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Date With a Stranger

Amber had just turned 16 and was totally innocent. At least she was for a bout 3 hours until she decided to go clubbing at the hottest club in all of England.
Amber didn’t have a boyfriend, she had recently split up because he wanted a threesome and she had never even had sex before. She had massive firm tits that were kissable and a tight little ass and cunt that wanted to be fucked, badly.
She went clubbing with her best friend Sabrina who didn’t have a boyfriend but wanted to be licked out like a dog by a woman or man, she didn’t care she just wanted a tongue up her shaven pussy.
They clubbed constantly and were quite drunk by 1am.
Suddenly, Sabrina spotted, Mark, Amber’s ex-boyfriend who was making his way over to them. Amber didn’t care if he was a pig, she couldn’t stop staring at his massive bulge and wanted her lips around it.
“Hey u sexy thing” said Amber slightly slurred.
“I have 10minutes free if u wanna…”
“Er,” Mark glanced at Amber’s tits that were bulging out of her tight leather top. “Alright horny.” he grabbed her hand and they rushed out to the parking lot and into Mark’s Volvo car.
None of them said anything and they just got straight down to business.
Mark’s erection was squeezed inside his trousers and he needed to find a hold soon. Mark got in the back seat with Amber and started to snog her furiously, whilst his hands felt her firm tits. He found the zip at the back of Amber’s top and undid it quickly. The top fell to the floor and Mark’s hands squeezed her tits. Amber’s hand slowly found its way down to his cock and she slid her hand down his pants and trousers and felt his meat load. Mark took off his trousers and started to slowly lick Amber’s tits as she groaned and begged for more. Mark’s hands felt up Amber’s short skirt and slid off her kinky thong and tossed it to one side. The skirt came away easily and they were both naked, caressing each other.
Amber couldn’t wait anymore. She laid down as Mark took his meat and slowly inserted it in her tight cunt. Amber groaned and groaned as he worked faster and faster at her, making the whole car shake. Then it happened. Amber had her first and the best orgasm ever and she loved it. Mark didn’t cum just yet but took out his cock from her twat and bent over her face as Amber gobbled his dick, swallowing it whole. Mark had never felt anything so good and he as he cummed in her throat she swallowed it and moaned.
Mark decided to reward her and he took his meat and his lips found her pussy lips and he immediately licked at her hitting all the g-spots and she had another orgasm and Mark stuck his tongue down as far as it would go.
The next morning was unbelievable, Amber felt great and spent and Mark fucked her again, leaving the same feelings.

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