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Sex with a Stranger.

This is a true story about my experience with a woman that I never new her name nor she mine. We had never met before and were together for a total of about 15 minutes.

I was at the hotel bar at the Raleigh Marriott for a drink after work. In the adjacent ballroom, there was a political reception for one of the candidates running for the senate or congress or some high level office. From the noise and glass clinking, there seemed to be a lot of champagne sipping going on.

The reception ended just as the happy hour in the bar wound down. I was walking out of the hotel behind these two nicely dressed women, when one of them stumbled on the stairs leading down to the parking lot. Out of reaction, I reached out and grabbed her by the upper arm and kept her from falling down.

Apparently, since I was walking so close with them and I was dressed in a dark business suit, they just assumed that I was with the Republican Party. They were not drunk but were highly stimulated by being close to the “power” represented by the senator or whatever. When the woman who stumbled regained her balance, she kept hold of my hand instead of releasing it. I held her hand as we walked down the rest of the stairs.

Her friend, who was parked close by the stairs, quickly got into her car and drove off without saying goodbye. The woman holding my hand asked if I could walk her to her car. Of course being the chivalrous person that I am, I agreed. She was parked on the backside of the parking lot away from the stairs.

When we got to her car, she fumbled around in her purse looking for her keys. I was standing slightly behind and to her side. She found her keys and triumphantly turned around to show me when all of sudden she was aggressively kissing me, with her body pressed against mine.

I took the keys from her, unlocked the door and crawled across to the passenger’s side. She got in behind me into the driver’s seat. Without saying a word, we started kissing again. When I reached to touch her breast, she moaned but pushed my hand down to her lap. As you can imagine, I was now fully turned on by the whole spontaneity of the situation.

Still french kissing like crazy, I slipped my hand up her skirt and rubbed her upper thigh. She had on panty hose but she moaned again and slid down in the seat, spreading her legs and bringing my hand in contact with her crotch. I cupped her pussy in my hand and pressed into her cleft. She was wet, having soaked through her panties and panty hose. The smell was awesome and permeated the air in the car, causing me to become even more turned on. My dick was so hard that it felt like it could break off at any moment.

I raised my hand to her waist and slid underneath her panties down to her furry pubic mound. When I touched her naked pussy, she stopped kissing me and asked me what I was trying to do. I told her that I wanted to get her underwear down so that we could fuck. She squeezed her legs together; trapping my hand against her sopping wet pussy like she wanted me to stop. But I was way to far gone to give up that easily. I started kissing her again and she relaxed her legs enough for me to slip my finger inside her vagina. This was all it took, she moaned again and spread her legs apart, giving me better access but I was still limited by her panty hose.

Taking my finger out of her slipperiness, I grabbed the waistband of her panties and panty hose and tried to pull them down. She raised her ass off of the seat to make it easier for me. By the time I got them down to her feet she was panting. She got her right foot out of her panty hose and somehow lifted her leg around me. Her back was against the driver’s door with one leg hooked over the back of the front seat and the other still on the floor.

I quickly unbuttoned by pants and slid them down to my ankles. I leaned forward and tried to enter her but my shirttail and tie were in the way. She quickly pulled them up around my waist and I leaned forward again. This time the tip of my dick lodged against the vaginal opening between her oily lips. As she lifted her hips so my dick could slide into her, she hoarsely whispered that we shouldn’t be doing this. It was an awkward angle for me and I couldn’t go very deep inside her, but I guess my dick was rubbing alongside her clitoris. Anyway she started moaning real loud, so loud in fact; that I was afraid someone would walk over to the car to see what was going on, so I started kissing her again.

I tried to push my dick inside her but she was moving so that only the head would slide in and out. Not very satisfying for me but apparently very good for her because she started cumming really hard. Finally she moved so that my dick would slide all the way inside her. It was too much when I felt the head of my dick bump into her hard cervix. I started cumming, squirting my sperm deep inside her vagina.

We soon recovered from our almost instantaneous orgasm. As I gently withdrew my softening dick, I noticed that my sperm was running out of her pussy and down onto the car seat. I looked around and suddenly realized that I had fucked a total stranger, in broad daylight, in the middle of the Marriott parking lot where people were leaving the hotel and getting into their cars all around us. I pulled my pants up and said that maybe I’ll see you around sometime. She said maybe, but that she had to go home right now, because she was late for dinner with her husband. I got out of the car and she drove off and I haven’t ever seen her again. I often wonder if her husband ever found out that she was freshly fucked when she got home that night.

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