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The Mile HIgh Club

The Mile High Club

I will always remember my first plane trip fondly. To this day I can’t board a plane without a giving a fond little smile to the thought. I had just turned 18 and was heading from Miami to New York to visit my Aunt for the summer. I was wear this tight little black skirt suit. I was sitting in coach and there was this sexy college guy sitting next to me. Right after take-off I ended up falling asleep. The next thing I knew I was having an amazing dream about being at home with my boyfriend Jason. I was unzipping his pants and giving him a blow job. It felt so real that I swore I could taste him when he came in my dream. I woke up a little startled and look around the guy next to me leaned over and said thanks for the blow job. I turned a slight color of pink but he just laughed and told me to get up and walk to the toilet and he would return the favor, and after what I though was a dream I was so horney that all I could do was go along with it. We got in there and he lifted my skirt up to discover my other little secret. The only under garments I was wearing was a garter belt and stockings I could see his cock harden when his looked and my dripping cunt. He lifted me up onto the sink and got down on his knees I was so hot that I grabbed the poor guys head and just forced it to my throbbing clit. The poor guy had no choice but to start eating me out . And man was he ever good at it. He had one of the longest tongues I had ever seen and he was doing one hell of a job with it. Within 2 minutes he had me cumming like I had never cum before. I couldn’t believe it I started cumming and just would stop. After about 5 minutes I came down off of my high and went to block the door I told him he wasn’t leaving until he gave me the greatest fucking of my life. I reach down and unzipped his pants. I pulled his khaki’s and boxer’s down to reveal the most beautiful cock I had ever seen . It was about 11 inches long and hard as blue steel. I couldn’t wait to have that filling my pussy. I went and bended over the sink and told him to fuck me from behind. He started slowly just barely putting the head into my sopping wet slit. After a second I couldn’t take the teasing anymore and impaled myself on his cock. It felt so good. I look back and told him to fuck me as hard as he could. And boy did he ever. He started slamming into my cunt. After three strokes I was cumming again. I couldn’t believe it here I was on a plane and with in 15 minute I complete stranger had me cumming twice. Jason had never been able to inspire that in me. But it did stop there. After my orgasm was over her pulled out and lifted me into his arms and told me to wrap my legs around him. He put his massive cock back in me and sat down on the toilet. Then he grabbed me and started pulling up and down his hard to god this felt even better than being taken from behind. After a minute of him doing all the work I took over and started riding him for all I was worth. He started meeting me thrust for thrust. We kept on and on fucking each other for another twenty minutes until we both came hard. Afterwards we went back to our seats and I wrote down my aunts number and what happened later is a whole nother story.

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