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Nightly Surprise from Unexpected Person

For the longest time Amanda and I had been friends, best friends infact. I always stayed the night at her house and she always stayed at mine. But one night in particular things changed. Something new was happening.
Lying there in our night clothes talking. She began to run her legs over mine. I didn’t know what to do or say, but my pussy was getting extremely wet just from that. She then began running her foot on my wet pussy through my cotton panties. And touching my then 36DD breast. For a 15 year old I was very well developed. My nipples got instantly hard from her caressing touch. I then began sucking on her fingers, and then she kissed me, this was the first time I had kissed anybody in my life and especially a girl. I could feel her tongue move all around in my mouth, kissing my lips so softly.
I leaned over and and pulled off her red silk nighty and began to kiss on her pink thick perky nipples. Taking them into my mouth and running my tongue over them not stopping. I could tell she loved it, she began to moan a little, I slid my hand into her panties and found her clit and began to massage it. She squirmed some ,and I began to move my finger faster and faster and slid my finger in her very tight pussy whole. She was sucking on my dark chocolate nipples. I loved every moment of it.
I moved down to the edge of the bed and placed my head between her legs and found her clit with my tongue and I began to suck so hard on her clit, she moaned loudly, I LOVED the taste of her, I slid my tongue into her tight pussy whole moving it in and out, licking her labia and sucking her sweet juices. And she whispered don’t stop baby I love you, she had to whisper because her sister was in the same room.So I didn’t stop, glancing over to make sure her sister didn’t hear her moan but I kept going. Her body began to tremble and shake. I cupped her small tits and pinched her nipples. I could tell she was about to cum at any moment, so I told her to turn over and put her ass in my face, and I ate her pussy from behind while fingering her. I then turned her back over on her back and spread her legs as far as they would go and I put my pussy to hers and began to pussy fuck her, The feeling of our pussy’s together was a great feeling. She grabbed my ass telling me to go faster and faster. So I did. I moved my ass in circles and our clits were touching each other massaging one another, I could feel that I was about to cum soon, so I began to go even faster. I grabbed her tits and she grabbed mine and we came together, I could feel her warm pussy juices coming on my pussy and it was great. I went down between her legs and began to suck all her juices up and she came again in my mouth. We then kissed and fell asleep an woke up the next morning acting as nothing had ever happened and went to school.

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