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Soccer Mom Hypnotized

On a Clear Cool Blue Sky Sunny Morning, a mom was dropping her teenage daughter off to soccer practice, it was at a soccer field that was right by the high school, the mom was sitting in the driver-seat of the light blue mini-van, the driver side window was down, I could see her better, She was such a beauty, shoulder length long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, button nose, and a beautiful smile, I just knew that she was the one, She was the one that I would hypnotized, and I would come into her womanhood, I was going to make her mine.

I was right across the street from the soccer field, I looked around to see if anyone was watching, I started Casually walking toward the driver-side window, while she was watching her teenage daughter walk over to the soccer field, I cleared my throat to get her attention, until she looked over at me, I asked her if she knew what time it was, she told me that she would check.

She lifted up her right wrist that had her wrist watch around her wrist, Just when she was about to tell me what time it was, I quickly took out my hypnotizer stick that I had just invented myself, I turned it on, a light started flashing, and a small disc started turning around, around, around, around, and around, it was flashing and spinning in front of the stunned mom’s face and eyes.

“Look at the light as it spins around, around, around, around, as you’re looking at it, your entire body is slowly relaxing”, I said.

The shoulder length long blonde hair, sky blue eyed mom sat in the driver-seat of the minivan as the light and the disc started flashing and spinning in front of her face and eyes.

“continue looking at the light, as it continues to spin, do not resist it, do not look away, let it take over your mind and body”, I said.

The Mom continued watching the light and the spinning disc, I was smiling at her.

“You’re about to be in a hypnotic trance in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one”, I said.

Suddenly The Mom sat in the driver-seat of the minivan, with a blank look on her face, I was thrilled, I had her in a hypnotic trance, I was going to control her, and make her my slave.

“You are now in a hypnotic trance, you’ll hear only my voice and obey me, when I give you a command you will obey without question, you will say, Yes Master I understand, I must obey you, do you understand?”, I asked.

Yes Master I Understand, I Must Obey You“, The Mom answered in a flat Monotone voice.

“Good, Now Slave I want you to hand me the minivan keys and move over to the passenger seat, do you understand?”, I asked.

Yes Master I Understand, I must obey you“, The Mom Answered in a flat monotone voice.

She took the minivan key out of the ignition of the minivan, and moved over to the passenger seat, I opened the driver-side door, sat in the driver-seat, closed the driver-side door, put the minivan key in the ignition, turned it, and started driving away, I was driving it to my house that was a couple of blocks down from the high school, while I was driving I found out that the mom’s name was Sylvia Baker, She was 39-years-old, She was a devoted wife to her husband of 38 years, and a loving mother of a 18-year-old Teenage Girl and a 3-year-old Toddler Son, about an hour later we arrived at my house, I pulled the minivan up on the driveway in front of the garage, I pushed the garage door button, the garage door opened, I drove the minivan inside the garage and closed the garage door behind.

I turned the hypnotizer stick back on and put it up to Sylvia Baker’s face and eyes, she was looking at it with a blank look on her face.

“Now Slave you are mine, both your mind and your body, do you understand?”, I asked.

Yes Master I Understand“, Sylvia answered in a flat monotone voice.

I smiled at her, we went inside my house, and went into the bedroom,

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