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Mike Is Taught

Mike and Marie had been married for 4 years and much to her dismay still had no children. Marie is 31, with the body of a 20 year old but realizes her biological clock is ticking and the control by Mike has, has made it impossible for her to give even ask when they can have children. Mike picked everything in their house out, of course, Mike insisted that they both made the choice but his dominant attitude was what made her agree.

Just like when he had her have her nipples pierced, it was his idea and it hurt like hell for 3 days afterward. Even that did not stop Mike from insisting on having sex every night for a week after the piercing. And, Mike loves to bite Marie’s nipples, which he did even over her screams of real pain.

Marie loves to have sex with her husband and one thing she really has liked to do since she was 18 was to suck a cock, let it cum in her mouth, play with the cum in her mouth and then swallow the entire load. She does this for Mike everyday when she is in her period but he will not kiss her on the mouth, even after she swallowed, until she brushed her teeth and used mouthwash. How she longed to at least once share his cum with him. This she had done many times before she was married with her other boyfriends. One time she had even sucked the cum from another girls pussy and then shared it with both the boy and other girl.

She has learned to like anal sex and Mike’s large 8 inch thick cock completely fills her ass. She had even learned to have an orgasm with his huge cock stuck up her asshole. She loved to feel the hot cum spurting in her ass. She had even liked the enema Mike made her have after he came in her asshole. A few times she had another orgasm when he gave her the enema. One time she came so hard that the enema hose came out of her ass and squirted both of them with the warm soapy water and she expended the enema in the tub. Generally when she has the enema in her, Mike inserts a butt plug and uses duct tape to secure it and makes her walk around the house and sometimes outside while holding the enema.

Mike expects Marie to become his slave at least a few hours every Saturday. He requires her to remain naked Saturday morning and do whatever he wants from about 7 AM to 2PM. She is put into bondage, whipped and spanked, waxed, weights put on her nipple rings and in general whatever Mike wanted. Sometimes he would decide to keep her his slave for the entire weekend and on Saturday nights, regardless of weather, would tie her hands behind her, secure her ankles with shackles, put a collar around her neck and lead her around the yard, on a leash. While the yard was somewhat secluded, the neighbors could see if they wanted. The worst times were when he took her out in the winter during snowstorms. If the temperature was above 20 degrees he may have her outside for up to 20 minutes. When lower than 20 degrees she was out for 10 minutes. Sometimes in the summer, rain or not she has been chained and padlocked to their deck from early evening to just before dawn. During these times, she was made to drink a half gallon of water before being left on the deck. A plastic tarp was secured to the deck and when Mike came for her in the morning there had not better be any pee on the tarp or other punishment was sure to follow. Before he would let her in the house on those mornings she would be allowed to go to a specific place in the yard and squat and pee.

Marie was also required to keep herself completely shaved, with the exception of her head. The hair on her head was to be kept clean and stylish at all times. At no time was Mike to touch her body and even feel the hint of hair. When he did she was punished by being put into tight bondage, whipped, etc and then Mike would dry shave her.

One time Mike came home after a night out with the boys and brought in a 24 year old woman he had picked up in a bar. He wanted to watch Marie and this woman have sex, which Marie did without complaint. But, when she mentioned a threesome with another male and watching Mike and him get it on, she was tied up and put into a closet for the entire night.

All of these things and more are well ingrained in her memory and she knows that she has to do something about it.

Well, Mike was about to get his upending. Marie had a surprise for Mike when he arrived home from work. Mike is the CFO of a computer company, makes very good money and loves to show off his beautiful wife. But, tonight he has been told that a friend of hers from high school is coming by for supper and she has asked Mike to be home on time for a surprise dinner.

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