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Janet and I were married 20 years when she asked for a divorce. She’d been diagnosed with chronic depression for the past decade. Medication, psychotherapy, and even spiritual counseling didn’t help.

Our daughter, Lisa, had just graduated from high school and planned to enter college in the fall. I believe Janet saw this as an opportune time to make her move. I was actually okay with it. Our marriage had ended a long time ago anyway.

But there were some logistics to be worked out. Janet planned on moving to an apartment and made it clear that she wouldn’t be taking anyone with her. I certainly couldn’t afford to stay in our three-bedroom house on my salary alone so I’d have to find less expensive accommodations as well. Then, of course, there was Lisa, not heading off to college for a few more months with no place to live in the meantime.

I found a quaint one-bedroom apartment in a quiet neighborhood and signed a one year lease. I invited Lisa to stay with me until she left for school. She happily accepted and said she’d sleep on the sofa. Lisa was a late riser and wouldn’t be awake most days until after I’d left for work. With coordinated scheduling and a few simple ground rules, this could work. It was just a temporary arrangement anyway.

The first few days went off without a hitch. But on the third night, I could hear Lisa pacing the floor. I got up to see what was going on. Lisa said that she really didn’t want to sound ungrateful by complaining, but that sofa was undoubtedly the most uncomfortable piece of furniture she’d ever slept on and was causing her back pain and a stiff neck. I felt so bad. I considered trading places with her, but the sofa would be much too small for me.

I offered to share my bed with her and said we could create a makeshift barrier to divide the mattress in two. Out of sheer desperation, Lisa agreed, as unorthodox as the whole thing sounded. So we built our divider using some old throw pillows and an extra bedspread. It wasn’t fancy but it would do for the time being.

Lisa still had the back pain and stiff neck though. She asked if I had anything that would help.

I searched my medicine cabinet and came up with an old jar of deep heating muscle rub ointment.

She read the instructions label and asked if I had the long-handled back applicator.

Well, I didn’t have a clue where that back applicator might be or if it even existed anymore. I offered to apply the ointment for her and asked if she’d be okay with that.

She giggled and said,  “Oh Dad, of course, I’m okay with that! You’re my father. I trust you!”

Honestly, though, as much as Lisa trusted me I wasn’t sure if I could trust myself. This was getting a little uncomfortable. Lisa wasn’t a kid anymore. She was 18 and had blossomed into an attractive woman. My thoughts of her sometimes wandered to forbidden places and it was becoming increasingly difficult to ward off those strong sexual desires.

But we had to get through this so I cleared my head and asked Lisa to lay belly down on the bed. She did, and without any prompting lifted her long t-shirt up and over her head, fully exposing her back, underpants, and legs. She didn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable with her partial nudity but it was definitely distracting me.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled on my knees toward Lisa. But her legs were together and blocking my way. I said, “Lisa, you need to spread your legs apart so I can get closer. I can’t reach your back and neck from here.”

She said, “Okay,” and slid her legs apart. I moved forward until I was pressed firmly against Lisa’s beautiful, soft butt. I prayed she wouldn’t feel my erection, yet, the thought of her feeling it definitely excited me.

With ointment on my palms, I leaned forward and began massaging Lisa’s back. Long steady strokes, up and down, and to the sides of her neck. She moaned with delight as she embraced the sensation. When I’d stop to grab more ointment she’d say, “Oh Dad, please don’t stop. This feels so good.”

With Lisa now relaxed and me so aroused, it was time to test the waters. I sensually massaged over the tops of Lisa’s shoulders and down her chest, then under her armpits to the sides of her breasts, and then all the way down to her underpants. I gently slid a finger underneath her panty waistband and pulled it down just enough to expose the top of her butt crack. She never flinched, her breathing got heavy, and she whispered, “This feels so nice, Dad. Please don’t stop. You have such a soft, magical touch.”

With that, I immediately washed the ointment off my hands and retrieved a bottle of sensual massage oil from the bathroom. I’d been using that stuff to jerk off with lately since it’s a great lubricant too. So I applied the oil to my hands and continued Lisa’s massage. I returned to her waistline and lowered her underpants a little more. And again Lisa moaned and whispered, “Dad, it’s okay. I’m fine with this, really. You’re making me feel so good and I don’t want you to stop. Do whatever you want with me. I’m yours, I’m completely yours now.”

Hopelessly lost in my incestuous lust, I gently pulled Lisa’s underpants all the way down to her knees. She instinctively raised her lower body to make it easy for me. I massaged her butt and down between her legs. Her moans of pleasure were intensifying and her breathing became much heavier. I slowly penetrated her wet vagina with two fingers and found her g spot. She began thrusting against my hand movements and was now rubbing her clitoris too. Her juices were really flowing. I thought she might ejaculate.

Then she rolled over onto her back. Her breasts were fully exposed. The nipples were so pink and erect. Her breasts were so firm and young. Lisa told me to caress them, that she’d really enjoy that, so I did and then placed her nipples into my mouth, gently rolling my tongue over them, one, then the other. And she was still working her clit. I knew she was on the edge. She pulled her legs out of her underpants and kicked them to the floor. She locked her legs tightly around me and pulled me close, whispering in my ear, “Dad, I want you inside me. I want to cum while you’re shooting your hot load deep into my pussy. I’ll never tell a soul, I swear. This will be our secret for life.”

There was no turning back now. I removed my boxer briefs and when I did Lisa grabbed my cock and guided it right into her wet pussy. It slid right in. She looked at me and said, “I want it hard, Dad, and I want you to tell me right before you cum and I want you to push it in as far as you can so I can feel the warmth deep inside me when your hot stream spurts out.” Lisa had taken total control of me. I was powerless. Nothing mattered more to me at that moment than pleasing Lisa in every way she desired. It felt like I was under her spell.

As I felt my orgasm building I said, “Honey, I am getting close. I can’t hold it much longer. I’m pushing deep inside you now. Tell me when you feel it shooting out. Oh, oh, I’m cumming, oh Lisa, it’s so good.”

Then Lisa came, “Oh my God, Dad, I’m cumming. It’s… Oh, Dad, I can feel your hot load shooting inside me. It’s so good. I want this forever. I love you so much, Dad.”

Some moments later, after regaining our composure, Lisa decided to lick me clean. I said she did not have to do that but she insisted. She told me how she likes the salty taste of a man’s cum. She took my semi-limp dick into her mouth and licked every inch of it. Within minutes I had another hard-on. She started edging me, reading my facial expressions and breathing patterns, knowing exactly when to back off. After an hour of this torture, I was ready to pop. That’s when she mounted me and proceeded to fuck me from topside. She would lean forward and forcibly hold my hands down above my head. She seemed to be getting off on restraining me. I didn’t resist and just went with it.

But after a few minutes Lisa stopped, she looked into my eyes and said, “Dad, I need you to keep an open mind for what I’m about to tell you.”

I said, “Of course, what is it, honey?”

Lisa continued, “I know you’ll probably think this is very kinky but it’s a fantasy that I’ve had for a while. You and mom never knew this, but sometimes I’d hide in your bedroom and watch you guys having sex. Sometimes mom tied you up and sat on your face, forcing you to perform oral sex on her while she masturbated with a vibrator. My panties would get so wet as I watched, pretending it was my pussy you were licking. I’d quietly rub my clit, climaxing at the same time mom did. It was intoxicating and ever since, I’ve fantasized about recreating that scene with you, but with me as your partner. With mom out of the picture now can we make my fantasy come true?”

“Honey, I have a confession to make. I often knew when you were hiding in our bedroom and watching us. I saw you a few times. Mom didn’t have a clue though and I never told her. But believe me, it was just as exciting for me knowing you were watching us as it was for you. Nothing is off limits as far as I’m concerned so let’s act out this fantasy of yours. What do you want me to do?”

“Okay Dad, now listen, first of all, I need you to relax and place all your trust in me. I’m going to tie your hands to the top bedposts and your feet to the bottom bedposts with your legs spread apart. You must relinquish full control and as an obedient sex slave do everything I say, no matter what, and without question, just as you did as mom’s sex slave.”

Lisa found a spool of twine and tied me to the bedposts. Her total domination and my infirmity held me captive to her sensuous exploitations. She climbed onto the bed, spread her legs, pulled opened her vagina, and pushed it into my face, fiercely rubbing it over my nose and lips. She ordered me to open my mouth and insert my tongue deep into her vagina. She then held my head firm as she slid her cunt downward until my mouth was on her clitoris. She told me to vigorously stimulate her clit with my tongue. And so I diligently carried out her every command and she was totally getting off on it, just like her mom did.

Then, Lisa pulled out a dildo from her purse and said that she wanted to fuck me in the ass with it. She lubricated it and slowly inserted it into my butt. At first, it felt tight and uncomfortable, but she went gently with it. She said that she wanted me to experience the same sensation that she has when my dick penetrates her. She gradually increased the speed and intensity and it was actually starting to feel pretty good. I think it may have been massaging my prostate.

Eventually, Lisa removed the dildo from my ass and shoved it deep inside her vagina and started fucking herself with it. She said that I had to watch her cum because it was part of her fantasy. She laid beside me on the bed, kissing my neck and biting my earlobe while wildly ramming the dildo into her g spot.

Just before Lisa climaxed she got up, squatted over my head and said, “I’m going to cum on your face, Dad. Stick out your tongue and lick my pussy while I’m cumming. Do it now Dad, do it right now… I’m cumming, God, it’s so good… Oh my God, I love you, Dad. Oh fuck, Dad, lick my pussy clean just like you licked moms. Love me as you loved her and I’ll be yours forever. I don’t ever want this to end. I love you so much, Dad. I’ll be here for you always.”

When Lisa was through, she untied me from the bedposts. She knew that I was still charged so she got the lubricant and jerked me off. When I ejaculated she placed her face in front of my penis. My cum shot out forcefully all over her and into her mouth. She seemed to crave it, savoring every last spurt. Later we both showered, dismantled that ridiculous mattress divider, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The relationship between Lisa and I flourished after that first night together. She did eventually depart for college and I felt a great sense of loss when she left. In a very special but complex way, I’m in love with Lisa the woman and Lisa the daughter. I don’t know how that’s possible or how any of it’s supposed to work. All I know for certain is that this love is real, whether society chooses to accept it or not. Lisa has expressed those same sentiments.

She’ll be coming home over Christmas break. I can’t wait to be with her again. I’ve missed her so much. This will be a happy holiday season.

The End

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