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Weekend Surprise

As you come home I am there at the door with a bag in each hand and the keys in my mouth. You reach up, take them out, and ask me whets going on. I reply that we are going away for the weekend. You are not sure but silently turn around as my eyes just about pop out at the look of your sexy legs in that pink mini and your tight ass barely being hidden. I exit the door and you lock it behind us. Your passion being awakened you reach over and put your hand on my tight ass as we head to the car. I throw the bags in and open your door as you start to get in I kiss your sensuous lips and grab your ass pulling your body to mine. You ask me if we have time to go inside and romp, to which I say sorry.

I close your door and run around the front of the car as my boyish side comes out as it always does with you. I fire up the 57 Chevy and off we go, heading to the airport highway and our weekend. Your legs shimmer in the light of the sun and your long beautifully shaped legs have me hard already. You reach over and feel my hardness and a groan escapes your lips. You start to knead my hardness through my pants and as we are pulling into the parking lot I am not far from cumming. We get out and hustle to the terminal to catch our plane. The vacation begun as soon as we got on the plane. I had always wanted to have sex in the air. Our seats were close to the restrooms so while we waited for the rest of the passengers to board the plane, I pulled out your very small vibrator and sent you to the restroom where you turned it on and inserted it deep into your pussy. You came back to the seat and the fun began.

I love to make your pussy soaking wet. I love to especially make you squirm when other people are around. By the time we were in the air and the stewardess came around to offer drinks, you are so close to orgasm that you could barely get your request out. I smile as the stewardess was looking at you like you were crazy, but I didn’t care. I knew you were in heaven and you were biting your lip as that wave of orgasm hit and you stifled the roar that usually came with it.

Three orgasms later, I can’t take it any longer. I have to have you. Your excitement was obvious. Your seat was soaked and we swear that all the people around us could smell your sex. Just the thought of this turns us on more. I practically pick you up and carry you to the restroom.

Once in the restroom, I have you against the door of the bathroom and passionately kiss you. While holding you against the door I stick my hand under your short pink skirt. You had removed your panties earlier; my fingers probe deeply into your creamy pussy. I remove the vibrator. You beg me to fuck you, I really love it when you beg, after a couple of minutes of begging, I release my thick cock. I lift your legs high and shove my thick 7-inch cock deep inside your love snatch. You gasp with pleasure as I drive my meat into you. After about five minutes of stroking, there is a knock on the door. The stewardess asks if you are all right. You are in your daze with pleasure and it takes you awhile to answer. I stroke in and out deeply the entire time your talking to her. I am so close to squirting my juice deep inside you that the thrill of almost getting caught in the act sends me over the edge. I shove my tool deep inside you one last time and hold you close while I have a mind staggering orgasm.

You have me release you and you lick my cock clean. We then return to our seats. We are very relaxed and satisfied. We kiss and pet the rest of the flight.

We land and rush to our hotel. We are so horny from the plane ride we can hardly wait to have each other. We cannot keep our hands off one another. My sexual arousal for you was growing if that is possible.

Once in the room, I could not get out of my clothes quickly enough. I have you lie down on the bed so that your round ass is sticking up in the air. Your pussy is gushing with hot juices in anticipation of my thick cock being shoved into it. But I have other plans. While I was waiting, I greased my tool so that it glistened. I then move behind you and guided my tool towards your tight asshole. I knew that this was something you enjoy immensely. Once your tight hole adjusts to my hot meat, I start pounding you furiously. You start moaning in ecstasy. It must feel good as you have multiple orgasms. Your ass is squeezing my dick so hard I cum after only ten minutes.

We are exhausted and decide to order in for dinner. Our dinner is served on the balcony terrace with a beautiful view of the sunset. After dinner, we take a long bath in the jacuzzi, making love one more time before hitting the sheets for some much needed sleep.

You are awakened the next morning by pleasure. You think it is me and that I had awakened before you and was eating your pussy. To your surprise I was still sleeping beside you. When you look down, there is a lovely tanned woman sucking and licking your love hole. She is the morning maid, and we later found out her name was Bridgett. Once she noticed you were awake she smiled and continued to suck your dripping lips. You start moaning with pleasure. As your first orgasm hits you look over at me stroking my meat as I watch. I kiss you long and passionately. I then move behind the maid, pull down her panties and stick my dick deep inside her hot pussy. Bridgett gasped with pleasure, but quickly continued licking deeper into your pussy. The sight of me fucking this hot woman makes you come all over Bridgett’s face, you grab her head and hold it firmly at your clit as wave after ever glorious wave of orgasms roam up and down your entire body. Soon after that, I am spewing juices all over her ass. Bridgett and you rub each other a little more. Bridgett gets up and goes back to work but promises to return the next morning. After we showered together, we made ready for a tour I had arranged. We went outside and our guide was waiting for us in a van. I knew it was going to be very special as I saw the approving look that you gave the tour guide I had selected. His smile and the look he gave to you and especially those long perfect legs of yours excited me. You reach over and whisper in my ear how you would love to suck this guys cock. I laugh and tell you that you might just get the chance to later. The guides name is Tom. He is six-foot tall, tanned skin and a firm round butt. The thought you are having is to have him deep in your pussy lips and it is making you squirm in your seat. The tour began at a secluded beach, which was perfect for what we had in mind, good hard pounding sex. The place was great and it had a waterfall in the cove as we rounded the edge and back to the falls. Tom said to follow him that he knew a great spot for what we wanted. He led us along the ledge that was right under the falls. He said this would be perfect for what we wanted to do. He then started to leave. I asked him if he wanted to see you naked? A slow smile came across his lips as he nodded. You then stripped off your clothes. By the bulge in Tom’s trunks, you could tell he was turned on. You stepped over to him and undressed him also. Once he was undressed you guide him to the waterfall. He is caressing your breasts and sucking them into his mouth. I was watching moaning with pleasure because I know that with your sensitive nipples that you were cumming already. I come up behind you and stick my fingers deep inside your juicy love hole. You are in heaven as you have two of us studs attending to your every need. You lowered to your knees and took Tom’s thin but 8-inch dick. He began moaning with pleasure. The water cascading down your naked bodies making every movement more sensuous. Tom laid down on the ledge as you mount him. You take him quickly and easily as your juices are readily flowing. His tool felt good deep inside you and you come almost immediately. After your spasms wore off I shove my thick cock down your throat while you continue to ride Tom. You start riding him hard and fast, while sucking my cock. Tom was about to climax and wanted to cum in your mouth. You turn around and oblige, sucking every drop of cum out of him. I move behind you and fuck you into another orgasm. Within ten minutes I am squirting my love juice deep into your pussy. We continue our lovemaking for another couple of hours before heading back to the van.

With our newly found friends you can imagine how the rest of the weekend went.

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