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I had a rough day at work…way too much work for two people to do, and the girl I worked with is such a baby…couldn’t wait to get home and relax…hoping to find some e-mail from Steve when I got home…

I pulled up toward my home…I was surprised to see that It looked as if someone was in my drive way…and “my I believe that it is a red Saturn.” My heart skipped a beat…Steve was waiting for me to come home!

My first reaction was one of excitement and joy…and all of a sudden it dawned on me that my room was a mess and I had gained 5 pounds since I saw him last…and to top it off he knew I had run up my AOL bill was surely not letting that go without dealing with me…I felt way to tired for that kind of a spanking tonight…so I thought I would Just beg off and tell him that it really was not a good idea for him to come in. I was all of a sudden scared of the spanking I knew I would get if I let him in! So I told him it was not a good idea for him to come in…however he saw though that, maybe it was the exciting kisses I was giving him…or the way my body was clinging to his at we held each other…but somehow he figured out why I was reluctant to let him in…It didn’t work…and he gave me no choice…taking my arm and telling me “Lets go in JUNE now!” and I could tell by the tone in your voice that you knew I had not been a good girl in your absence, and I was in trouble.

To my surprise as soon as we entered the kitchen…you led me straight to the scale. You had to see if my diet had gone to hell without your instruction. Sure enough had gained about 5 pounds…I tried to tell you that I always weigh more at night…but it was falling on deaf ears…you weren’t falling for it…and I knew it…I have never seen you with such a stern Look on your face and my heart was beating about a hundred miles a Minute…as the fear started to build…adding to the intense excitement I was starting to feel…

You led me back to the bedroom. I tried to get away…knowing that I was in deep trouble with you…but you are so strong I really had no chance…and as we entered the bedroom, you saw my four days worth of clothing lying around needing to be sorted and washed…your anger increased…and you wasted no time listening to my excuses, and before I knew it I found myself perched across your lap…with my Pants down and fanny at your disposal…I closed my eyes and held my breath…for I already knew that you could administer a hell of a spanking and show no mercy for my pour little ass…You paused and said. “You know you need a good spanking, don’t you” “Well gee its not my fault you haven’t been around to keep me in line…” ” OH June don’t even go there…you have to be the one to keep your goals in line and you know it” (does this sound like you! LOL) You looked down at my luscious bottom…that you admire so much…now upturned across your lap and stopped to admire…But not for long…just long enough for me to start to dread the moments ahead…still craving the sensation I knew it would bring…crack!!! The sound of the first slap on my bottom split the silence and startled me.

“OUCH! Not so hard…” I looked back and saw the determined look on you face and knew I would not get anywhere with you now…you were going to paddle me good and I had no choice…the swats to my ass were sizzling and relentless…and I struggled and kicked…hoping to get away. (fat chance)
“I hope I am making my point here young lady” “tell me June…just what are You going to do to avoid this in the future” (I hate it when you make me tell you that.) “I guess I am going to try to do better with meeting my goals,” “you guess” not good enough” and you started to swat me some more.

“No please Steve, I will …I will do better I promise…please don’t spank me anymore…” you gave me six more hard swats and let me up…My ass was on fire. You then instructed me to undress and get in bed. I couldn’t wait…for I could plainly see that your cock was has hard as a rock and ready to pleasure me…I was so wet and swollen…that I could hardly walk the three steps to the bed…you piled up my three pillows and had me bend over them so you could enter me from behind…so you could admire your work…LOL It took some doing to work your very large cock into my pussy…but soon you were jamming your cock in me hard and fast and I had to catch my breath…the feeling was so wonderful that I suddenly started to climax…to my surprise…I had never been able to come this way before…and I exploded with the best orgasm I have ever experienced and I let out a groan the I was sure the neighbors must have heard…however yours was yet to come…….to be continued when I here from you!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh My God, That was one Dam great story. I want and hope to see the next part of it. I dearly loved it.

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