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It was so hot and sticky, Angela was sure that the other riders of the bus could smell it as well. Her cunt, her pussy, her quim, call it what you liked, but at this very moment, Angela’s vagina was leaking like a dripping water faucet! Now if she had worn panties, well then maybe no one would have noticed, but Angela never wore panties, because, well because she was what in polite circles they call and exhibitionist! At this very moment Angela had made eye contact with a middle aged man who was seated across from her. Her eyes barely flickered, but when she dropped them nonchalantly to her lap, she casually spread her legs, giving him an eye full of inner thigh and closely cropped pussy fur! His eyes went from her crotch back to her face, but he immediately knew that she wanted him to look, just by the smirking little half smile that crossed her lips. He wet his lips with his tongue, glanced around to see if anyone else was watching, and then let his gaze fall to Angela’s nether region. For the next five minutes he stared at the plump brown haired slit, only taking his eyes off it to see if anyone had discovered his furtive activity. When they were almost to Angela’s stop, she shifted her weight slightly, and then flexed her cunt muscles, causing her lips to bulge in and out, separating slightly to give a glimpse of her pink crack. Angela thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, so she smirked at him again and gave him one final pussy flex for good measure! She then closed her legs and stood up to exit the bus, giving him a lilting, “Have a nice day sir,” as she breezed past him out the door and onto the street.

Walking the two blocks to her office, Angela could feel her lips sliding back and forth against each other with each step. If should would have concentrated on it, she could have easily induced an orgasm, but she wanted to wait until she had a chance to have one while she was showing herself to an unsuspecting stranger! In her office, Angela went straight to the rest room and went into a stall and wiped the dew off the outer lips of her pussy. She shuddered when the tissue nicked the tip of her swollen clitoris, causing yet another flood of nectar to flood from her pussy. The door to the rest room swung open and Angela heard some one entering. A voice called out, “Is that you Ang?” “Yeah, Jackie, it’s me, come on in,” replied Angela to her good friend Jackie. “What are you doing in here,” scolded a laughing Jackie, taking in an eyeful of Angela’s exposed vagina. “Just doing a little house keeping,” answered a grinning Angela, as she continued daubing at her nether lips. Jackie lifted the hem of her own dress, giving Angela a peek at her own naked vagina. Each woman then put a finger inside the other’s pussy and fingered it vigorously. Since each of them was sopping wet to begin with, they brought each other to quick hard orgasms, kissing deeply while their fingers whipped over each others clits. Making sure no one else was in the rest room with them, they quietly slipped out of the stall and headed back to the office, with very satisfied pussies!

It was warm day, so the two women decided to eat their lunched out doors in a office plaza a few blocks away. While Angela was usually a little coy about her flashing, Jackie on the other had would be considered a slut! While they were sitting on a short brick fence eating their food, Jackie overtly exposed herself to at least three passing men. One off them was so surprised that he accidentally ran into a tree while trying to keep his eyes on Jackie’s hairy cunt! Just as they were finishing their drinks, Jackie said, “The next person who walks by gets a good look, male or female!” Angela started to say something, but Jackie hushed her up with, “Shhush, Ang, here comes one now!” Angela looked over her shoulder just in time to see a fortyish woman approaching from behind her. Jackie was already getting the hem of her dress pulled up and her cunt pointed directly at the approaching target! Jackie, now facing the woman straight on, smiled and said, “Nice day huh,” while spreading wide her smooth thighs. Expecting the woman to march off indignantly, both of them were shocked when she stopped and casually commented on how pretty Jackie’s vagina was. Angela, now getting into the swing of things, leaned back and spread her own legs, giving the woman a perfect shot of her bulging vulva. The woman introduced herself as Meg, and asked if she could stand there awhile an ogle their pussies, and talk dirty to them. Both Angela and Jackie heartily agreed, and tried to give Meg the best view possible of their dripping slits. Meg began asking the most intimate of questions, such as when was the last time either of them had let a man put a penis inside of them, or when was the last time that they let a man stick a tongue into their cunts and lick their erect little clits!?! It was truly amazing to be sitting in a crowded area, surrounded by hundreds of people, and exposing yourself to a total stranger, and then having her talk to you about your most secret sexual exploits!

Angela was now breathing hard, her pussy was flooded with juice, her lips gorged with blood, she asked the woman, “Do you love wet vaginas?” The woman nodded and replied, “Especially when they are peeking out from under a skirt, their lips bulging and dripping with dew!” Jackie chimed in with, “Meg, are you wet now too?” “Oh, my yes,” she hissed quietly, “my slit is making my panties sopping wet!” All three woman then began asking each other the crudest things, an made the most obscene comments about each others crotches. Finally Angela announced, I’m going to cum now, will anyone join me?!?” Both Jackie and Meg nodded vigorously, while Jackie and Angela tightened and untightened their vaginal muscles, Meg held her legs close together and worked the inside of her legs against her clit. Three pussies spasmed simultaneously while the three owners gritted their teeth and tried to disguise the fact that they were all having very hard orgasms right out in public!

There was a public rest room in the building adjacent to the plaza, so Jackie and Angela begged Meg to go with them and show them her pussy. She was running a little late, but agreed to show it to them, but only for a moment! There was a large handicapped stall at the far end of the room, so the three women waited until the coast was clear, an then hustled into the oversized cubicle. Jackie was beside herself with anticipation, and begged Meg to hurry up. Meg reached under her skirt and slid her white lace panties down to her shoes, where she carefully stepped out of them. Then turning to face the two breathless women, she slowly lifted her skirt to reveal a very hairy blonde vee of pubic hair. It was matted from a combination of the tight panties and the cunt juice that had leaked from her vagina. Jackie sucked in her breath and asked Meg if it was all right if she touched it? “Oh, go ahead,” whispered Meg, “but make it snappy, cuz I have to get back to the office!” Jackies middle finger quickly disappeared in the jungle of fur and burrowed around until it found the hard little nub that was the center of Meg’s sexuality. Jackie’s finger soon became the most important thing in Meg’s life, as it was carrying her on a wave towards a deep orgasm! Angela, in the mean time, had sat down on the john, pulled up her dress, and was mindlessly fingering her own wet slit. Meg leaned forward and kissed Jackie on the mouth, forcing open her lips with her tongue and probed the cute woman’s mouth. Angela slipped her free hand up and under Jackie’s dress and used her fingers to bring her friend close to another climax. Not more than ten minutes ago these three woman had climaxed without even touching their vaginas, but now, they were not only touching them, they were fingering them like there was no tomorrow!!!! Just before they blew, Meg pulled her mouth from Jackie’s and whispered hoarsely, “There is nothing like girl-girl sex!!!” Angela was the first to groan, but she was quickly followed by her two masturbatory compatriots in deep hard orgasms! Jackie licked the sweet nectar off her fingers, kissing Meg one more time before she had to leave

On the way back to work, Jackie looked at Angela and said, “Nice lunch, we have to do that again sometime!” Angela laughed and replied, “Yeah, and it’s not too fattening either!!!”

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