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The Afterparty

I turned, peering through the darkness to see Rachel sitting on the sidewalk. “I fell.” she burst into giggles.
What a dumb drunk, I thought. But involuntarily, I started laughing also. Perhaps the last couple Bacardi Silvers had been unnecessary. I watched as Emily, the only sober girl present, pulled Rachel up to her feet and continued leading her down the street.
It had turned out to be a pretty wild party. Dancing, alcohol for everyone, and people doing who-knows-what upstairs. I was new to the exclusive-popular group at my high school, and this was my introduction to their lifestyle. My favorite part had been near the end, when triple kissing began. Groups of two girls and a guy were forming all over the house. Although I was known as totally straight, I had always dreamed of hooking up with a chick. I jumped from one to the next, making out with every girl I had ever fantasized about.
Now 6 of us were stumbling the few blocks back to Sunny’s house to pass out until morning. I glanced around. Emily was still pulling Rachel, while up ahead, Sunny and Marissa were laughing loudly. And then there was Lisa. I hurried a bit to catch up with her, so I could admire her body better.
“Hey Mandy,” she smiled drunkenly. No one else called me that, I had always hated it. But when it came from her beautiful lips, it sounded perfect.
“Hi,” I replied, as my eyes immediately dropped to her chest. I loved tits, especially hers. I guessed them to be about full B or small c. My mouth positively watered. The rest of her wasn’t so bad either. She had a normal build, with a fatass she loved to flaunt with tight jeans, long blonde hair and blue eyes. I looked back up to her face. hoping that she hadn’t caught me staring. Not that it mattered. She was good friends with the really popular girls, whom everyone knew were into bisexual stuff. Our guy friends had told me that they’d caught Lisa checking us out repeatedly. Also, Lisa, Sunny, Emily and I were on the same cheerleading squad and more than once I’d felt her hands linger on my body after she’d caught me from a stunt.
Suddenly, my alcohol-induced confidence went into overdrive. I fell into step directly behind Lisa, reached around, and slid my hand down her shirt. She probably was protesting to me, but I didn’t hear, I was far to focused on her breasts. Going under her bra, I began massaging her left one softly. Her nipple perked up instantly and I tickled it lightly. We were still walking, not far at all from Sunny’s, but I didn’t care. I rolled her boob in my hand, enjoying the silky soft feel of her skin. It was everything I had imagined it to be.
But not 10 seconds after I’d started, Emily had raced up to us, pulling us apart. “Oh my god, Amanda, what are you doing?” She shook her head at me, grabbed my wrist and pulled me up ahead. “We have to get home.”
I scowled. “Fuck,” I murmured. What would everyone think when this got out??

A couple minutes later, we were all up in Sunny’s room, changing into pajamas. We were all partially- or completely naked, everyone was so messed up they didn’t seem to care. I looked at Rachel who was laying on Sunny’s bed, nude and spread eagle, half asleep. I suddenly realized that I had to piss. I crawled into her bathroom and pissed, light on and door wide open. Did that feel good. I stood and wandered aimlessly downstairs and into the kitchen, wondering if Sunny’s parents had any alcohol that could keep me fucked up so I wouldn’t have to become aware of what I’d done.
“Hi.” Lisa was there, holding a bottle of beer.
“Hi,” I replied sheepishly, wondering if she hated me now. I opened the fridge door and got myself a beer also. “Um…I’m sorry.”
She smiled. “It’s alright, I know how it is. I’ve done worse.”
Although I was desperately trying to make a sincere apology, I couldn’t help but glance down at her body. She had changed into blue cheer shorts and a tight white tank top that made her chest look absolutely gorgeous. Her hair hung long down her back and she was barefoot.
Then, without warning, she put her beer down and walked to me. “I just wonder why you waited until now to let me know how you felt.” She took my beer, set it on the counter, and looked into my eyes. “Mandy.” she winked, leaned in and kissed me.
I didn’t kiss back at first, I was too stunned. But when reality set in, I didn’t waste my time. I let my tongue roam freely through her mouth, enjoying the slight moan that escaped from her throat. One hand went up her shirt to her braless tits. I began to massage one, then pulled my hand out. I gently pushed her away, breaking our embrace.
“Huh?” she frowned.
I grabbed her hand and lightly pulled her down to the floor. She got the hint and laid on the cool tiles next to the sink. I slid her tank top over her head and glanced down at the glorious sight in front of me. Then I went in for the kill. I licked her right breast first, sucking her nipple, then I went to the left. I ran my fingers along the underside of the golden globes, following the path with kisses. I was in heaven, playing with her boobs. I could’ve gone all night, but then another urge overtook me. I crawled down lower and, with her help, pulled off her cotton shorts and silky panties. “Mandy” she moaned. “Eat me. Now. Please.”
I was suprised by her language. I thought only porn stars said things that corny, but it semmed to fit the moment. I gazed at her beautiful cunt, and timidly licked it. Lisa smiled. “Go ahead…just like that. And don’t stop until I say to.” I nodded. I started licking her clit, and her pussy lips eagerly. I had always heard guys talking about how girls taste, but that was the last thing on my mind. Just the act of licking her as enough to send my mind reeling. I tried to reach up and grab her tit, but I could barely reach. This disappointed me, but I kept eating her out, for fear that if I stopped she might just leave.
Pretty soon she was bucking her hips and moaning loudly. It didn’t even cross my mind that someone could walk in on us, and luckily no one did. They were probably all passed out upstairs. Lisa grabbed my head and smashed it into her cunt; I knew she was cumming. I was surprised that, unlike in pornos, I didn’t have to use my fingers. I tried to keep up my sucking as best I could as she nearly suffocated me in her pussy.
“Mannnndyyyyyyyyy…oh yes Mandy!” she moaned as I sucked her clit into my mouth and kissed it like a tongue.
And then it was over. She let go of my head and I shimmied back up to her breasts. I played with them as her breathing quieted. It occurred to me that I hadn’t come, but I didn’t mind at all. It was pleasurable enough, just touching her body.
A couple minutes later, we stood up and she got dressed. We walked back up to Sunny’s room to find them all conked out, completely unaware of what had just happened in the kitchen.
“Come on,” Lisa said, pulling a blanket from the closet. We cuddled up on Sunny’s oversized bean bag chair under a thick velvet blanket. I continued rolling Lisa’s nipples as we began to drift off.
“Welcome to the club, Mandy.” was the last thing I heard.

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