telling me to swallow
and not waste a single drop. Soon I found that I enjoyed his
ownership and wished to please him in all ways. Tonight I
would prove that. I was wearing what he had picked out for me.
Black stockings attatched to a red garter-belt. Black
high-heeled shoes that made my ass stick out and forced my
bare breasts to their fullest angles. I was wearing a black
corset, laced very tightly, and long black gloves. I was also
sporting new cuffs on my thighs and upper arms. My collar was
equipped with chains that ran down to my breasts where nipple
rings gleamed in the passing lights. From there, a chain ran
down my belly and between my legs to attatch to the collar
once more. When pulled, this chain would slide inside my
pussy, making it wet and hot.
The cuffs on my upper arms had large rings on one side and
hooks on the other. These were to bind my arms behind me later
in the evening. The thigh cuffs had not been explained other
than to inform me that I would find great pleasure when they
were used.
We arrived in front of a large, imposing building and the
chauffeur got out. Opening the door, Master slid out and
leaned in to help me with my cloak. I was wrapped inside it
and then quickly ushered into the foyer where we were greeted
by a small woman wearing nothing but a collar and skimmpy
apron. She took our coats and showed us into the main lobby.
The lights were very low, but I could make out a small crowd
of people milling around.
Master whispered in my ear…”Remember, do whatever you are
told to do…or else.” I shivered at the tone and quickly
lowered my eyes as I had been taught. A drink was placed in my
hand and I was told to drink it. I did so, and the glass was
removed. I stood in silence until my Master began to speak.
Lifting my eyes slightly, I saw that several men had joined
us, and they were staring at me like some rare find. Master
pulled a leash from his pocket and clipped it to my collar
before handing it to one of the gentlemen and then he turned
to me and smiled. I was tugged away, and had to all but run to
keep up with the man as he pulled me across the room to a
large dias set up at one end. Soon I found myself standing on
the dias with him beside me. All eyes soon focused on us as
the man raised his arms for attention and silence fell on the
A chair was brought forward and he sat, pulling me down to my
knees before him. He kept pulling on my collar until my face
was inside his crotch…and I soon realized what he wanted.
Before I could reach up and open his pants, however, another
hand reached for me from behind and I found my arms were
pinned back. I lifted my head and saw the face of our
chauffeur smirking down at me. I was pulled forward again and
had to undo his pants with my teeth. It took some doing, but I
soon had his cock out and began to go down on him…slowly at
first and then faster as his meaty hand fisted in my hair and
forced my head down into his groin. I choked at first and he
pulled my hair. Wincing, I again began to suck and lick and
swallow his large, heavy cock. He was soooo hard and swollen.
I had him deep in my throat, I could barely breathe, he was so
big and he was pushing deeper when suddenly he held me still
and shot his load into my throat. I swallowed quickly, not
wanting to lose any, and after several minutes his grip eased
and I was able to lift my head. Still smirking, he had me lick
him clean before pushing me back so he could stand. I stood in
a submissive posture, waiting for I knew not what.
I soon found out.
He yanked my leash and spun me
around so that I had my back to
audience. I had not been whipped for several days and so my
backside was white and pale. This angered him, and he called for the rack. I watched at a large wooden pillory was wheeled
out and I was placed in it, my head and arms locked tight, my
legs spread and secured to the posts. I was now in a bent over
position, with my ass nicely exposed for all to see. I could
not see what he weilded, but I felt it as the first blow
landed on my soft ass.
The paddle he used was hard and had several holes cut into it
to leave nice round welts as it hit home. It didn’t take too
many blows to make my ass red and sore, and I was trying hard
not to cry out with the pain, but several grunts and whimpers
escaped my bitten lips and with each one, several additional
blows landed on my now fiery red ass-cheeks.
After several minutes of this, he stopped and I breathed a
heavy sigh, thinking it was over. Wrong. Next came a large
contraption that I can only call a wheel of torture. It had
the look of a bicycle wheel, except that on the spokes were
attatched small floggers—one for each of the eight or ten
spokes I could count.
The chauffeur stepped down from the dias and I saw another
take his place behind me. This man was very tall; well over 6′
and I could see that he was very big all over. He came up
behind me and I felt his hands caress my flaming backside
before sliding between my legs. My cunt was wet and he
fingered me a moment and then slid three fat fingers inside my
dripping hole. He finger-fucked me for several minutes, making
me hotter and wetter with each stroke. Several seconds passed
and then he pulled out and moved upwards to my asshole. Before
I knew what was happening, he had slid those same fat fingers
deep into me. I cried out, and immediately felt his other hand
slam down on my ass in punishment. I received several slaps
while his fingers fucked my ass and I squirmed. I was crying
now, and in great pain. My ass had been virgin territory up
until that moment and it hurt like hell for him finger me like
Suddenly, he withdrew and laughed loudly. I tried to turn my
head and was rewarded with several more slaps, this time on my
legs and back with a crop. I jerked and quickly lowered my
head once more.
The large man moved around me and I felt the wheel behind me.
Then I was turned so that I was now sideways to the crowd, and
they had a better view of the happenings on stage.
The wheel began to turn, and it was moved in close to me.
Soon, I felt the first blow land and I jerked in surprise at
the sting it registered. I felt blow after blow land and the
wheel kept turning. With each turn, the eight or ten crops
landed and burned and landed and burned, one after the other,
constantly going round and round. The speed was slow, and I
guess that was all right. Soon, however, the man got tired of
this, and the speed increased. Now I was being struck rapidly
and felt sting after sting register in the same place. Large
red welts began to form and rise and soon I was squirming
trying to get away from the flogging machine. Laughter and
applause echoed in my ears as the tears flowed freely down my
cheeks. I was on fire and in great pain. The flogger was moved
and soon the right cheek was as red and swollen as the left. I
was near screaming point when suddenly all stopped. The
flogger was removed and I was unlocked. Hands pulled me
upright, and a tug on my leash led me off stage and down some
steps. Applause still echoed throughout the room, as I was led
back to my master.
He took my lead and handed me a glass. I was bidden to drink
and I did so, thirstily. When emptied, it was removed and
another took its place. This too was emptied and then we were
told that dinner was served. I was led into a large dining
room where I was seated at my masters’ feet at one end of a
very large table.
About half-way through the first course, my master leaned down
and whispered in my ear. My lead was unhooked and I quickly
crawled under the table to crouch between my masters’ legs.
Undoing his zipper, I pulled his hard cock from his pants and
began to lick and kiss him. I slid my hot mouth over his
bulbous head and swallowed him all the way to his root. My
throat tightened on him and I felt him jerk under my
administrations. I moved slowly at first, then faster as he
got harder and closer to cumming. His hand shot out and fisted
in my hair and I knew he was ready. I slid him deep into my
mouth and held him while he exploded inside my throat.
Swallowing, my throat convulsed around him, making him cum
again and again. Several minutes passed and then he released
my head and with a pat on top of it, I was once more beside
his chair. A small amount of clapping reached my ears as the
men close to us nodded their approval at this treatment.
The next course arrived, and my master once more whispered in
my ear. Again I crawled under the table, but this time I was
between the legs of the man next to my master. Again I had a
large, hard cock down my throat, and again I was drinking in
copious amounts of cum. After licking him clean, I moved down
to the man next to him, and drank of his hard cock. Soon, I
had drunk from all the men at table—25 of them, and I had
swallowed all of their cum, and licked them clean. My throat
and lips ached from the pounding they had received and my face
hurt from being fucked so much and so hard.
Upon returning to my masters’ side I was given a bowl of water
to drink from. Emptying this, I was then handed some food by
my master. I ate ravenously, since I had had nothing to eat
all day, except the cum and cock of the evening. My stomach
felt much relieved for being fed, and my mouth and throat felt
better for the water. I was given more of the latter, and I
drank thirstily. More fun and games were coming, I had been
warned. I needed my strenghth and I knew that what I had thus
far endured was nothing compared with what was coming. My body
ached and burned and yet I was hot and excited to think of
what else was waiting back there in the large room.
My master was happy with my performance so far. I had come
through it without any problems, and I had given joy and
relief during the meal to all of our friends. I smiled to
myself, but wisely kept my eyes down, and my smile inside.
Punishment was only an arms reach away, and I was not willing
to have it land on me now.
Dinner was over, the men began to rise and shuffle towards the
doors leading back into the ballroom. Master hooked my lead to
my collar and pulled me to my feet. As he did so, the chain
between my legs pulled tight, and I gasped as it rubbed my
erect clit and slid into my hot pussy.
He smiled and tugged tighter, making me groan silently. He
knew what I was feeling, and was looking forward to the next
bit of entertainment in store for me.
I was led back into the room as all eyes watched and I was
soon back on the dias, this time spreadeagled on a horse, my
ass and cunt exposed to all and sundry. Two men approached,
one holding a large dildo while the other unzipped his pants
and let them fall to the floor.
His cock was huge and I recognized it. I had trouble getting
it down my throat it was so big and he was fully erect and
aiming it right at me.
I winced at the thought of that rod pushing into my cunt, only
to gasp when the dildo was pushed in instead. Then I knew. He
was going to ass fuck me with that monstrous cock of his. My
poor ass would never take the strain…and I tried to pull
away as he stood before me.
His cock pushed against my tight hole, and he grunted with
frustration. I was dry there, and he had to moisten himself
first. The dildo was pulled out and he slid in, hard and fast
and then just as quickly pulled out. He positioned himself at
my asshole and began to push. My sphincter was tight, and he
was soooo big, that he couldn’t push in at first. He leaned
forward and with both hands pulled my cheeks apart. He pushed
hard and finally popped the tip into me and I moaned in pain.
It burned like fire where he rested and I prayed he would stop
and pull out. He didn’t. He lunged forward and slammed that
mighty cock deep into my ass, filling me to bursting with his
huge sausage. Grunting, he held himself still for a moment,
getting the feel of my tight hole wrapped around his huge
The dildo began to move in and out of my hot, wet cunt and the
man began to slide his meat in and out of my tight ass. I was
biting my lips to keep from screaming when suddenly hands
gripped my nipples and began to pinch and twist and pull them
this way and that. I was on fire inside and out, and still
more was coming my way.
A huge cock was pushing against my lips and forcing its way
into my mouth. I opened wide and began to suck on the cock
that was ramming into my face with great force. I was now
filled to capacity. My ass and cunt were being fucked
viciously from below and now my mouth was being fucked too. I
was strapped down and helpless, and unable to do anything
except what was expected of me, and not complain about my
treatment. I was, afterall, just a slave. Here for the
pleasure of my master and any he wished to share me with.
The cock in my mouth was taking a long time to cum, and he
kept slamming into me, pushing my head back and yanking it
forward with each thrust.
My ass was on fire and being torn apart from the inside out
and my cunt was being reamed by the dildo being shoved in and
out of me. I was burning and ready to explode when the cock in
my mouth did just that, and he pulled out to squirt cum all
over my face and breasts. He had a lot of spunk and my face
was covered in the thick sticky mess.
I felt a sting on my chest and realized that I was being
slapped with a crop across my large breasts, where all that
cum lay. The moisture made each blow sting even more. Several
blows landed, making my breasts swell and turn red beneath the
I felt the cock in my ass stiffen and then the hot burn of his
spunk as he exploded deep in my bowels. The dildo kept up its
perfect rhythm and soon I was cumming too, moaning and
squirming as I came and came. I was so sore, and exhausted,
and tired, and afraid that the evening wasn’t over yet.
Master was waiting for me when I was led back down the steps
and my lead was once more in his hands. I was given a goblet
of clear liquid to drink and then led away behind some
curtains. Master said I was to rest for now, he would be back
soon to get me for more entertainment.
I yawned and quickly laid down on the inviting couch he had
pointed to. Soon, my eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep.

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