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More than Bargained For

Jack Henderson was a lonely widower. He was married to the same woman for close to 30 years. This was the second year since she passed and the lonliness was killing him. He went to bars to meet women, but hated bars, hated the smoke. He didn’t want to go the video service route.He tried chat rooms on the internet. He wanted a meaningful relationship that didn’t end as soon as he would cum.
Jack started chatting in different single’s rooms.
One day he happened across “LonelyChik46,” a 46 year old widow who started chatting with Jack. Soon telephone numbers were exchanged and the two talked on the phone for hours. One night “LC46″ said,”Jack, why don’t you come over,so we could meet in person?” Jack said,”you mean your place?”Yes,” she replied,”we can get to know each other and chat in person.” With that, Jack got the directions to LC’s house and quickly showered and dressed for his first meeting.
Jack drove to LC46’s house, a modest little bunglow in an older neighborhood. He rang the doorbell and LC (real name Clara) answered the door. “Jack, how nice it is to finally meet you,” Clara said. “Same here,” Jack said. Clara was a 46 year old redbead about 5’7″,175 lbs. large breasts nice Rubenesque figure. She was wearing a black silk robe with a fire breathing dragon on the back. It looked more expensive than those cheap imitation ones sold in China Town. Clara threw her arms aound Jack and planted an open mouth kiss that took Jack aback. Stunned,that he didn’t expect this at all Clara led him through the flat into her bedroom. They stood in front of the bed embracing when Clara reached down and pulled Jack’s knit shirt over his head. She then undid his belt and fly and pulled down his pants.”Mmmmm,black boxerbriefs,” she purrrrr’d and quickly pulled them down. Before Jack knew what was going on,Clara pushed him down on the bed and finished stripping him. Once everything was off, she ran the tip of her tongue up the inner side of his right leg. The tip of her tongue was getting drier as she proceeded north.She started licking Jack’s balls and all of a sudden his cock was in her mouth. She sucked harder and harder asking Jack how he liked it. Jack hadn’t been with a woman for almost a year, a one night stand that both he and his partner did not enjoy. There was pre cum but nothing else. Clara drew tired of trying to please Jack this was so she started fingering his ass. She then started licking his crack thinking this would arouse him. She then got tired of that and told Jack to lie on his stomach. Jack did and with disbelief felt the stinging pain of what felt like an electric shock. Clara was spanking Jack with very thin bamboo reeds. He squirmed but Clara told him to be still. No man ever resisted he lovemaking skills and she wasn’t going to be denied of some sort of pleasure.She beat on Jack’s ass, alternating striking each cheek for a couple of minutes. She then turned Jack over to see if he was aroused only to find that he wasn’t. She then “greased up” his ass with KY and rammed a 3/4 foot long dildo in his ass. He screamed out as she rammed it in harder and harder. She was enjoying herself. After awhile she got tired of reaming Jack’s ass and stopped. “What a pussy you are,” said Clara. “I think you’ll be my bitch instead of my lover, now get the hell out of here you bitch.” “Can I call you tomorrow?” asked the pleasured Jack

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