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Wife Let's Me Make a Bank Deposit With Her Boss

It’s been a nice summer, my wife and I have had some great times. She has been working at a bank for about a year now, and she always talks how she really likes her supervisor Paula. I always tease her about her talking about her all the time and maybe she needs to explore Paula’s personel side during her conversations at work.

We have been to a few of my wifes company parties and I must say, Paula is a hotty. She has dark black hair, about 5’4″, 125 lb’s, and a great looking body. I understand my wife talking about her, my wife has also made comments about being with her, but I am not sure if she is just playing with me or if she is serious. At one point Mary said she may be turning more lesbian. I know I will have a chance to find out as times goes on.

Well, the time came. In the last month my wife, Mary, has made some comments about Paula. She must have taken my advise in talking to Paula at work. She found out Paula likes to enjoy certain sexual activity. I think it shocked Mary that Paula would talk about that kinda of stuff at work.

It was a Friday and Mary called me at home from work and asked if I would come up to the bank and check Paula’s engine, she was laughing and I could tell her and Paula were thinking dirty, then Mary said her engine was making a noise and may need to be lube job, the laughs were still coming over the phone. I just told Mary that I would be up in a few minutes. When I got to the bank Mary was busy and Paula gave me the keys to her car to go check it out. I went and found her A/C fan was making a noise. I went back into the bank and told Paula that it was her fan. I thought what the hell, I may as well, start the joking. I asked Paula if she thought her engine needed a dip stick, she turned a little red and said “always”. I told Puala when she had a chance ask Mary if she would mind if she had her husband dip his stick in her engine. That was enough for me to get her thinking about it anyway.

Paula had told me she was thinking about trading her car in and thank me for checking it out for her.

Friday evening came and I was back at home waiting for Mary to come home from work. I heard the door open and Mary yelled for me and said Paula was here and was I dressed, joking I said “No, I’m naked”. I was dressed and it seemed it didn’t matter to them, because they came into the TV room anyway. I said hi to Paula and asked what were they doing. Paula had the car she was test driving and they came over to get some CD’s to try in the car. Mary asked if I would help Paula take the T-tops off her car and put the CD’s in for Paula, “No, problem, if I could get a ride in Paulas car”. Paula said “sure”.

We all went out to the drive and I did my part of the deal, then Paula said “jump in” Mary said “be careful and enjoy the ride”. My mind was in first gear at that point.

Paula was looking really hot in her red sports car, and I wasn’t sure how to make a move. So I told her how much Mary talks about her and sometimes I think Mary has a thing for her. Paula replied “well, I know I wouldn’t mind giving Mary a lick or two” I about blew my load. I said we could try to arrange that. Paula told me to take the lead and she would follow.

We were back in the drive after a 10 minute drive. When we pulled up to the drive Mary was outside waiting for us. I said Paula wants to get a drink of water and use the restroom before she heads home. I went inside and they followed, Paula got her drink and went into the bathroom, Mary and went into the living room.
Mary asked how the car drove and I said “I wasn’t even paying attention to the car, I was thinking about Paula the whole time” Mary said, “yea isn’t she beautiful”. Paula came into the living room, and I told her to sit down before she left. Mary and I were sitting on the couch and Paula sat in the chair across from us.

I had to think of a way to get things started so I reached over to Mary and put my hand right on her lap between her legs, Mary said “John, Paula is here” then Paula replied, “thats OK, I had the same thought Mary” I began to rub Mary’s pussy thur her slacks, then I started to kiss her, when Paula told Mary to relax and started to remove her clothes. I looked at Paula and she looked great with out clothes on. Paula came over to us and said for us to get out of our clothes. I started to take my clothes off, while Paula helped Mary out of hers. Mary wasn’t saying a word, she was enjoying the moment.Paula reached down to Mary’s pussy and felt the wetness, and said ” I’ve wanted to do this from the first time I met you”. Mary said “me too”.
Paula begin to muff dive on my wife. Paula’s tongue was driving in and out of Mary. I took my hands and played with Paula’s nice asshole, I begin to fuck it with my finger and then proceeded to lick her pussy as she licked Mary’s pussy.

I heard Paula say to me “deposit that cock of yours in my safety deposit box” I giggled and stuck my hard dick in her with one push. She mouned and kept on licking Mary. I could tell Mary was cumming.

Mary got up and went into the bedroom while I was fucking her boss, Mary returned with her dildo and got back on the sofa. Mary began to fuck herself while I was banging away on Paula, then Paula began to kiss on Mary’s pussy while the dildo was drive in and out of her.

Paula stopped and asked Mary to eat her wet pussy. Mary pulled the dildo out and stuck into Paula’s wet box and went down on her pussy lips. I jammed my dick into Mary from behind as Paula watched Mary eat her out.
I was going to blow my load so I pulled out my dick and stuck it in Paula’s mouth, she swallowed it all and sucked every drop of cum out of my dick. Paula was cumming at the same time on Mary’s mouth.

I laid back as Mary and Paula worked on each other. At one point I thought I would have to go get some cold water to seperate them. But that would have ruined my day watching my wife and her boss fuck and lick each other for what seemed to be hours. They finally let each other go, Mary laid on the floor, and Paula came back to me and started blowing my dick saying “one more load for the road”. She sucked my cock back to life and made me cum, I filled her mouth up with all the cum I had left.

We all got up and got dressed. Mary and I walked Paula to her car and couldn’t keep our hands off her. Paula told Mary she would see Mary at work tomorrow and thanks for the ride and deposit.

Paula drove off and Mary and I went back into bed to finish out the night with some more fucking. I know we were both thinking about Paula the whole time we were doing each other.

The day will come again when Mary, Paula, and I make another deposit.

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