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Pulled to the ground

It was the day before Christmas. Shea (my cousin) and I went to go “primp” before dinner. While we were in the bedroom, she was curling her hair, she kept looking at my boobs. I thought maybe she’s readig my t-shirt several times. The door was locked because I had to change (we were going out to eat). I walked over to the closet. Shea put the curling iron down. She walked over there to. “Is it ok if I…”, she interupted me by pushing me into the wall. See, she has this thing she does. She acts like she’s crazy sometimes.I know when she’s acting and it only lasts for a minute. I was up against the wall and she started humping me. I screamed what the hell do you think you’re doing. She used handcuffs to lock me upto something. I don’t know what it was. All I know was it wasn’t lettin me move. She went to go get duck tape and saidthat if I go along there won’t be a problem. I heard my mom throug the door “hurry up”. Shea said “Aunt Barb we’re gonna stay here.”And that was that I’m locked up in a room with a bisexual. She waited until they left before she began. She told me to kiss her like she had nevr been kissed before. I refused. She said dance with me and I said “ok?”. I felt hy geans loosen and drop to the ground. She turned the lights off.She toldme to stand where I was so I stood.meawhile Iwas searching for my pants. She said, “Why don’t we go to sleep that’s why I said we’re gonna stay home.” “oh, ok I replied.” I laidunder the covers in my t-shirt bra and panties. Even though it was a queen bed she kept scooting nearer to me. Finally, I realized she had no clothes on. I asked her are you naked. “She replied yah aren’t you. If you’re not you’re the only onein the world who isn’t.” She got up she said she hadto go to the bathroom. She jumped on me instead. Shea got under the covers and started takng myclothes off. She started kissing me. I thought this ain’t so bad so I did the same to her I kissed her very large boobs as she did to mine. She said, “Baby, I need you to go downtown.” I said “but I am going downtown..” “FURTHER,” she screamed so I did.
To Be Continued….

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