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When you are bored, what else is there to do?

I once worked in an office where we just shuffled papers, copied them, and had meetings. Dull, dull, dull! I suppose about the only thing I did find enjoyable was flirting with the ladies during coffee breaks. You know the type of conversations that start out so inoccent, but slowly get to steamier subjects. There were two special girls that I particularly enjoyed swapping banter with because we had come to trust each other enough to talk about just about anything.
Reba was just 18 and single and Michelle who was a couple of years older and married. They were both great to talk to and I must say, afterwards, I had to be careful walking away, often times needing to hold a folder casually in front of me to hide the erection I got from the steamy conversations I was having with them.
By now, I realized that I had passed the point of the normal sexual inuendos and joking around to having full “blown” fantasies about these two young ladies! So I began to drop hints that a trist could be possible, but, as a married man, I would need to be assured of the upmost in secrecy about any relationship and that this relationship would be purely one of a sexual nature with no possibility of anything else. I allowed the jokes and hints to get more and more serious until I felt it was quite clear of my intentions, meanwhile, watching for a sign that these ladies understood and that one or both would be interested in such an arrangment. Well, Reba worried me because she was single and seemed as though she had alot less to lose than I did. This was a minor set-back, as I could just imagine her wolfing down my meat clean up to the base, then having her sit down on my lap and slowly riding me raw.
Did I mention that both of these women were very well endowed? Oh yeah BABY! And do I love big tits!
Anyhow, I digress…..Although I was a bit let down by the failure of Reba to pass my little test, Michelle, on the other hand surprised me. I once mentioned how the guys were always talking about how nasty some women were and how they would even let them suck thier dicks. Well, I said that I have yet to meet a man that would turn down a blow job as long as he could be assured there was no chance of getting caught and with no strings attached. Michelle looks at me one night out of the blue and says, “Want a blow job”, with a glint in her eye that told me that she was testing me to see if I was a just a bag-o-wind or if I had the cojones to back what I said. Well. I said yes, of course!
It wasn’t until then that I realized I hadn’t thought about where we could achieve the privacy needed for the event. Then it came to me! The ladies bathroom in the rear of the building. Only a few men worked back there, seldom venturing out of thier offices and when they did, it was just to resupply the coffee mug and the copier paper then it was back into hiding! What a great idea! I mentioned this to Michelle who seen the brilliance in the idea right away and agreed the deed would take place in the ladies latrine. I must admit to being overly cautious as well a over-planner. I went for a walk back past the rear bathrooms to check out the “lay” of the land, so to speak and when I turned around, there was Michelle opening the ladies door for me. I glanced around and, upon seeing noone, rushed into the darkened lavatory where we began kissing and deep throating each others tongues like two minks in heat! We both realized once we got in there that we had wanted this since the day we met. We began pulling at each others clothes, rubbing, squeezing, kneading at a furious pace. I have never been thrown into the heat of passion so fast and this woman was taking me there in a Ferrari! I hit my first pay dirt when I finally got ahold of those huge breasts and turned them loose to be fondled and sucked. Manna from heaven! I felt her body quake a little when I started to work sucking and licking like a starving newborn. She grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs and I heard her gasp. Yeah, she was feeling the same way. She began slowly messaging my rock solid dick, squeezing it almost to the point of causing pain….I wonder what she wanted…hehehehe….she started licking her way down my chest, all the while I kept my hold on those bountiful boobies, until she was on her knees and I was leaning back against the sink. She started licking and sucking on the engorged head of my love stick. She kept working it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she had all of me in her and she began twirling her tongue and sucking like mad. I knew I would last long at this rate, so I made a feeble attempt to slow things down a bit by holding her head and slowly working myself in and out of her throat, but this woman knew exactly what she wanted and she kept twirling her tongue a sucking on me at a fevers pitch.
Even at the slower pace, the head of my tool felt as though it were as big as a grapefruit and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, so I decided to let her have what she wanted. With both hands on her head and her mouth working like a hoover from hell, I started gorging with everything I had. I heard myself moaning, sound that came from deep within me and I remember saying that I was about to come. She pulled me all the way down her throat as spasms rocked my body like never before. But she just kept that tongue going with my balls on her chin until the spasms died down. Then she slowly licked me clean like someone finishing a plate of ribs. It had all ended almost as abruptly as it had began.
We slowly began pulling ourselves and our clothes back together as the reality of the world seeped into that little bathroom. We made comical quips about how we both needed that for sometime and that we should definitely use the lavitories at this end of the building more often.
After that day, we often passed each other in the halls and smiled at each other, but these smiles were now different. These were smiles of memories instead of fantasies!
While writing this story, I relived a little of the passion that was felt that day and maybe I will go back and see the old place and say hey to all the fellows. If so, you had better ebt that before I go, I will need to visit the “head” in the back end of the building! Maybe, I will get lucky and catch Michelle AND Reba in the ladies room there!

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