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Exploring Christina

Christina and I were pretty much close friends. She is about 5″5 with long dark hair and a beautiful body. She looks like a model but any way one day after school she asked me to come over to help her with her homework. Of course I said yes because she is my friend. When I got to her house, she opened the door and I walked in. Then i asked,” Where are your mom and dad?”
“Oh, they are gone on vacation.” I didn’t care that much so I just ignored it. Well any way. She said that she needed to take a shower because she just got out of gym. I said go ahead and I’ll stay downstairs to start my homework. She went up stairs. About five mineuts later she came down in her robe asking if anyone had knocked on the door. I said “No, noone knocked on the door.” I don’t know what came over me because I started to get real hard realy quickly. All the sudden she drops her robe and she is standing in front of me totally nude. She walks over to me and starts to unbotton my pants. I tried to tell her to stop but she hushed me. So I just let her do what she was going to do. When she unbotton my pants and pulled them off my cock flung out. She said Damn you have a big cock. It was really only about 10 to 11 inches long but any way she started to lick the head of my cock and it felt so good. Then she started to suck all the way down and up. It barely fit into her mouth. Then she started sucking harder and faster I could fell my load about shoot but I didn’t tell her to stop. After about fifteen seconds I shot my load into her mouth. It made her choke a little bit but she wanted more. I said wait because I wanted some. So I put on the edge of the couch and spred her legs wide. I beagan to suckle her pink pussy. I could tell this wasn’t her first time because she wasn’t tight at all. The I began to like very slowly at first the faster and deeper, she bagan to moan very loadly. She Said,”I ganna come!!!” I kept like liking harder and faster then she shot it in my mouth. I loved it. She told me to take her. So i did. I stuck my cock into her pussy. This was way more pleasureful then before. She was moaning even more loudly. I went slow at first then she wanted me to go fatser and harder so i did. When I was about to come I yelled it she told me to hurry and put it in her ass because she didn’t want to get pregnant so I did. She bent over and I stuck my cock into her ass. She loved this. I went harder and faster than before. I finally came. She did too. We both lay on the floor exhausted. My hand was on her pussy and her hand was on my cock. We both gave each other hand jobs. After that day we have been closer than ever. The next weekend she said she wanted to explore a THREESOME and she wanted anther gurl….

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