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House Hunting

House Hunting
A young woman learns the value of paying attention to a client!

The phone rang just as I was dropping the motor back in the bike, it had not been a good day getting it back together and I was a little irritated at this interruption. After giving a gruff ‘Hello’ a cherry voice greeted me ‘Hi Mr. Sims it’s Mary Ann from James Realty, sounds like I’ve caught you at a bad time.’ Since I had stopped to answer the phone I told her to go ahead ‘I’ll take a break while we talk young lady, what news do you have?’ Mary Ann wasn’t a ‘young lady’ but I have a way of using that term when the woman is younger than I am, she was in her late thirties about five feet six and about one hundred and forty pounds. For the past few months I had been looking for a new house and she had been trying to help me, the problem was that she had a habit of showing me the wrong places. Although she had an outline of what I had in mind her zeal to make a sale found her over looking some things that were important in what I wanted.

There had been a few times in the past, after dragging me to look at something that was all wrong, that I had reminded her to do her homework before we went to look at a house. ‘You have a description of what I’m looking for Mary Ann’ I had said at one point ‘what do I have to do to get you to match things up before we go look at a house?’ She fidgeted nervously in front of me sorted papers and apologized for wasting my time. As we stood facing each other in the vacant house she flushed with embarrassment and took a couple of deep breaths as the front of her prim blazer rose and fell over her breasts. Little beads of perspiration appeared above her upper lip as I fixed her with my stern gaze then said ‘Don’t get nervous, I’m not going to spank you or anything…this time’ then after a short laugh ‘let’s have coffee and go over it again shall we?’ When I said the word ‘spank’ (even though I did give a little laugh) she looked directly at me with a wide-eyed stare then quickly dropped her head.

We went to a local café for a nice chat and some coffee as I went over what exactly I was looking for again; Mary Ann was attentive and professional as we went over the list. We also took a little time to chat about a few other things concerning our lives, she was thirty-eight and recently divorced. She (nervously) laughed at my jokes and in the end offered to pay for the coffee, I told her that I would not hear of it. As we parted company I reminded her to please try and get it right the next time, she assured me that she would do just that and apologized once again.

I didn’t hear from her for over two weeks then one afternoon there was her voice on my answering machine, she had left her home number and almost sounded like she was begging me to call her back. I did and found that she had a place to show me if I was free for a little while. ‘It may not be perfect for you but I thought you may want to look at it anyway.’ There was a pause and I asked if this was another waste of time to which she replied ‘No…I hope not…or I may…get…a sp…ank…ing.’ she stammered. I found that interesting to say the least, wrote down the address and agreed to meet her there in half an hour. I was familiar with the area and knew that is was one of the run down areas of the city…oh well, we’d soon see what she had come up with.

As I rode down the street and looked for the address I became a little annoyed at Mary Ann, this area was worse than I remembered! Seeing her Buick ahead I rode past then swung the bike around and parked behind her car, put the kickstand down and shut the bike off. As I began to take off my helmet and gloves I noticed her looking back at me in the rear-view mirror, as I got off the bike she opened the door of the car and got out then opened the back door and reached in for something. As she did this she bent over at the waist, the loose fitting slacks tightened across her bottom giving me a nice show of her pretty nice ass as well as the panty-lines. From where I stood they looked like hip-hugger bikinis and before she got the brief case out and stood up I was standing close enough to her to clearly see the outline of her panties.

She seemed a little flushed and began talking right away as she stepped back and closed the door of the car then faced me. ‘Hi…I know that it doesn’t look like much…but…I thought it has some…um…potential? The area isn’t the greatest…but…it’s better than it used to be…and…’ She was fidgeting with her briefcase digging for keys and looking around at the same time, it was obvious that she was nervous about something and I thought I knew what it was that was bothering her.

I knew that I had a stern look on my face when I said ‘I think you made another mistake young lady but I’ll look anyway.’ She flushed a little and replied ‘I know…I’ll probably wind up in trouble but…it really does have its good points.’ She had a few of her own just then, her nipples were clearly erect. I followed her to the front door where she opened the lock box and got the key out to unlock the house. I couldn’t help thinking that that was no reason to keep such a run down house locked up! During her bending over at the lock box and opening the door I was treated to another nice show of her round bottom and the panty lines through the light slacks.

For the next half hour I was given an animated tour of the very run down house, Mary Ann made excuses for everything that was wrong and pointed out everything that needed fixing. On top of the sorry condition the previous owners had left a lot of ruined furniture in the house, I commented at one point that all of it would have to be thrown out and that the dumpster would cost a small fortune.

The tour finally over we stood facing each other in the dining room, a big heavy table was still there along with the matching chairs. Four of them were big straight-backed-armless ones that were in pretty good shape for the age. Mary Ann continued talking about the house until I simply told her to be quiet, that said she stopped and dropped her head to stare at the floor. I startled her by taking the briefcase away and putting it on the table. Using a fairly stern tone I said ‘I’m sorry young lady but you have really wasted my time…this time. This house is not even close to what I’m looking for and you knew that before you called me!’ She stood still looking down at the floor hands folded in front of herself, as I talked she was taking deep even breaths that had her breasts rising and falling in an even rhythm. She was trembling a little as well.

‘Do you remember what I said the last time you didn’t pay attention to what I was interested in?’ I asked. Without looking up she bobbed her head in a ‘yes’.

‘What did I say I was going to have to do?’

Still studying the floor she drew a deep breath and replied ‘You…would have to…sp…an. k me.’

‘That’s right young lady, a good old fashioned bare-bottomed over-the-knee spanking until I’m sure that I have your attention once and for all!’

She was trembling and still breathing hard but hadn’t looked up.

‘Do you think you deserve it?’ I asked.

The answer was a little bit of a shock to me as she said in a small voice ‘yes sir’.

Raising my voice I commanded ‘LOOK AT ME!’ The poor girl literally jumped as her head snapped up to stare at me! Her eyes were moist as she stood there blinking trembling and taking deep breaths, we stared at each other for a minute or so then a single tear rolled out of the corner of her eye and began a slow trip down her cheek. Quickly she raised a hand to brush it away.

Pointing to an empty corner across the room I said ‘March your little ass over and stand in that corner…all the way in with your head and nose in the corner!’ Mary Ann obeyed me instantly as I watched her go to the corner with slow deliberate steps. I pulled out one of the armless chairs dusted off the seat then made a quick check of the windows and doors, closing the front door and locking it. There seemed to be no one on the street and the neighborhood was fairly quiet now. I walked back into the dining room stopped by the chair I’d pulled out and surveyed the cute scene in the corner, her face was pressed into the corner nose tightly in, her hands were clasped in front down below her waist.

I called her saying ‘Come over here young lady…in front of me.’ Mary Ann stepped back a pace with a deep sigh then turned and walked to obey, she finally stood a few feet in front of me with her head down once again. In a low tone I told her to lower her slacks, without looking up at me she fumbled for the button and then unzipped them. Wiggling a little she worked them down over her hips then allowed them to slip down her legs, I then told her to take down her panties, with a big sigh she slipped her fingers inside of the waistband and pushed them down to follow the slacks. She bent to do this then stood once again without looking directly at me, the slacks and panties were in a pile around her ankles showing the nice pale white skin of her legs. She wasn’t a fat girl simply a few pounds overweight, she had the fully fleshed out thighs of a thirty-year old girl that didn’t exercise much. As I looked her over those full lush breasts continued to rise and fall with her deep breaths, her large nipples pushed out two points in the front of her bra.

‘You, my dear’ I began ‘are going to get a good old fashioned bare bottomed spanking.’ I paused to allow the words to sink in then continued my lecture. ‘When I’m finished you will not enjoy the ride home…your bottom will probably be sore and red for a few days…you have earned this discipline by not paying attention to me…and…I won’t stop until it’s been properly given.’ Mary Ann sniffed and wiped another tear but did not raise her head to look at me she studied a point on the dirty floor.

‘I expect you to take your punishment like a lady, if there is any struggling or an attempt to break free or get off of my knee there will be additional…is that clear?’ Still looking down at the floor she simply bobbed her head in a ‘yes’. I then allowed all of the proceeding to sink into her mind, after about thirty seconds I told her ‘Unbutton your blouse and unfasten your bra young lady.’ Like a proper little sub she slowly obeyed me then dropped her hands to her side and stood as before…waiting for the inevitable. At that point I sat in the chair and said in a low tone ‘You know the position…over my knee…now.’ She shuffled to my right side bent and put herself over, as she did her hands went out in front of herself to rest on my left thigh then down to the floor to support her weight. She was too short to have her feet hit the floor, not even her toes, so they wavered in the air behind her as she lay there.

Pushing the bottom of her blouse well above her waist got a little jump from her and a small gasp. I took a minute to survey her cute fleshy bottom, not fat just nicely fleshed-out and mature. The smooth creamy flesh was covered with goose bumps that extended down her trembling thighs. Patting her firmly on one cheek to get her attention I said ‘We’ve had about five meetings to look at the wrong homes…a few office meetings and countless phone calls. You never seemed to get the idea of what I’m looking for and that’s why you are now in this position young lady.’ She sighed and wiggled a little as I spoke. ‘Since all you seem to want to do is waste my time I find this necessary to try and get your attention.’ As I finished the sentence I raised my hand and brought it down good and hard on her right cheek! There was a sharp ‘SMACK!’ as her cheek flattened a good gasp from her and a hard wiggle that traveled through her whole body.

As I raised my hand again Mary Ann gasped and clinched her cheeks, once more there was a sharp ‘SMACK!’ followed quickly by another gasp of pain. I hooked my arm around her waist to tuck her in good and tight then began a good steady spanking of her bottom, for the next few minutes she bounced and wiggled in my lap as her tense bottom flattened and rebounded with each good hard smack. The sounds echoed off the walls of the room along with her rising little squeals of pain that followed each good smack, at the same time her legs began to work and kick as her bottom turned red at the center of both cheeks. The next two were given sort of straight up from her thighs, aimed at the very tender sit-down area directly above her ‘smile’. Keeping my fingers together and my hand sort of cupped each one of them made sort of a ‘WHUMP!’ sound at contact, little ripples of flesh ran up her cheeks after the smack. Mary Ann gave a sharp little cry of pain and her toes slammed the floor after a hard kick!

Between spanks she slumped across my lap with her head hanging down, every fresh smack now had her throwing her head up and arching her back in pain as her short hair flew. At the same time her cries of pain were getting louder as the deep red color spread across her cheeks. Her slacks and panties were leaving her as she kicked and moved her legs in a ‘bicycling’ motion, the legs of the slacks waved in the air behind her and were about half way off now. I then began a slow methodical spanking of both sore cheeks, good and hard (as hard as I could swing) back and forth up and both of those deep angry red globes! At the same time Mary Ann began to squeal louder after each hard spank…louder and in a more shrill tone…then finally the tears fell and the soft sobbing began.

During a short pause in the spanking her back and shoulders quaked hard as she slumped and gasped then simply wailed with the next one, it was a long wet wail of pain. I felt her suck a deep hard and quivering breath before the next good smack then it came out as a long cry as my hand smacked again…






‘SMACK!’…’Do I have your attention now!’


‘SMACK!’…’Are you going to listen to what I’m saying from now on young lady?’


As I gave the last few and she kicked VERY hard the slacks fell off to land in a pile on the floor, the panties slipped off of one foot. Mary Ann now scissor-kicked while bending her knees, so hard that she almost kicked herself in the backside! I gave her a few more good hard spanks and the panties joined the slacks on the floor as her toes slammed down on the bare wood. Stopping to rub her sore blazing bottom a little I found that each hot cheek had a pretty solid welt right where she would be sitting, as I rubbed the tender areas she cried and squealed while clinching her cheeks gently. The little bit of light coming in the windows from the street lights showed a definite contrast between her pale skin and the well spanked area!

She had arched her back hard wiggled and kicked like hell while being spanked soundly, although she was now in a lot of pain and crying her eyes out (puffing moaning and panting as well), she had never tried to get away nor put her hand back to protect her bottom. The girl had wanted a good spanking, I had given it and she had taken it very well! She was now slumped across my lap breathing VERY hard, dripping tears and waiting for what was to happen next…

I didn’t make her wait long, with a final good smack I said ‘Stand up young lady.’ Then, as she slowly began to work herself up off of my lap, I put my hand over her one breast and helped her to rise. Slowly and noisily she gained her feet in sort of a crouching position to begin to flex her legs, at the same time her hands went back to gently rub her bottom. For the next few minutes they were busy between her dripping eyes and her sore ass as she stood and flexed in the post-spanking dance. I stood then reached down to pick up her panties and hand them to her saying ‘Clean yourself up with these.’ That got me a short wondering stare then she took them to first blow her nose on one side then use the other to wipe her wet eyes.

‘We understand each other now…don’t we?’ I asked. There was a short pause for more hard gasping and wiping then she replied in a trembling voice ‘Yes sir…I understand…Oh my God is my ass sore!’

I put my arms around her to hold her tight for a few minutes, Mary Ann simply went to pieces in my arms and seemed to bawl even harder as I held her close, shaking and trembling as she cried and sobbed into my chest. Following this I had her get dressed (sans panties) then walked her to her car for a light kiss on her cheek as she worked herself into the drivers seat with great care and a lot of gasping and moaning. I told her that I expected to hear from her in a few days…with a good prospect to look at! Still wiping some tears but now with a little smile she answered ‘Yes Sir.’ then drove off. I waited until she was out of sight then kicked the bike awake and went home.

In the next few months we looked at a few other houses, Mary Ann was spanked in a few and we made love in a few of them.

She is a pretty good passenger now…but…better when she doesn’t have a sore bottom.

We now live in the one she was spanked in the first time, she has been spanked a few times in that dining room. Most of her whippings and paddlings are given in the basement while she is bound to the cross, she becomes very loud and I don’t want to disturb the neighbors. It isn’t the best neighborhood but it’s improving, no one minds a little ‘noise’…once in a while.

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