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My boss ( off to work)

It was about 7:20 when Kacie and I walked into the front office to find the human resources manager. He was in his office two doors down. We entered as he motioned us to sit in the chairs that were in front of his desk. We did as we were directed and started the process of starting our new jobs.

“My name is John, I am the human resource manager and you must be Kacie and Callie if I’m not mistaken, is that correct?”

We both nodded our heads yes as he was rustling through our applications we turned in a week prior. He grabbed my application first and began speaking with me.

“okay Callie, you’re going to be working the long shift. 12 hours. Is that alright with you?” He asked, as I shook my head yes and let him speak.

” you will be in the production room, and just fair warning you it can get very hot in the summer so I advise you to drink lots of water and Gatorade. You’re also going to need steel toe boots or shoes whichever you prefer, but let’s not worry about that today. I want you to meet your supervisor, well at least one of them.”

As he spoke the supervisor walked in and I couldn’t help but smile as my heart started to skip beats. It was Jaxon. He had on a black muscle shirt that showed off his very fit body, with tattoos covering his arms, but not completely, and a tattoo sticking out on both sides of his chest. Oh my God did a bunch of dirty thoughts run through my mind about that man.

He smiled at me as John started to speak to Kacie about where she was going to be working.

“and you my friend are going to be working in secondary, finishing parts that come out from production. Hours will be Monday through Friday 7:30 am until 4:30 pm. Does that work for you”? Kacie shook her head yes as her supervisor entered the room as well.

” hi I’m Corey and I happen to be your supervisor. You ready to do this?” Kacie shook her head yes as she hugged me.

” I will see you tonight love okay?” I nodded my head yes as I hugged her back as she disappeared with her supervisor as I did the same with mine.

I've been writing erotic stories since my late teens some true some made up and some do were fantasies. Lmk if there is a specific topic people are more interested in then others. Trying to become a erotica writer to make extra money for I am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children. Tell me your feedback and corrective criticism is acceptable. Thanks :)

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