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personal training

Jasmine was seventeen and a senior in highschool and she loved gymnastics. Jasmine’s coach recommended that she start working out at the gym besides her regular 3 day a week tumbling routine. she begrudgingly agreed to go because she knew the coach was tough and she didn’t want to piss him off. however, she was super busy with gymnastics and barely had time 4 herself. on friday night she headed to the local gym and went to the front desk to find the trainer her coach had recommended. the trainer stepped out to reveal himself and nearly took jasmine’s breath away. he was hot!! at 6’1 aND 180 pounds michael was buff. she looked at his sexy face with the high cheek bones and the hazel eyes and felt herself cream her panties at the idea of this god spotting her with weights. michael cleared his throat and checked out the young gymnast. she was around 5’2 with a tight firm ass and breasts that were firmer and rounder then the hard muscular gymnasts he’d seen on tv. her face was innocent with her big brown eyes and long dark hair. she was adorable and looked younger than 17. he felt his dick harden through his workout pants. “i’m michael and it’s nice to meet you jasmine, why don’t we get started.” jasmine followed him upstairs never taking her eyes off his muscular ass. she followed him to his office to fill out some paperwork. jasmine kept staring at his pants. she could swear she saw an erection. micheal noticed. ” what are u looking at young lady?” he teased. “something i really want.” jasmine covered her mouth and thought’i can’t believe i said that.’ michael got up to lock the door and then sat into his leather chair.”why don’t you have your way with me then.” jasmine got up wearing her skin tight black leotard and tiny cotton shorts and kneeled in front of him and slowly pulled down his abercrobie sweats and boxers. “mmmmmm it’s so big,” she murmured licking the head and filling her mouth with his cock. she licked up and down and moved her mouth back and forth on his large dick and stopped before he could cum. ” eat my pussy and then i’ll think about letting u cum in my mouth” she said rubbing his balls in her soft hand. “not b4 i fuck that ass.” he used his strength to pick up the tiny girl and lay her on a gym mat and take her clothes off. he cupped her aching c cups in his hands and let his tongue lazily circle the nipples. she moaned and writhed as he moved down her flat stomach down to her virgin pussy. he lapped up her juices and teased her clit by barely making contact with his lips and tongue. “oh god make me cum i want to cum soo bad aLL OVER your face.” michael laughed” maybe but like i said i need that ass in my face and tight around my dick.” he flipped her over and let the full moon cover his faced. he buried his face in her cheeks while she humped the mat. the pressure on her clit from the mat was just enough to start her orgasm. “oh god., ohhhh mmm god ohhhhhh,.” jasmine felt her cunt squirt all over the mat as she contracted again and again. she then felt his dick enter her tight brown hole. she met his thrusts and slammed her ass back into his balls and milked his dick with her tight asshole. “god jasmine i’m going to splash cum deep inside u oh god i’m going to cum real soon,he then kept pumping slow, deep AND HARD stroking her tender asshole which brought another satifying orgasm shuddering thru her pussy and caused her asshole to clench michael’s cock coaxing his cum deep into her clutching asshole.

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