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Chat Cums To Life

I had been chatting and having cyber sex with this guy online for about 6 months now and he really wanted to meet me. The same went for me. I wanted to meet the person that got me so horny all the time. I finally agreed to meet him on May 24th of 2002 at 2pm. There was a catch, though. We were going to his apartment and he had a roommate. It really wasn’t a problem though. I asked my best friend Shannon if she would go along and keep the roommate company while me and Seth (the guy from online) talked. She had no problem with that and we were off to the address that Seth had given me. We reached his apartment and prepared ourselves outside first before we went in. I knocked on the door and Seth answered wearing an oversized Fubu Platinum T-shirt and a pair of Fubu jeans to match. He had given me his basic description online but seeing him in person was better than I had imagined. He invited us in and I grabbed a seat on the end of the couch. Shannon sat in the chair because she had yet to see the roommate and was not sure if she would like him or not. Seth said ” Excuse the little mess we have going on,” as he tried to get things picked up and organized. ” I got off work late and have been trying to get it clean before you got here.” “It’s ok.” I replied. I watched him as he continued to clean. It appeared as though he had long hair and it was braided back in corn rows. He wore thin wire frame glasses and had big dimples in his cheeks. He had good size lips and a goatee. From what I could see, it looked like he worked out. He finished cleaning finally sat down next to me, only after introducing his roommate to Shannon as he walked in. I could tell right away that Shannon liked what she saw even though she usually only goes for white dudes. His name was Warren and he was about 6’2″. His hair was brush cut and he skin tone was slightly darker than Seth’s. He wore a platinum neck lace with a watch and bracelet to match. Warren and Shannon hit it off immediately and they left to go to a movie. That left me and Seth there in the apartment alone. I was thinking that he would automatically want to have sex and that was fine with me. To my surprise, we talked for a while and then he put in one of our favorite movies, “Friday.” We watched the movie and acted as critics (not that there was much to critique). A little over half way through the movie Seth got some drinks and sat back down, but closer to me. He put one arm up on the back of the couch behind me. His hand gently massaged my left shoulder and neck. He leaned in and put his head on my right shoulder and rested his other hand on my thy. He picked his hand up off my thy and grabbed my hand. He pulled my arm up and around only to place it so that my arm was wrapped around his body while his arm was still wrapped around mine. We ended up falling asleep before the movie even got over. By the time we woke up it was almost 7pm and Shannon and Warren weren’t even back yet. I called her cell to see if things were ok and it turned out that they were at the park with the new puppy that Warren had just bought her. Since things were ok with her I didn’t worry. Seth asked me if spaghetti sounded good for dinner. I wasn’t too hungry but I said it sounded good. He got up and walked into the kitchen, I followed. He had me sit down and watch as he prepared dinner for two. He made spaghetti and meat balls, garlic bread, and strawberry cheesecake for dessert. Well after the spaghetti and meat balls, and the garlic bread we weren’t in the mood for any dessert. He asked me if I wanted to go to the club with him that night. I told him I would, but I would have to go home first to change clothes. He was cool with that so he went into the bedroom to get changed. I got up and walked to the bedroom doorway. I watched him as he pulled off his shirt and threw it in the hamper. His body was very sculpted and his muscles were bulging. I was very aroused just by looking at him. He undid his pants and they dropped to the ground. That’s when I stepped into the bedroom. I had watched for long enough. It was time fore some action. He turned around and I could see that his package was at attention. I walked over to him and gently pushed him down onto the bed, his pants still at his ankles. I pulled them off and then went for the red silk boxers. I pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. I could tell he was excited by my dominant nature. His cock was still growing harder by the second. It was about nine and a half inches long and thick, very thick. I licked it a couple of times just to tease him. He moved his hips closer to my mouth wanting more than just a lick. I granted his wish. I slowly placed his massive cock in my mouth. My lips moved up and down his shaft, but giving his head special attention. Since I was unable to get it all in my mouth, I used my right hand and gripped the lower part of his shaft and moved my hand along with my mouth. I gradually got faster until he groaned and shot a load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed it and licked my lips as I lifted my head. I crawled on top of Seth and straddled him with my legs. I leaned down and began kissing him along his neck, shoulders, ears, chest, stomach, and finally his lips. His kiss was sweet and very passionate. He kissed along my neck and shoulders. I climbed off to the side of him and began to undo my pants. He grabbed my hands and pulled me so I was laying on my back on the bed. He pulled my shirt off and took off my bra. Next he pulled my pants and panties down and tossed them to the floor. Seth leaned down and kissed along my belly button and hips, then he moved up to kiss my lips again. He gently slid his hard cock into me partway. He asked if I was ok, and I was. He slid it in further, and when he saw that I had no discomfort, he slowly started moving it in and out of my pussy. Well fell into a deep passionate kiss. I reached my hands up and placed them on his back. I moved my hands up and down his back, massaging his muscles. I wrapped my freshly shaven legs around his body as he still moved in and out of me. I rolled him over so that now I was on top again. I rode him. I saw how he was watching me. Our eyes connected as I rode him. His hands reached up and grabbed a hold of my hips as I moved them up and down over his package. I felt his hand behind my head as I leaned in and kissed him and continued to ride him. I rode him until we both came. I felt my orgasm coming on. I could tell by the look on his face that he was about to cum too. We rolled over and I was on my back again. My body started to shake a little as I orgasmed and came all over his cock. My cum dripped down onto his sheets. He pulled out his cock and shot a huge load of cum onto my lower stomach. He stuck it back in and moved it in and out a few more times before he came again. This time he came deep inside me. He leaned in and kissed me, then took my hand and led me to the bathroom for a shower. He had me get in the shower while he quickly changed the sheets on the bed. Then he joined me. We had a nice hot shower together and dried each other off. Seth wanted to lay naked with me in the bed. I agreed. We laid down in the bed with our legs intertwined and his arms around my body. We ended up laying like that and staring into each others eyes for almost an hour until my phone rang. He went and got my phone from the living room. The call was from Shannon. I answered it and her and Warren were out side of the building waiting for us. We scrambled to get dressed, locked up the apartment and went down to meet them. We walked out of the apartment building with him behind me. His arms were wrapped around my waist and his head was resting on my left shoulder. Shannon smiled at me as we came into view. We climbed into the back seat of Warren’s car and took off for my house.

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