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My husband and I had been married now for five years. We had done and shared every possible sexual act that a couple can. We had anal sex, fisting, bondage, golden showers, orgies, and public sex, everything that you can imagine. There was only one bodily fluid that I had not been able to provide to my husband. And that fluid was breast milk. No matter what we had tried we could not make my breasts lactate. My husband favorite XXX rated videos were of women that were pregnant having wild sex. And they were all lactating. This was one thing that would drive him crazy when watching. He told me that he could not wait until our time came that we were pregnant and he could suckle on my large engorged breasts and share my last fluid with him. That was when I decided that I would make that possible for him.

It took me three months before I became pregnant. All I wanted to do was please him and give him everything that he ever asked of me. We had an unbelievable trust with one another. I would be his sex slave to the end of our days. And the day that I was late for my period was the happiest day of my life. I waited five more days and then took the home pregnancy test. When it came back positive I wrapped it in a box and fixed him a wonderful dinner then presented him with the gift. When he unwrapped it and he realized what it was, the look on his face was priceless. He began to cry and the first thing he did was come to me and bend down on his knees and put both of my breasts in his hands and kiss them all over. He could only thank me for giving him the last piece of my body to him.

That evening our lovemaking was the most passionate ever. As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, my belly grew and my breasts continued to grow. Each day that he would come home he could not wait to have my nipples in his mouth. It was only a few short months before my breast began to lactate. He was suckling on them every day anxiously waiting for them to produce. I would awake in the middle of the night to find him suckling on them. He had become my little boy. He insisted on me being naked in the house whenever we were home. He loved to stare at my breasts and my belly. He would suckle them and become stiff hard while doing it. He would let the fluid run out of his mouth and down my breasts and then he would fuck my breasts with my fluids and his jism mixing together. He had two favorite positions for sex. It was either doggie style where he fucked me hard or having me on top where he could have his hands on my big belly and on my engorged breasts and watch them jiggle as I rode his hard cock. He could make my breasts squirt milk at his mouth and his chest. Or he could reach up and suckle on them as I slowly fucked him.

As time came closer and closer for the birth my breast had become very engorged. I had to pump during the day while my husband was at work to relieve myself. I could not wait until I had the baby to take on some of the relief. The day finally came to be taken to the hospital. We had a son. Just perfect. Each time that the baby was up to feed, my husband would suckle on the other breast with him. I quickly lost the baby weight feeding the both of them this way. But my breasts remained very large. My husband could not help himself. He was still so turned on while suckling me. And would occasionally become jealous of the baby having his breasts. Once I was over all the aftermath of childbirth, he would fuck me as the baby feed and suckled at my breast and eat my pussy. And this is how things continued on.

When the baby became four months old though he took it to a new level. He pumped my breasts and waited for the babies next feeding. When he became hungry he told me he was going to take my orgasm to a whole new level. He had been watching the power of the suckling motion that the baby had. He got a small tube and taped it to the inside edge of my leg and put the opening of the tube next to my clitoris. And he made me lay down and propped my head so I could watch. He ran my clit through his fingers to make it hard and pointy. He put the baby between my legs and attached his mouth to my clit. The baby was confused at first but then tasted his sweet nectar of milk in with new tastes. He began to suck with all his might to get his feeding. His tongue just tickling me in the right way. I was going crazy with the vigor he was taking on my clit. My husband was steady rubbing his dick watching his son suck his mother’s clit. It was the most intense sexual moment in our lives. As soon as the baby was done feeding and had fallen asleep he picked him up and took him back to his bed.

He immediately came back to me and fucked me so deep and hard. And told me that was only the beginning of what he had in mind. I had been feeding the baby baby food by now but I was still breast feeding him anywhere from six to eight times a day. The evening feeding was always on my clit. The next level my husband took it to was getting the baby to stick his entire hand and arm up my pussy and fuck it as he suckled. He did not want me to wean the baby off of my breasts. He slowly stopped becoming jealous of the baby having them but began to enjoy watching him suckle me the way that he did. He started to have a strong bond with his son. And he spent as much time with me as he did with his dad. When feeding time would come he would always expect to have his father right there next to him. He would play with his hair and smile at him. When the baby began to walk, he would go and grab his father’s hand and bring him with him to my side and they would feed together. When the summer came and we would be outside by the pool I would go topless and the baby would run in the water and come back and feed for awhile and then go to the water again. He would choose if he wanted to lie on my breasts and feed or lie between my legs. When he wanted to be between my legs he would go and get the bottle with the tube. And he really had no clue that this was not right. But my husband could not let me stop. And I would do anything and everything that he asked of me.

As the boy became older he would bring toys with him when he would come for his feedings. His favorite thing was putting his matchbox cars up in my pussy and then he would forget about them and go off and play. My husband would not allow me to take them out and sometimes I would have hours of doing my tasks around the house with one inside me until he came for another feeding. And he would stick his hand in and find one that he had left and he would squeal with surprise and joy at finding it and that is what made my husband the happiest. When the boy grew into his twos he was able to come and unbutton or undo the shirt or pants that I had on. But most of the time I was wearing a skirt and he would remove my panties. When this began it would make my husband so hard and turn him on to see his son remove my clothing. And this is how things continued on. When our son was four he was still feeding on a regular basis with my husband at each feeding. And as soon as my son and him would be done with their feeding, our son would run off to play or fall asleep and then my husband would fuck me deep and hard.

Well one afternoon we were into it and did not realize that our son had been watching us. He had seen me sucking my husband’s penis and came over to watch. When we realized he was there my husband told me not to stop and I continued on until he came in my mouth. When I was done, our son put his penis into his mouth as he had seen me. He sucked on it the same way that he would suck on my clit. It wasn’t long before my husband was hard again and he came into his son’s mouth. But then our son realized that had the same thing as his father. My husband had taught him his potty training and helped him realize his penis. He took down his pants and looked at me and told me to suck his pee pee. I looked at my husband and he told me to do it. I did and my husband stroked his dick again and came into his hand. And this is our happy family continued on for several years. The three of us together alone and with very little outside contact for fear of being discovered in our sick little world. I was looking forward to our son growing into a teenager and having both of my men to service and them to service me into old age!

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