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Feet surprise…

I was walking through the mini mart in the residential area, just browsing to look at what was new on the shelves, a mother and daughter were walking and the narrow space between the aisles caused a momentary bottleneck as I gave way for them. Surprisingly the mother gave me a very unpleasant look as she grimaced trying to avoid bodily contact in a most obvious way.
The look on my face triggered off giggles in the younger one. Mother did not seem to notice.
I don’t know why I took the risk but I tried discreetly as possible to venture close to them. My luck was in, and mother left daughter momentarily to seek help from the cashier about the product she was holding in her hand.
I approach the young girl and slip her my card with my phone number (mobile) and tell (more like whisper) her ” Call my mobile number. I want to see you. If you don’t want to see me, throw my card away now”
This never fails to work. She stood there doing some quick thinking. Then she looked up and stared at me with a most shocked look on her face, but I grinned and shrug my shoulders. And I walk away.
Just in time when the mother arrives and whisks her off and together they leave and enter into their car driven by mommy dearest. I step towards the entrance and stare nonchalantly, that’s when our eyes meet, and I detect a faint smile and a nod.
My heart was understandably pounding. The cashier at the mart was sort of giving me a deep thoughtful look and as I approached him for payment, he asked me casually if the couple was known to me. I said yeah, the girl studied in the same class as my daughter. It was a big fat lie and somehow it didn’t put me off.
A half hour later the phone rings and I detect it as an unfamiliar number, and it was this girl calling from a public phone booth. She told me to quickly go to the block of apartments near the mart. I walked up to the apartment that she had mentioned. Soon I see her appearing on a bicycle. She was breathless and was to the point” You are very naughty. You really could get me in trouble with my Mom. She suspected you were up to something. She is very suspicious type.”
Typical English spoken in my country.
I replied” I am sorry, I didn’t want to get you in a mess with your Mom. Well to answer your question, which you are probably thinking now. That is why you are doing with a guy of an age that is equal to your Mom’s or Dad’s, the answer is that I found you to be an extremely sweet looking girl and wanted to chat up with you. If you are mature enough, then we could do things which can give good feelings to both of us, but if you are not interested in learning what adults do, and want to go back playing with your dolls, or play station, I would understand.”
It was obviously too much and she asked with her eyes going round as saucers, “What?”
“OK, what is your name?”
” May”
” Just May?”
” That’s what my friends call me”
“May, I want to go a place where you & I can sit and chat for a while…
” Well we can go to my friend’s apartment, her parents are at work. She is my best friend”
“Well lead the way May”
Soon we were in her friend’s apartment with my hear pumping heavily because the neighbors appeared like a nosy kind and returned my smile with a scowl. I didn’t want May and her friend to get in trouble. May’s friend was kind enough to serve us refreshments and though her friend did not excuse herself, I was running short of time and decided to get to the point.
“May, when I saw you in the mart, I saw your face and I told myself what a pretty looking Chinese girl this is. Then I saw your body and admired your slim build and when I saw your feet, I was so excited because they were so small and pretty”
May and her friend started to giggle and her friend spoke something in Chinese to her which I asked her in affirmation whether it was deemed to mean that I was a dirty old man. Her friend was caught by surprise.
May asked what I wanted. I told her that if she could only wash her feet and return to the living room, I would like to kiss them. She wanted to be safe and repeatedly asked to the effect that it was to be nothing more than that.
May got up, left to the bathroom, and afterwards returned with a towel and she sat and wiped her feet, which she had tucked underneath her as she sat on the sofa.
I asked if I could approach her now and she nodded, a little too quietly I guess.
I knelt at the sofa and kissed her foot and it was gaining her body heat once more. My kisses were soft and I was taking care not to tickle her, and I planted them all over her feet. My lips rested and brushed her toes, which obviously were quivering. I could see goose pimples sprouting on her legs. And I returned to swallow her toes one by one into my mouth and it was easy to take her foot in my mouth quite a sizeable proportion because of the size of the dainty feet.
Her friend was sitting and watching in awe and no words were passed between anyone. Then May’s lips produced a shatteringly long sigh, which was an unmistakable, a sign that this feet treatment was giving her pleasure. She was going to turn 14 yrs at the end of May. Yeah, it sort of puts me in an unmentionable category. I grew bolder and began to caress her ankles, which she responded by pushing away my hand. I respected that. So, I intensified my licking and sucking of her feet, brought my mouth to her ankles, and massaged her feet at the same time. This seemed to do the trick and I continued to kiss her goose bum riddled flesh all the way up to her thighs and lifted the hem of her skirt with my teeth and applied my tongue to stay focused on her flesh.
May then lifted her hem as she slid down the sofa opening her thighs wider and I spotted her thin cotton white panties, which were obviously having an unmistakable patch of dampness in the center. Her fingers lifted the side of the panties and I immediately brought my lips to kiss the cunt lips and fork my darting tongue into her slit. Her hymen was intact and she had begun to sprout traces of fine pubic hair, which were straight and soft. Her young pussy was pungent with thick uncultivated pussy juices and I licked up and down her pussy, she moaned and moaned… my bulge was really growing unbearably in my jeans. I called her friend to come over and she complied but I could see that she was cool and she was amazed at what was occurring in her living room. I beckoned her to sit on the sofa and she sat. Whilst I licked and licked May, my fingers started to caress her friend’s arms and after a while she guided my fingers to her crotch and eased the panties out of the way, and guided my fingers to play fingering with her pussy.
Then I saw the most amazing thing …May and her friend turned to each other and kissed each other on the mouth. I wasted no time and removed their panties at once. May was the lighter of the two and I eased her on to her friend with her back on her friend’s abdomen. I had a situation of four limbs in my two hands and I brought my mouth to lick the cunts which were gyrating and would you believe it that they came together? It was a sight to see two young Chinese girls writhing, moaning, and whimpering Chinese words to each other as I gave them lick after lick.
WE then brought the session to a close and decided that the next session would be in the city as there were too many suburban busy bodies that could contribute to our little rendezvous being brought to the attention of the authorities.

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