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An encounter with an Oriental female

It was a few yeas ago really. I have been bursting to tell this to someone out there who could benefit from my experience. Yes I am confused to say the list. What are we all afraid of ? We live in a society that has become so litigatious that we insult our intelligence & those who read our stories that we are fantasies seekers and do not possess the intelligence to transform those fantasies into realities.
I was helping out a friend and we had at that time a major financial crisis- we were broke. She found a job that paid the wages of a slave and I resorted to hawking food. She took care of the rent & I , the food, obviously.
Around the apartment where we lived, lived a Chinese girl, and her poodle. Since we were new, she assumed that my friend & I were a couple. My friend was my ex-girlfriend and caused a major catastrophe by screwing with my income -earning potential and then she ran off to another country and had an affair , and after he threw back on the plane despite her hope that he would get her visa extended. So, fresh from that stupid ordeal, she was still hurting and obviously was going to be bitchy to those who are close around her. I could have walked away but I chose to stay and take the heat cos there is no such thing as judging the other person until we have walked 5 miles in their shoes. Naturally, she behaved as if she owned me after purchasing me from a slave market. Secretly she desired that I too, in my attempts to bring some sembalance of sanity to her, should go on a fast of no-sex cos it might make her look bad in the eyes of the folks around there.
The Oriental girl was of about 20 yrs, about 5 ft 2in. with her cute slitty eyes, light pink lips . She had well formed eye brows for an Oriental. She was undergoing a course after obtaining her civil engineering diploma to arm her with practical experience for which she would be graded to be employed by the quasi-government corporation where she was taking the course.
She rode a motorcycle and she cut quite a figure. Every evening I would find myself loitering around the motorcycle parking zone in the area of the apartment in the hope of stealing a non chalant glance of two of her. Every time those encounters would be in the form of an exchange of a smile or nod and would last for the duration of 5 seconds at the most. But as she rode in, my eyes would be taking her in a breathless state. ONly after she had moved out of my sight , would I then be able to breathe.
One evening, I found her squatted cleaning her motorcycle and I approached her and engaged in some small talk. I could sense her discomfort and I did not want to be indiscreet, and I moved on. By that time, I had informed her that I was not livin with my friend as a couple. I felt that it was vital that she know the truth. I was almost twice her age. Then a few days later I spoke to her but asking her help in cooking a new dish. She obliged and came to my apartment and while we discussed the ingredients that should go into preparing this dish, my friend walks in and almsot immediately monopolises the conversation. Soon thereafter I walk this chinese girl to her apartment. Let’s call her Mandy. She invites me in and after a while I leave. At about 4am, I walk to her apartment and we ride on her motorcycle to the wet market to seek the ingredients to make the dish. On having seen the ingredients, we were on the way back to the apartment, when we were caught in a terrible storm. We reached the Mandy’s apartment. After drying myself, I gratefully accept a steaming coffee from her. She wore her kimono-like nighty and looked so attractive. Her jet black hair still wet from the storm was cascading down her shoulders. For a moment everything seemed to be still, as our looks transformed into a penetrating gaze as we looked deep in each other’s eyes.
Suddenly her tiny delicate palms held my head in tenderness and I felt her hands drawing my face closer to hers. Our lips met as our eyes shut in ecstacy. We had had our shower then, and were both squeeky clean. The kissing turned into a tight embrace and I found myself licking and kissing her neck and shoulders, arousing her to emit sighs of pleasure but being careful not to leave love bite marks. This with her nighty still on, I brought my lips brushing down her hands and fingers and then leaped onto her thighs and cotinued to arouse her until her her feet were in my mouth. They fit in perfectly. They were slender and slim and I could put them both in my mouth at once, although with a bit of difficulty.
I concentrated on sucking her toes one by one, taking care not to overdo it cos she might feel ticklishly uncomfortable. Her eyes grew round as plates as she witnessed her feet being the object of my sensuality. Her head kept falling backwards as she felt wave after wave of pleasure in her feet. I taced my tongue back to her groin and peeled off her underwear but she didnt want to agree with that, but I lovingly persuaded her to help me shed her panties by first, easing the side of the panties and poking my tongue into her pussy from the side. I had to contend with lots of pubic hair in doing so, but it was all worth the effort because when I peeled her panties on the second try, she in fact seemed to be in a hurry to let me have her. Right there on the rug in her living room, with her poodle watching, I parted her legs and licked and sucked her pussy. Taking a break every now and then and sucking and kissing her legs which I held with my hands.
When I entered her vagina with my tongue and fingers, I couldnt help noticing she had fine hair leading right up to her anus and a faint of hairy ring surrounded her anus. I parted her anus and probed her anal orifice with my tongue and lips. She shuddered with growing lust as each time I poked her ass with my tongue, her mouth fell open with an expression as if she was all boiling with the juices of passion tossing about in her.
I had no oondom and I had to respect her, so we did not engage in intercourse but I brought her to orgasm a few times. By the time we were spent it was about 7.30am. Then I heard a knock on the door, and it was my female apartment friend who was all dressed up and she came to enquire from Mandy whether I was with her. Of course, Mandy lied, and of course, my friend spotted the soaked shoes left to dry at the entrance of the door. I got a firing from my friend later, but that was another story. I could have taken any number of firings , provided Mandy and I could have our pleasure experiences uninterrupted.

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