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Kayla gets a few minutes of pleasure

Lori should be here any minute! Loris my cuzin i haven’t seen her in two years, but if there’s anythign i can remember it is her incrediable tits! 36DD’s! i’ve always had secret fantasies of eating out her perfect pussy but it’s never happened.Or atleast it hasn’t yet.
“hey kayla!”
“hey Lori!!!, i’ve missed you sooo much, i already checked into the hotel-”
“ok lets go get caught up”
“ok then”
when we got into the room lori pushed me on the bed and told me she has been having fantasies abotu me and wanst to play out her fantasies, and i todl her the exact same thing.
before either of us knew what was happening we were both totally naked and i was tied to the bed posts by my legs and arms laying there completely exposd to lori. she deciding to waste no time, and she pulled out her dildo.
and she emediatly began fucking me with it, in adn out going faster and faster..i felt like i wanted to cum rite there.
“lori!!! i’m gunna cum!!!”
so i tried as hard as i could to hold it in. all the while she was working me with the dildo faster and faster. then she pulled out the dildo, and shoved her face in my pussy. her tounge circled my clit, and she began massageing it and licking it and flicking it with her tongue, it felt so good.
“lori…can i cum yet, i can’t-, AHHHHHHH”
i couldn’t hold it in any longer, i cumed all over her face, and she drank every drop.
“KAYLA! i told u not to cum yet, now i have to punish you!”
“punish me???”
“you’ll see”
lori went back to her black suitcase and pulled out a rubber spatula. i was thinking, what is she gunna do with that??? then i relized as she put a few pillows under my ass to raise my pussy higher n the air, SHE WAS GOING TO PUSSY SPANK ME!!!
“now kayla, u came before i told u too, now u will be punished”
SMACK, the first smack, it was painful but in a way enjoyable! the sensation ran through my whle body!!!
SMACK, the second smakc
SMACK, the 3rd
SMACK the4th, i couldn’t take much more, i am about to cum again!
SMACK, the 5th. “ok kayla when i say so u can cum, just hold on a few more minutes.
and she untied me breifly only to flip me over, and i was immediatey tied again, with my perfect ass up.
she grabbed the dildo again, shoved it in my pussy a few times to get it wet then shoved it rite in my ass!
i had never been fucked in the ass before! it felt sooo good! and she pumped it in and out while finguring my pussy with her fore and middle finger and using her thumb to massage my clit. and she them stoped fucking my ass, leaving the dildo in, and dove into my pussy again and told me to cum!!! and boy did i cum!! i had 5 orgasams in a row! and she drank all of it! then she untied me and layed down next to me, pulled the dildo out of my ass and told me to suck it, and i tasted my own juices, and they were soooo good!!! and then i sat up and turned to lori and said ” your turn.”

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