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The Popular Crowd

“Bad, bad, bad, bad boys…”
The car radio blared anoher played out song, but I didn’t care. I sang along loudly, leaning out the window. I was proud to be seen – I was with the populars. Up in the front seat, Lisa turned up the volume and nodded her head. Bella, though she was driving, tapped the steering wheel and beeped the horn a couple times with the beat. Jen sat in the back with me, using a lipstick as a microphone. At 16 and 17, we were still young enough to enjoy driving around aimlessly. Although it was Saturday, there were no good parties so we were left to our own devices. I silently wondered what was in store.
I didn’t have to wait much longer. As the song finished, Bella announced, “Alright, I think we’ve wasted enough gas today. Let’s go back to my house and watch a movie or something. You guys can sleep over.”
Everyone agreed, and within a few minutes we were all in Bella’s lush basement. Her parents were definitely loaded – a big screen HD tv stood against one wall, surrounded by leather couches an chairs. Next to it was a gallery of hundreds of DVDs. I hurried over, hoping she had one of my favorites like Gladiator or something.
“Put on Cruel Intentions, Mandy!” Jen squealed. “I love that movie…Ryan Phillipe is gorgeous.”
Not wanting to create conflict, I found it and slid it into the player, then sat back in a leather armchair. I paid half-attention to the movie – I’d seen it before and thought it was okay. But something made me perk up when we got to the scene with the lesbian kiss. I glanced over at Lisa and Bella who were cuddled together on a couch with a blanket. There was definite movement underneath. I couldn’t help but stare.
Suddenly Bella looked up at me with a little smile. “Ok, girls, I think we’ve had enough of this movie.” She stood and walked to the entertainment system, turning it off. “Why waste your life with movies when you’ve got reality right in front of you?”
I looked over to Jen, who was sitting on the floor, her eyes wide, grinning eagerly. Her chin-length strawberry blonde hair was pulled up into two pigtails, accentuating her bright green eyes. I studied her body, for admittedly not the first time: her skin was fairly pale, with some freckles splashed over it. Her long legs were thin, and lead to a small ass, but her tits made up for it. They had to be at least D’s, quite possibly DD’s. Unfortunately, she usually kept them wrapped up tight in a sports bra, not letting out even a hint of cleavage.
Bella was returning from a nearby closet by the time I tore my eyes from Jen. In her hand she carried two large pillow-lookng objects-one red, one black, which momentarily I recognized as erotic dice. One had body parts on its sides (ear, lips, breast, above waist, below waist, and ?) the other had actions (blow, tease, massage, kiss, lick, and suck). You roll the dice for someone and do what it tells you to. Bella sat on the floor near Jen, and I decided that I wouldn’t mind doing anything on he erotic dice with her. She had a tight, compact body; she couldn’t have been much taller han 5 foot. Her shiny dark hair hung to her shoulders, and intense dark eyes peered out from underneath her bangs. Her boobs were small but perky, I knew since she almost never wore a bra.
Glancing at Lisa unsurely, I sat down next to Bella, and Lisa took a place near me. She gave me a confident smile and patted my leg. She and I had had an interesting encounter once on a friend’s kitchen floor, and I hoped that maybe this one would beat that.
“Well, I think we all know how to play,” Bella smiled miscieviously. “So who’s going first?”
“I will!” Jen exclaimed, grabbing the dice. “I’m rolling for Lisa.” She tossed the them into the middle of ourcircle, and I watched as they came up SUCK EAR. Jen leaned over to Lisa and pressed her mouth to Lisa’s ear and sucked for a couple seconds. Although I had heard stories of the really popular people partying like this, experiencing it was a whole different story.
They sat back. “My turn,” said Lisa. “I’m rolling for Mandy.” She smiled at me as she tossed the dice. They came up MASSAGE LIPS. Everyone laughed, including me, as Lisa put a few fingertips on my lips and gently pressed.
“This is for you, Jen,” I announced, eying her huge boobs. I couldn’t help but notice Bella’s slightly disappointed look as I rolled. BLOW EAR. Damnit, I silently cursed my luck as I leaned in and blw on her lips. Why couldn’t I get “suck breast”? But something told me that there’d be plenty of time for that.
Jen chose Bella and rolled MASSAGE BELOW WAIST. I held my breath as I watched her roll her fingers along the crotch of Bella’s jeans. Bella closed her eyes briefly, enjoying the sensation. I felt myself get drenched.
“Mandy, you’re mine,” Bella decided, after Jen took her fingers away. She paused a moment, studying my body, then rolled the dice. LICK BREAST. “Off with the shirt,” she stated.
I slowly removed my shirt, revealing my 34B’s encased in a lavender bra, which I also took off. Lisa winked at me as Bella breathed, “Niiice.” She scooted over, put her face near my chest and took one long slow lick from the bottom to the top. “One more?” she asked. I nodded. She placed her tongue on my nipple and made 3 slow, tight circles around it. I fought the urge to grab her head and hold it there. “My turn,” I turned to Jen again.
“Seems like Mandy wants something good from Jen,” Lisa mused.
I tossed the dice and smiled as they came up KISS BELOW WAIST. Not what I’d hoped for, but hell yea! I slid toward Jen as she pulled off her tight capris. “Hey, if we’re doing this, we’re gonna do it right,” I declared, pulling off her slinky black panties. I heard whoops from Lisa, but ignored them as I gazed at Jen’s pretty pussy. There probably would’ve been reddish curls there, but the area was completely bare. I spread her lips and planted a soft, sensual kiss right on her clit. Hearing no response, I continued kissing her nub, and then turned to licking it. Soon, she was moaning loudly. I slid a finger up into her cunt and massaged the slick walls of her vagina as I continued eating her out. I traced her pussy lips with my tongue, then gently bit on her clit hood. Her hips shook furiously, and then all was quiet. I was surprised at how fast she’d come. Sitting up, I noticed that both Lisa an Bella had taken off their pants and were watching us, fingering each other. “Your turn, Jen,” Bella said, moving away from Lisa.
“This one’s for Lisa,” Jen said, and rolled the dice. But before they settled, Jen was on top of Lisa, kissing her furiously. I turned to Bella, who was staring at me seductively. She crawled sensuously across the thick carpet to me, and knocked me onto my back. She lay on top of me, and began grinding her pussy into mine. This was something I’d never tried before, but it felt great. I struggled but finally pulled off my shorts and panties and then removed her thong too. I rolled her over so she was on the bottom and worked my clit into hers. She grabbed my ass and tried to pull me down harder. I rolled my hip back and forth, round and round as the tension built up in me. Bella’s eyes were shut tight, and I leaned down to her and kissed her hard. My tongue slid into her mouth and she attackd it with her own. Our pussies were still working on each other, and out wetness quickle lubricated the motion. I came quickly, and the sound of me moaning “Bellllaaaa you hot bitch!” made her orgasm quickly after. I slid off of her, and in an instant Lisa had run over and latched her mouth to Bella’s mound.
Yesss, I murmured, glancing at Jen. It was obvious she’d just come again, she lay on her back with her eyes half closed, still breathing heavily. Now was my chance. I walked over and sat on her, straddling her waist. For some reason, Lisa had left Jen’s shirt on. Oh well, I thought, more fun for me. I slipped it off over Jen’s head. She looked at me and smiled, “I wondered how long it would take for you to come after these. You’ve been staring all night.”
I didn’t reply, instead, I pulled off her tight spandex sports bra and watched as the two melons broke free. They were almost perfectly white since Jen never let them see the sun. Her nipples were a soft petal pink, as big as the top of a soda can. I gently cupped her right breast, then let it go, marvelling as it jiggled back and forth. Not being able to take it anymore, I bent down and sucked. I must’ve been there about 5 minute, sucking and listening to her breath as it became more and more ragged. But sh’s alrady had her pleasure, twice, I thought. It’s my turn. I let go of her boob and sat up, moving around so my pussy was right above her mouth. It had always been one of my fantasies to ride someone’s face, and now was my chance. I spread my lips for her and lowered my cunt until I could feel her wet lips barely touch it. She began licking my clit and instantly I knew this wouldn’t last long. Her tits had turned my on so much I knew I’d cum in a minute or so. Might as well enjoy it. Lettign go of my pussy ips, I leaned forward and grabbed her boobs, and began bouncing up and down on her face. She kept up with my beat easily, sliding one of her fingers inside of me.
“Jennnn,” I moaned, and looked over at Lisa and Bella. Bella’s mouth was on Lisa’s tit, and Lisa’s fingers had dsappeared into Bella pussy. Both were watching me with interest. They looked impressed.
Eager toplease, I rotated my hips on Jen’s face, licking my lips seductively. A few seconds later, I could’t take it anymore. I squeezed Jen’s nipples as I came hard. I fell off of her, lost in ecstasy. When I came to my senses, they were all cuddled up by the couch. I joined them, hoping to play another game before we fell asleep.

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