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Hello to all readers. I’m Vatsal. I’m 20 years old and I live in Delhi, the capital of India. I’ve been reading all these stories for a long time. Though I had sex with many girls and women in my student life but they all were planned sex and not adventurous. I never had sex with a woman in first encounter or whom I didn’t know for quite some time. Until last month of course. I had to go to Baglung on a official trip last month. I decided to take the bus to Pokhara which is six hours drive from Kathmandu and then take another bus to Baglung which is further two and half hour drive from Pokhara. When on scheduled day I went to the bus stop to catch the bus to Pokhara I found the ticket for the second last seat only.

When I got into the bus I found a beautiful woman of around 25 years of age sitting beside a window which was my seat. She asked me if I don’t mind swapping seats. I said it doesn’t matter to me. She smiled and thanked me. She was wearing light blue salwar kurta. She was slim and had firm boobs. I took my seat to her right and the bus started running. I found that there was nobody behind us and even the seats that were parallel to ours were vacant. That means there was no one who could watch and hear us. I thought “well boy this is going to be your day- its going to be a nice memorable trip”. Her perfume was making her more sexy and turning me mad.

For half an hour we didn’t talk to each other. Then at a bump I had to hold the back of the front seat with my both hand and when I tried to pull my hands back, accidentally my left elbow touched her right boob. At once I said sorry. I was trying to make an excuse but to my surprise she smiled and said its okay. There was some undulation on the road so the bus was bumping. She slightly adjusted herself and instead of going towards the window she came nearer to me. Our hands and thighs were touching. I could see her cleavage dividing her round firm boobs. It was driving me mad.

We started talking and during conversation I came to know that she was living alone in Pokhara. Her husband was in Emirates for last two years and she had not slept with a man in that period. I thought if she being a woman is so frank to tell me that, I must not be shy and should advance. She was in need to be loved. So, I placed my right hand on her right thigh and started slowly massaging it. She didn’t oppose. That encouraged me and I took my left hand behind her back and put on her left boob and began to squeeze. She lowered a little bit on her seat so that her buttocks came forward to the edge of the seat. I took my hand off the thigh and inserted into the salwar. I found no difficulties as the salwar had elastic waist strap. I was totally surprised to found no obstacle on my way. She was not wearing panties. I looked into her eyes at which she smiled back shyly. She was clean shaven. I rubbed my hand around her inner thighs and on her pussy. I found the little knob and started pressing it with my finger in a round motion. She closed her eyes and started moaning. With my left hand I was still massaging her boob and pressing her hard pointed nipple and my right hand was playing on her pussy. I inserted my middle finger deep into her hole and started sliding in and out. It was tight but by now it was wet. As she was feeling this excitement in two years her wet juices had already started coming. Now she was moaning loudly and though the bus had a loud noise I was afraid that the front passengers could detect her noise. I kissed her lips and withdrew from what I was doing. She opened her eyes as if demanding for more action. I told her about the situation. She understood and invited me to her house.

We arrived at Pokhara at 1pm and I was supposed to take the bus to Baglung at 4pm. So we had three hours in between. I had many relatives in Pokhara and if they see me together with this woman it may cause many problems in my personal front. So we decided to go separately. She gave me her address and went home in a taxi. I took a separate taxi and went to a hotel to get fresh. I bought a condom on the way and in half an hour I was at her doorstep. She opened the door. Oh my god, how sexy she was looking. As she was expecting me only and nobody others could have come to her that day she was already in a sexy dress and in a sexy mood. She was wearing a black flimsy nightie. And of course she was wearing nothing inside. How could she wear a panty this time if she was not wearing one in the bus? Her hard nipples and milky pussy were invitingly visible. We didn’t have much time for long foreplay. I sat on a sofa and she sat on my lap facing me. I kissed on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, neck and lastly on her lips. At the same time my one hand was moving slowly on her back and the other hand on her thighs. The nightie had fallen open and her legs and belly were exposed completely. I took my hand over her pubic mound. She wriggled and closed her eyes. My fingers started sliding up and down the folds of her pussy making them open. Then my middle finger slipped deep inside her cunt. At the same time I bent my head and started sucking her nipples in a round motion one by one. She moaned when I slightly bite her pink nipples.

Then she sat on the sofa. I sank to my knees and by parting her thighs started tonguing her cunt which was already aroused due to my fingering. She said in a low voice that this is the first time in her life that someone was playing with her cunt with his mouth. She was now moaning loudly as my tongue dug out her clitoris and started teasing it until she shuddered into a really satisfied orgasm. She said that she can’t bear it anymore and she wants the ultimate. She undressed me and I pulled her nightie out which was hanging on her shoulders. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and gently eased into her golden gate. As she felt my cock sliding thickly inside her she raised her arms around my shoulders pulling me closer. She was loving having my prick cleaving into her. As I rammed my cock more and more forcibly into her she started climaxing and her legs circled my waist. We decided to change the position. She put her head on the sofa while being on her knees with her rounded bottom thrust upwards. I knelt behind her and nudged her pussy from behind. Greatly helped by all the pussy juices my cock slid into her pussy and it was producing squelching noises as it slid back and forth and each time it came out it was covered with pussy juices. She liked it as she was having sex in this position for the first time in her life. Her round tits were dangling, swaying like a pendulum in time to my cock thrusts as my hands slipped under her and started tickling her clit and boobs periodically. She had come again and was almost crying. She had never been fucked so well. I was fucking her for the first time so I couldn’t last as longer as I was wanting and after she reached her orgasm I deposited a load of spunk in her cunt (of course inside condom). She collapsed on the carpet satisfied with her legs spread and I could see her juices running out of her cunt on to the carpet.

After some time I left her place assuring each other not to mention this to anybody. I have never tried to meet her again as I promised at the time of departing. Though I’m telling this to all of you but I have not disclosed her name and address. She can’t be exposed.

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