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Ms.Loffard and John

It was just another regular day at work, the usual dealing with new clients and juggling meetings and the usual fantisizing about my favorite coworker John.
John was 6’2 almond shaped eyes, olive skin , 6pack abs, you basic beach boy hunk. And he was all of 26 years old. And I was the older woman. 5’6, large breast and still had a firm tight ass.
I began to obssess about John, just wanting him to walk into my office and rip off my blouse and and cupping my 36DD breast into his massive large hands, and then ripping off my thong and fucking me all afternoon.

One day in particular I set out to get him , I said this is the day he will be mine even if only once, I wanted him and long for him each and everyday. So I woke up that Monday morning with a plan, I put on my best work outfit, which was my black mini skirt with 6inch pumps and my silver blouse and black jacket. And underneath a pair of my black thongs and black lace bra, with a garter belt. I made it so my tits showed some in my blouse, I said hey I know I still have something to offer who cant resist me. Sure I had fucked many guys in my lifetime and some young ones, but I never desired any of them like I desired John.
John was different, he was smart,sophistocated, shy, willing to learn, and I know I could teach him a few tricks. That morning he came in wearing a long trimmed decked out black Calvin Klein suit, oh just seeing him in it made my pussy wet.

I walked down the hall nervous, but told myself do it, I went to his office and told him I needed him to help me with some briefings. He of course said yes Ms. Lofford surely I have some time.
Having him walk beside me and smelling his scent was amazing. We got back to my office and I closed the door behind us and locked it, I said ok John here are the files and the case numbers, he gladly took a look while I took a look at his tight bottom. I got closer and closer to him to the point where I just couldn’t hold back anymore and kissed him. He looked at me in amazement. I said don’t worry I don’t bite. I opened up my left drawer and pulled out a blind fold and a pair of cuffs, I said now we can play nice or we can play bad, he smiled a little and looked down. He then took my waist and turned me around and spanked my ass and said we are gonna play bad then. I was shocked, and I loved it, I said take me , take me how you want me . he took off his clothes and I looked down and saw his 9 inch cock in my face and went for it and began sucking so hard on it and fast going back and forth deep throating with out even resisting. It was nice having his cock in my mouth. He took me up and layed me on my desk and pulled off my thong and began to eat my pussy, oh it was amazing I came instantly from him licking me and then I came again , I never had some one do that to me before it was great. He then slid up on the desk between my legs putting them on his shoulders and stuck his massive dong inside of me. Oh it filled me up so well. And he began to move so fast and slapping ass at the same time, I loved it. I came 3times before he finished. When he was about to cum he grabbed my hips and fucked me even harder and then grabbing my hips and he let out this loud moan and came inside of me , the warmth of him was amazing. He layed on top of me and said I have wanted you for a long time just didn’t know if u wanted me . so now since we know we can do this some other time then, I gladly said yes. And he got dressed and went back to his office while I stayed and recovered and thought about it more. Days after that were great we had sex just about everyday after that staying late at night at the office fucking. And still continues till this day.

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