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It was a hot August afternoon and the teachers at Rowche High School were getting ready for a new school year. Some more excited than others. Mrs. Eloise Gracia was in her room putting up colorful posters to give her plain white room a more vivid look. Eloise was a 28 year old Spanish teacher. Although she was a deep happily married christian she would often sin. Even though she loved sex with her husband she couldn’t get over her sexual feelings for Mr. Watson the chemistry teacher. Eloise was a short some what over weight woman. Her jet black hair hung over her perky 38D breasts. Anyway while Eloise was putting up her posters the thought of her and Mr. Watson fucking got her wet. She couldn’t help herself. She hid away from the door and hiked up her skirt so she could rub her throbbing clint. Then there was a knock on the door. Embarrassed she went to the door and to her surprise saw it was Gary Watson. He asked her why she was so flushed and he explanation was that it was that the school was way to hot. Then Gary grabbed a notebook and jokingly fanned her. Seeing his rock hard body made her wet all over again. He stopped and laughed then he said, ” Uhh do you have any tape?” In her mind she said why so I can tape you down and fuck you, but all that came out was “Sure I do hold on.” While she walked over to her desk he got a good glimpse of her ass. When she returned he asked if she would like to go to dinner. Without hesitation she said yes. The night she went out with Gary her husband asked where she was going all dressed up and her excuse was that she was going to a bridal shower. She and Gary went to a romantic French restaurant. They talked most of the time and the night ended in disappointment. A few days later they were back in school and Gary came by Eloise’s room. This time they were both very horny. As soon as he stepped through the door and closed it she knew what he wanted and she wanted it just as bad. He went up to her and they kissed with such passion. While he kissed her he massaged her breasts and she grabbed his ass. Then he moved his hand down to her wet pussy and rubbed her clint. A few moans came out of her, but she had to keep it down so no one would know what they were doing. They moved over to the desks that were away from the door and he gently laid her on her back and kissed her neck. Then he removed her blouse and then her bra. Her full white breast hung out ready to get sucked on. While Gary sucked her tits she removed his shirt and pants and played with his huge horny cock. Then she pushed him away and got completely undressed laid back on the desk and opened her legs. Then she said, ” let’s go Gary fuck me hard, I know you’ve been wanting me and I want you” . With out hesitation he pulled down his boxers and stuck his 10 inch dick into her wet pussy. He went slow at first but Eloise’s wanted it hard. So he jammed it in her hard and fast. Her breast bounced at every shove. Then niether of them could handle the hot sex and they both let out a huge moan. A few teachers came into the room and found both of them struggling to get their clothes on. Both teachers pleaded for them to keep it a secret and the others promised they would. Before the day was over Gary and Eloise fucked two more times, but the other two teachers who promised to keep the secret joined in. In the end Eloise got pregnant and passed Gary’s baby off for her husbands. Both teachers still fuck on occasion.

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