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the car accident

My parents were out of town and I had gone out with my friends. Well I wrecked the car that night. Now I wasn’t suppose to take thecar in the first place. I was gonna be in big trouble. I also have a brother who loves to make sure Iget in really big trouble. I knew that when he told I wouldn’t get to go see my favorite band in concert. I asked my brother if there was anything I could do to keep him from telling. He said yes but I wasn’t gonna like it. I said i don”t care I will do anything. He said ok then suck my dick.

All I could think was no way this is my brother. but I knew if I didn’t he would tell. SO I got dwnon my knees and he pulled it out. My god his dick was at least nine inches and the thickest one I had ever seen. I began licking itand sucking it wit all my might. God it was great. He loved it when I would stop and suckhis balls. I wanted to taste his cum. And Iknew just how to do it. He was really into and I could tell he was close so I put one finger in his ass. That sent hm over the edge ad he came right then. I swallowed it all anddidn’t miss a drop.

He looked down at me and said dam sis you can suck dick. He then made me lay dwn and started to play with my tits. sucking them hard and biting them. Man itfelt great. I wanted him in me so I started to grind him. He looked at me and said I have wanted t fuck you for a long time. And now I am going to fuck you for all it’s worth. Just then he lined himself up and rammed it in as hard as he could. It hurt so bad I screamed. Then I grabbed his ass to urge him on. It did not take long for me to come. As I was cumming he said oh yes cum for me sis. I want to feel you pulsate on my dick. god that feels good. OH god sis I’m gonna cum. He pounded a few times more really hard. As he came he said Oh fuck sisI’m cumming in your tigh pussy.

After that he told me that he would never tell as long as he could fuck me when hewanted. And of course I let him.

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