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My very first shagging (english style)

I got off the city bus nervous and scared. I walked toward the poor little building and looked at the sign above it. Flashing green “no vacancy”. I breathed deep and walked around the blocky motel. Shifting my eyes at each room number I thought I would never reach the room he was waiting for me in. I walked for a while and it seemed like I had probably past it. I looked at the number again. The door to my right said 03. I had passed it. I walked again paying more attention and I came around again to 17. I stopped and almost knocked on the door. I lost my nerve. “What if he doesn’t like me … what if I’m not good enough?” My mind raced I so wanted to impress him. Keith, my chat buddy. The only English guy I’ve ever known, uncircumcised. A little older. Is he as crazy about me as he says he is? I pull out the piece of paper in my pocket. It said 17. I knew it did. I pulled my glasses off my head and slipped them over my eyes. It said 17. I knew it did. So I turned my back to the door. ” You must be…” no “hi I’m…” no “I was just in…” and before I knew it that door with the little 17 on it opened and a voice assaulted my nervous body.

I thought, I jumped about 10 feet in the air. I turned around in my glasses and held the paper up. I heard a voice. “You must be Sharyn.” I stood frozen wanting to drop to my knees and praise god. I had never seen such an incredibly beautiful man. I smiled nervously and half way choked, I giggled and blew it off. The paper held up in his face I said “71, 17,17” he put his hand on my shoulder and his skin was golden. His hand was warm and the breeze blew against my increasingly heated skin. “17, good call” he said. “Sharyn right?” “I think so,” I muttered. His accent was thick and he sounded like James Bond, international man of mystery. I was delirious. He grabbed my hand and said, ” you want a tour of room 17″.

At that point I wasn’t sure if I even responded. I followed him in the door and he shut the door behind me.” I’ve been…” My face was suddenly so close to his. He wrapped both hands around my head and tilted it backwards. I shut my eyes “71, space case” I thought to myself. Then I was lost his warm long strong tongue. He kissed me like he had been my life long lover. He moved his tongue down my chin sucked momentarily on my chin and started to caress my neck with said tongue. I dropped my head on his shoulder and burned in every part of my body. Each inch of me where he kissed felt like I had been burned. Branded.

He walked me backwards and I fell against the bed. He was so quiet, so strong. He pulled my tank top over my head and threw it somewhere. My tits gleamed with sweat. My big brown nipples were so hard they ached. He pushed my tits together. I smiled. He kissed my breasts, one then the other. Then squeezed them hard and sucked both nipples I started to squirm. He moved down between the tits with his tongue. His hard uncut cock rubbed my legs. My cunt wept with pleasure.

He pulled down my shorts and revealed my scant pubic hair. He stared at what it covered than he spread my legs with his warm hands. He separated my pussy lips and kissed my clit. She jumped and came immediately. He licked and lapped up the cum. I moaned. I writhed in pleasure so intense it hurt. He pulled me to the bed edge and lined his standing cock to my anus. He pulled down the boxers he wore and they disappeared. He shoved his hard cock into my dripping cunt twice. He pulled out and used my juices as lube to fuck me firmly in the ass. He thrust hard and harder. I screamed. He stopped. His hard dripping cock came out of my ass and before I knew it jammed into my cunt. He took two fingers and massaged my clit while he pumped hard in and out and around. He fucked me like that for a long time. He was sweating and I was covered in his and my own sweat. He grabbed his dick and pulled out of my pussy. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into his crotch. He fed me his cock and started to fuck me in my face. I could taste precum and I reached between his legs. I stuck a firm pointer finger into his ass hole and he rode while I sucked. He came quick and fast one pulse in my throat and another. He yanked it out of my mouth and pulsed twice again on my face. I looked up at him with my blue eyes, my face plastered with spunk. He smiled and said “good slut.” “Thank you” I whispered.”may I have more?” and he gave me more for a couple of hours. I hadn’t planned to stay so long but this was an important business trip for him. He was only in the States a few days and seeing me was a detour. I stayed quiet and he had to drive me home in his rental car. When I got home I got the courage to speak. “Was I worth it?” “The best shag ever, we’ll do it again sometime, you were brilliant, baby” he leaned and kissed me on the mouth but with no tongue. “See you in the chat room?” he said just before I closed the door.”I’ll be there”

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