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Chat Cums to Life Part 2

Part 2

When we finally arrived at my house, we got out of the car and went inside. Warren and Seth sat on the couch and played with the dog while me and Shannon went into my bedroom to change and get ready for the club. Our intentions were to just get dressed, but as I told her of what had happened between me and Seth, I could tell things were gonna heat up. As Shannon took off her shirt, her nipples became hard and I could not resist. I leaned down and began sucking on them one at a time. She took my shirt off and caressed my body with her hands. She gently rubbed my body up and down and massaged my nipples with her fingers. She laid me back on my bed and began rubbing on my pussy, but not entering it. She knew what I wanted so she put her face right in it and began sucking hard on my clit. She shoved two fingers inside me and fucked me hard with them, continuing to suck on my clit. I knew I was about to cum. Shannon then shoved her tongue deep inside my wet hole and moved it around, then in and out several times. I came all over her tongue and she licked it all up. She then gave me the kiss of my sweet juices. My body was limp and I lacked the energy to move. That was only until her skirt dropped to the floor to reveal her wet pussy. I quickly moved and she sat down onto the bed. As I stood up, more of my juice dripped out of my pussy and down my thy. Shannon noticed it and did not hesitate to lick the rest of it up. I could not resist the temptation. I saw her laying there and I wanted her. I climbed onto the bed went down on her sweet pussy. Her juices tasted so good. I licked and sucked on her until she flooded my mouth with her juices. We both hurried to get dressed and then went back out into my living room. They guys were still sitting on the couch where we had left them. The puppy was asleep at their feet. Warren and Seth stared in awe at us as we approached them. I was wearing black flare leg pants that were tight in the thy area. I also had on a black tank top with silver sequins on the front that spelled out Devil. I also had on my black 4inch heel boots. I accessorized with a silver necklace, silver hoop ear rings and a silver bracelet. Shannon was wearing a pair of flare leg dark blue jeans that had silver studs going up the side of each leg. She also had on tank like mine, but it was blue and spelled out Angel in sequins. She wore my silver 4inch heel boots and accessorized accordingly. We lead our “still in awe” guys out of the house and to the car. Seth could not take his eyes off of me. We went to the club and ended up having a great time dancing and playing pool. We slow danced to a few songs. He danced very close to me and that really got me in the mood. I could feel Seth poking through his jeans, so I knew it was time. We got the keys to Warren’s car and went outside. We could not even make it to the car before we started taking each others clothes off. He fiddled with the keys trying to get the backdoor unlocked while we kissed. He finally got it and we climbed in the back seat. He turned some music on and we got naked. Seth laid me on my back on the seat. He straddled himself above me and put his hard cock inside me. He went all the way inside deep inside my pussy. I moaned loudly in passion. This made him even harder I think. We could hear people talking outside and even saw some people, but the windows were tinted so we were just hoping they could not see us. We kept going at it. Seth got faster and started fucking me harder as well. My moans gradually got louder and more frequent. He tried to silence them by kissing me but it only worked some of the time. Just when I was about to cum, he pulled his dick out and put his hands under my ass. He raised my pussy up to his face and began sucking on my clit. He slide his tongue in and out of my pussy several times before lowering me and re-inserting his cock into me. He then started fucking me again. My large breasts bounced up and down with every thrust of his body against mine. I held onto his waist as to pull him closer, although I don’t think he could have gotten any closer. He reached his hand down and played with my clit while he fucked me. After a few more minutes we changed positions. He sat the regular way in the middle of the seat and I climbed on top of him. I lowered myself onto him and I felt his cock slide deep inside me. Seth wrapped his arms around my body as I rode him. I put one hand behind his head and we engaged in a passionate kiss. It was a kiss so passionate, that I almost forgot where we were and what we were doing!!! He grabbed a hold of my bouncing breasts and played with them. He sucked on each nipple, then made tiny circles with his tongue, occasionally reaching his fingers down to my cunt and rubbing my clit. He grabbed both hands onto my ass cheeks and slipped a finger into my pussy as he fucked me. He took it out and licked it clean. He gently spanked me a couple of times and set me off. I went wild. Just as I orgasmed, I arched my back. He was sucking on my breasts and holding onto my waist. I let out a couple loud moans and my body started jolting. Seth moved me and laid me on my back, he continued fucking me at a fast pace until this time we both came. My juices spilled over his cock as he shot his load into me. Staying inside me for a couple more minutes he unloaded all of his cum. He pulled out and I licked his cock clean. He then licked my pussy clean and we got dressed. We got out of the car to go back inside the club, but there was a large group of people standing around the car applauding for us. Many of them were cheering “encore!!!” My face got red. But Seth had no problem with it. He wrapped his arms around my waist as we walked back in the club. Even some of the people inside the club cheered for us and there were many that said “way to go” or “encore.” Shannon and Warren stared at us looking for an explanation as to why people were saying things. We had nothing to say. Then out of nowhere, they both say “Nice performance you guys.” “I hope you didn’t get anything on my backseat.” Warren said. Seth punched him in the arm before leading me out to the dance floor for a few more dances before heading home. We danced the night away, but finally, at about 12:45 am, we knew the club was gonna be closing so we left before hand hoping to miss the rush of cars. Warren drove to my house to drop me off. Seth walked me up on the porch to the door. He told me what a great time he had and how he wanted to be with me. Warren was getting impatient so he said he was going to take Shannon home then be back. It would be about 10 minutes. Seth agreed and Warren drove off. Me and Seth held each other for a couple minutes. I could feel him growing hard again. I made sure nobody was around before I dropped my pants. He asked “What are you doing?” I simply told him I was helping him out. I undid his pants and he slid deep inside my pussy once more. We were standing with my back up against the house. He was thrusting his cock deeper inside me with every pump motion. He kissed along my neck as I held on tight. He began sucking on one spot imparticular only to then begin nibbling in that very same spot. He said he was leaving a hickey to mark his territory. I didn’t care. We continued to fuck standing there on the porch until I saw headlights coming down the street. We both dropped to the porch so they would not see us. Seth’s phone began to ring. It was Warren. He didn’t even answer it until the third ring. He told Warren he was in the middle of something and he would be to the car in a couple minutes and hung up. We continued to fuck. He groaned as he shot his load of cum inside me. He still kept going at it until I came. My juices dripped out of me. They flowed onto his cock and onto the porch. Seth stroked his cock over me and squirted out the last few drops onto my pussy. He pulled up my panties and underwear and told me to “Save that for a rainy day.” He was referring to the cum that he left for me on my pussy. I licked his cock clean and he pulled his boxers and pants up. We stood up kissed each other good night and watched each other as he w

alked to the car. I watched them drive down the street until I could no longer see the car. I made sure to glance over to the section of the porch that we fucked on. There was a large wet spot. I just smiled to myself as I walked into my house. Later, I called Shannon to see how things went with her and Warren. They had hooked up too. Tonight was a good night for everybody.


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