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best friend of my

One afternoon I was just roaming at far end of our farm, which is a big one and there is a small lake, surrounded by big trees and bushes. It is my favorite place to go on hot days and have a little nude deep in the lake. After about half an hour I was feeling cool so came out of water and just lay down on the grass to have sunbath and get dry off.

While I was sleeping there I was playing myself (which is my favorite pass time), then I felt some thing strange at my pussy, there he was Ronny, our big collie dog. He likes to leek my pussy very much, so I let him do the work and parting my legs slept with my eyes closed and was enjoying the royal treat by Ronny.

Suddenly he stopped and didn’t start to suck so I opened my eyes to see what is wrong why Ronny left.
But with my surprise I saw his prick just one foot away from me. It was first time I got idea to touch his prick, so I rolled on my self and petting him with one hand I touched his prick, out side sheath was smooth and hairy but underside I can feel the steel rod, nearly one inch of it was out and it was like a sharp tip, as my hand felt the tip Ronny also jerked his body and started moaning.

It was fun, and I was in mood of hot sex so I encouraged him and holding his prick in my hand I gave him a blowjob. He responded well and his prick came out of its sheath, now he got real hot and was trying to fuck my hand.

So told him to wait and brought him near my cunt, again he started to sniff and suck my pussy, I got on my knees and he came on my backside. I was thinking if he would fuck me like he fucks bitches, and wow he put his front legs on my back and was hurriedly humping his arse to fuck me.

He was humping very fast but could not find the slit of my pussy, so I helped him with my hand I guided his now solid steel like prick in my cunt. As he felt wetness and hit of my pussy he just gave a final hump and was half way inside. Now I felt it was much larger in my pussy then it was out side. I just felt pain and tried to get away but no, he just hold me tightly and I can’t move, my legs felt like rubber and my cunt felt like a big bat is poked inside, still he was humping and his prick was getting bigger and bigger in my cunt, suddenly I felt a big knot enter my cunt and I cried out in pain.

Now Ronny stopped humping and pushing, I felt my cunt became wet and was not feeling any pain. Then Ronny turned down and my god we were locked together like two dogs gets locked. It was a great filling and he was spraying his load of sperm inside my cunt like a water tap. Really no man can give this type of fuck, we were locked for about half an hour but his prick was as hard as it was before. Now I panicked and thought if we remained locked forever?

Then I felt his knot getting softer and he was pulling his prick, like they pull from each other. At last his prick came out of me and it felt like one mile long while it was coming out. That felt even greater and I came again hundredth time.

He started to clean my cunt with his mouth and I lay down there for ages. Now I took a bath and cleaned my legs and cunt and dressed and walked back to the house with Ronny happily running after me.

Of course I warned him not to try to fuck if anybody is around. He can fuck me anytime we are alone.

Now send me your reply and if possible your fantasy.

bye bye now, your best friend
Dolly Malhotra

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