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Runaway Teen

I’m a light sleeper, so I wasn’t too surprised when I looked at the clock and found the glaring numbers of my digital clock/reading “2:12”. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but I heard a noise coming from the back of my house, so I went to investigate. As I pulled back the curtain, I expected to see another pesky raccoon rustling though my garbage. Instead, I saw a stranger wearing dark clothes, bent over examining the contents of my trash. I scurried down stairs, without bothering to put on a robe. Not knowing what to expect, I grabbed a baseball bat and quickly turned the handle and flung the back door wide open. Before I could get a word out, the stranger began to run. I followed in hot pursuit, but because of the head start, it took a couple of minutes before I was able to overtake the offender and tackle him to the ground. We wrestled for a few seconds, but I quickly gained the advantage and managed to pin him to the ground. Or, perhaps I should say, ‘hers’, because once I was sitting on top it was clear that the delinquent was actually a young teenaged girl. She breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath as she stared at my face trying to predict my next move. I asked her to tell me her name, but she didn’t reply and when I asked her once more, she puckered her lips and tried to spit in my face. More out of instinct than anything else, I released one of her arms and slapped her face. She tried to break free but I quickly managed to pin her back down against the ground. That’s when I dawned on me that I was in the middle of the woods, sitting on top of a teenaged girl, wearing nothing but my underwear. I was about to let her go, when I realized that she was probably homeless and I figured that I might need to hand her over to the authorities. I asked her where she lived, but again, she refused to reply. Finally, I said, “Listen, if you don’t tell me your name or where you live I’m going to have to call the police and they’ll haul your ass off to jail.” She was contemplating this alternative, then finally announced, “It’s Lisa…now will you get the f— off of me you bastard.” I wasn’t about to let her go that easily. “Listen, Missy -“, I started to say…but she interrupted my lecture and said, “It’s Lisa damn it! Remember asshole? I already told you my f—ing name now get the f— off of me.” This girl needed an attitude adjustment and the more she pissed me off, the more I felt like I was just the person to give it to her. “Listen Lisa, or whatever your real name is, I’m not letting you go until you change your attitude. And unless you want to find yourself in juvenile court tomorrow morning, you’ll do exactly as I say.” She tried to struggle free, but it was no use. I kept her pinned to the ground for another couple of minutes, but she eventually saw the futility in it and said, “Fine! Go ahead and rape me…see if I care.” Her words resonated in my brain as I finally began to understand why she was struggling so hard to escape. “Rape? You think I’m going to rape you? That’s the furthest thing from my mind. I just want to know why you were going through my trash at two in the morning. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “What do you care? You were throwing that stuff away anyway, weren’t you?” I could see I wasn’t going to make any progress this way. Besides, while I clearly had the upper hand, it was also clear she wasn’t going to tell me squat until she knew that I was no longer a threat to her. “OK, I’ll make you a deal”, I said, “I’m going to take you back to my place so you can take a hot shower and eat a decent meal.” She thought for a second and then replied, “How do I know you ain’t some kind of pervert whose just gonna take advantage of me?” She had a good point, so I tried to reason with her, “Listen, if I was going to do that I would have already done that. I haven’t done anything to you yet, have I?” She shrugged her shoulders, then said, “OK, but you’d better not pull any tricks or I promise you’ll regret it.” I knew she meant it. This was one tough girl. I stood up, and offered her my hand, but she refused my help and got up on her own. As we walked back to my place, neither of us spoke a word.

The back door was still wide open as I entered and motioned for her to follow me inside. She hesitated for a split second, but decided to take a chance and walked in. As she did, she looked around at my furnishings, almost as though she hadn’t ever stepped foot in another persons house before. I pointed upstairs and told her that she should go wash up while I put something on and cooked us both something to eat. Cautiously, she climbed the stairs and shortly afterwards I heard the bathroom door open and close.

I didn’t want to scare her by going upstairs, so I looked in the laundry room for something to clean to wear. The only thing I could find was a white, terry cloth robe, so I put it on and fired up the grill on the deck in spite of the hour. Twenty minutes later, I had prepared a simple, yet hearty meal consisting of burgers, fries and coleslaw. I could hear the water still running and it caused me to wonder how long it had been since she had enjoyed the simple pleasure of a hot shower. It was obvious that she didn’t have another pair of clothes, and I hated the idea of her putting those ratty jeans and sweatshirt back on her clean body. So, I went to my closet, and grabbed one of my favorite t-shirts, a clean pair of hiking shorts and some socks. I knocked on the bathroom door to tell her about the clothes, but before I could get a word out she said, “Sorry I’m taking so long…I’ll be done in a minute.” I replied, “There’s no hurry…I’ve got some clean clothes for you to wear.” But over the din of the shower, it was apparent she couldn’t hear me so I opened the door just a crack and started to repeat myself. “I’ve got some clean clothes here…” but just then, she turned the shower off and I found myself talking louder than I needed to. “Thanks,” she said, “is it ok if I change in your bedroom?” The mere thought of here standing naked on the other side of the shower curtain started to turn me on, but I controlled my urge and said, “Sure…no problem, I’ll just put the clothes on the bed.” I put the clothes on the bed and went back downstairs. Shortly afterwards, I heard the bathroom door swing open and followed the sound of her footsteps as she made her way to my bedroom.

I waited for nearly ten minutes, before I finally decided to go back upstairs to see what was taking her so long. I was about to knock on the door, when I heard the soft whimpering noises that made it all too clear she was crying. I gently knocked on the door and said, “Are you ok?” She didn’t reply, so I opened the door and peeked inside to see her sitting with her face buried in her hands, crying as she sat on the edge of the bed with a single towel wrapped around her young body. I approached cautiously and sat down next to her, putting my arm around her shoulder. Then, I said, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying?” But, she just shook her head and continued to cry into her hands. I looked down and admired her incredibly well tones skin and soft arms and legs. I felt awkward and didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there with my arm around her shoulder and whispered, “Its ok…everything will be ok.” After a few minutes of trying to console her, she started to wipe the tears from her eyes and her cries turn to soft whimpers. I was getting ready to ask her what was making her so upset, when she took me completely off guard and stood up and immediately threw her arms around me, causing me to lose my balance and fall back onto the bed. Then, she started trying to kiss me on my lips. At first, I didn’t kiss her back. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. But once I realized that her towel had slipped down and her bare breasts and hard nipples were pressing down against my chest I succumbed to my desires and started touching her young body. I reached one of my hands up, between our bodies and cupped my hand over her supple breast playing with her erect nipple. I grew even more excited as I felt her one of her hands start to explore and massage the obvious bulge in my underwear. Suddenly, I had an overwhelming urge to taste her young body. So, I firmly grabbed her young body and rolled the two of us over so I could be on top. I lowered my mouth over her tender breasts and started sucking and licking them. It was obvious she was enjoying this treatment, but my taste buds were far from satiated to so I began to use my tongue to explore even more of her luscious body. I swirled my tongue all around her stomach in circular patterns aimed at driving her crazy, but it only caused her to giggle. So, I continued my explorations moving further down her body. Finally, I knelt down at the edge of the bed and placed my hands gently on top of her thighs. As if we were acting out a well-choreographed lovemaking scene, she spread her legs further apart as I lowered my hungry mouth closer to the intoxicating scent of her inviting young pussy. I could no longer contain my urges and started licking her soft mound of flesh up and down in long strokes. Her juices were even more delicious than I could have ever imagined. I slid my tongue up and down, in and out, exploring every crevice as her legs wrapped around my head pulling me tight against her body. Then, when I sensed the timing was just right, I moved a little further up and started to twirl my tongue in small circles against her hard clit. At first, I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying this technique because there was no obvious signs of approval. But, when I paused momentarily she cried out, “Oh god, please don’t stop…please keep licking my clit.” But I had something else in mind, I open my mouth enveloped her whole pussy and started to suck. I repeated this process, over and over again, each time sucking just a little harder then the last. After a while, I felt her young body start to shudder. Then, when I felt she was ready to cum, I started sucking on her clit until I felt wave after wave of pussy cum started squirting out of her body. I lowered my mouth and eagerly swallowed her juices as they shot into my mouth. When the nectar finally stopped flowing, I stood up and started stroking my self as I looked at her soft, beautiful body lying on the bed. It didn’t take long before I was shooting my load all over her delicate young body. Then, she surprised me by wiping her fingers across the creamy substance and licking it off. I was ready to collapse on the bed when she asked me to suck on her pussy some more. I thought I didn’t have the energy, but I forced myself to please her again. Only this time, when she was almost ready to cum I lifted her body up off the bed and started licking her tight asshole. As I did so, she arched her back off the bed and moaned as even more of her delicious juices flowed out of her body. Now, I was completely exhausted so I climbed in bed next to her. As I fell asleep, I felt her mouth engulfing my now limp cock and she somehow managed to bring it back to life.

Whatever happened that night remains a mystery because when I woke up the next morning, she was gone. I’m sure I would just chalk the whole experience up as a dream if it weren’t for the fact that I still can’t find my favorite t-shirt and certain pair of hiking shorts.

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