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My Cousin

It all started on my fifteenth birthday. My family was going out to dinner with most of my other relatives for my b-day. I had had the hots for my cousin Sean for about a year at that point. I was 15, he was 30, and he was going to be my birthday present to myself. I had caught him looking up my skirt with a hard on before at other family functions. Don’t get me wrong he was hot too, about 6’0″ blond, blue and built. I am 5’3″ auburn hair to my mid back 34b green eyes about 115 pounds. As I got ready to go I thought back to the last time I had seen him. My parents had just purchased me a horse and Sean’s wife grew up with horses so they came with everyone else on the fourth of July after dinner to see my new present. As I was riding my horse I caught Sean watching me as my little clitty rubbed on the saddle from the trot of my horse. I imagined I was riding Sean. God I was soooo hot for him. I knew by the way he was looking at me it was just a matter of time before I seduced him. With this thought in mind, I put on a yellow cotton thong and panties and pulled a sundress that went to mid thigh. As I put my sandals on I could feel the cotton against my shaved pussy and wondered if Sean would like that or if he would think that made me look too young when he saw it.

Once we get to my grandmother’s things proceeded as they normally do; everyone sitting around talking before we leave. Sean and his wife arrive and I am wet with anticipation. He is wearing brown pants and a black sweater with brown leather shoes and can tell by the bulge in his pants he likes what I’m wearing. A few minutes later I find him in the den and sit across the room from him acting like I don’t notice him. He is reading the newspaper so I cross and uncross my legs a few times giving him easy access to see up my dress. He does very well to conceal his peeks. It only makes me hotter to think I’m seducing my 30-year-old cousin who is a doctor. Seeing his erection in his pants and knowing the power I am having over him. I catch him looking at me and wink. I get just the reaction I want when a devilish smile comes across his face. I stand and do my sexiest walk towards my grandfather’s room. I know this is the safest place to execute my plan since it is the farthest away from the others.

When I reach the room Sean enters through an adjoining bathroom. As I turn around I can’t take the wait any longer and approach him. He tells me he can’t take this teasing any longer and kisses me and as his tongue slides in my mouth his right had finds my ass and pulls me closer. His left hand is on my breast and I feel his bulge against my tummy. As I push him back on the bed he tells me that when he fucks his wife she tells him to imagine fucking me since she has caught me flirting with him and knows how hot it makes him. God I can’t believe my cousin’s wife fantasizes about me fucking him. I slide my hands down, unbuckle his belt, and undo his pants while his pulls my thong off. I know this will have to be quick since everyone is just about ready to go. As I lower myself on him I think about all the stories I’ve heard over the years; that Sean had fucked my mom, his aunt, since he was 15 but now his is mine. As I rock on his cock his hands are all over me feeling me up pulling the straps off my shoulders and my bra down to expose my tits. My nipples are rock hard as he bites and sucks them.

Now I want him in my mouth. I slide down his body and take his cock in my hand with my juices on him. As I lower my mouth over his cock he lets out a moan and thrusts towards my mouth. As I go up and down faster and faster I swivel my hips around and we are in a 69. I know we have to hurry so I spin around once again. That’s when I notice not only Sean’s wife but also my own mother watching us. They do not make one sound as I turn and guide his cock inside me. I look back at Sean who has no idea and focus on him.

I ride him just as I ride my horse – I put my hands on his chest and lean back to get maximum penetration. I start to lose control nearing my climax. Sean is moaning and bucking wildly. I ask if he likes fucking his little cousin. His response is just what we all expected. “This is everything I’ve always imagined after fucking your mother and dreaming about fucking you while fucking my wife.” Then I feel it. What I’ve wanted for over a year. He explodes inside me. We embrace and he slides out. We quickly clean ourselves up and as we reenter the den my mom and his wife act as if nothing has taken place.

At dinner Sean sits next to me, which gives us opportunity to fondle each other from time to time. As the dinner ends we both excuse ourselves and I give him a goodnight kiss. That’s when I tell him about his wife and my mother watching us. He is in terror. I tell him not to worry that my mother; his wife and I have come to an agreement. Sean and I can fuck whenever we want as long as he continues to satisfy my mom and his wife. That was two years ago now and I can’t count the number of times my mother and I have been to Sean’s house. Two years of us fucking his brains out. Each one of us a turn on for a different reason and we all enjoy watching each other. And more than once two women end up together while waiting their own turns.

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