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My New Master

My name is Clea, I am a tenth grade English teacher. I love all of my students and I acutally love my job. Even though there are some students and one in particular who really work my nerves. The one student who makes me actually think about quitting is Amber. I have scheduled a conference with her mother who should be here soon. The other teachers have warned me about Amber’s mother letting me know that she is a known lesbian. Now I feel that everyone has their right to their own sexuality. I actually love the feel of a nice hard penis in and out of me. Well, here’s Ms. Mack – Amber’s mother.
Wow, is this a woman? She’s wearing dockers, and a button down fubu oxford. Her hair is cut really short, but her face is beautiful. I have to regain my composure.
“Ms. Mack come in, I am Clea Brown, Amber’s English teacher”, I say with an outstretched hand. Her eyes remain on my 38dd cleavage and I’m a little nervous. She finally shakes my hand and her middle finger lingers on the palm of my hand. We begin to discuss Amber’s behavior and she assures me that I will not have any more problems with her child. At the end of our conference, she asks if she can treat to dinner as her thanking me for taking the time and having her daughter’s interest at heart. I figure, what the hell, I’m hungry and I don’t have any plans for the evening.
We arrive at a very nice little restaurant in Midtown. We sit in a dimly lit area in the rear of the restaurant. I’m feeling kind of strange, but I try to remail calm.
“What would you like to drink Clea?” She asks. “A glass of Merlot please”, I say with a smile. Homegirl orders a bottle. After our third glass of wine, she losens up and tells me that she would love to have me. I tell her that I’m not into women and I would appreciate it if she would not say those things to me and her whole attitude changed. She grabbed me by my arm and hissed in my ear “Look you uppity black bitch, I’m not your students in your fucking class room, you will do as I say for the reamainder of this evening and whenever I want you to, understand?” I nodded my head and asked if she could let go of my arm. She reached under the table and began to rub my pussy. I was actually pissed that this butch bitch had spoken to me in that tone and very turned on at the same time. She began to run her fingers up and down the slit of my panties. I felt my body betray me and my pussy begin to moisten. “MMMMM, very nice and wet for me baby, our evening has just began. I want to to stand and when you do, I am going to pull these nice little wet panties off” I stood and she pulled my panties down. She then put them to her nose and inhaled. I felt my nerves stir and I was willing to do whatever this butch bitch wanted me to do. “Let’s go, I have things for you to do. I wanted you the second I walked into that conference and now you will be mine. I will have you begging me to taste you all the time.” I was stunned. I stood and followed my “new master” to the parking lot. As we were walking to the car, she turned and ordered “take that fucking shirt off, I want to see those big titties!” “I will not-” ~SLAP~ before I could finish my sentence, she slapped me in my face and told me that if I ever spoke without permission, I would have a price to pay. I bowed my head in shame and began to take my shirt off. The cool breeze turned my nipples into hard pebbles. When we arrived at her car, she pushed me up against the passenger door and pushed my tits together. I felt heat begin to stir in my body once again. She squeezed my nipples until I moaned in pleasure and pain. “Do you like that teach? You like the way my fingers pinch those big nips of yours?” I nodded my head in shame. She opened the door and told me to get in. I dared not ask when I would be able to return to my car. Once inside, she ordered “LOSE THE BRA!” I took my bra off and held it in my lap. The ride to her place was short. My nipples were so hard they hurt. When we reached her door step, she turned to me and kissed me long and deep. She sucked on my neck, and earlobe while touching my pussy. I didn’t want to leave. I was ready to be her slave. She had a beautiful home and I broke our silence and asked nervously if Amber was at home. She informed that Amber was with her grandparents for the weekend. A wave of relief came over me. “Take off your skirt and sit on the couch. I want your legs wide open. If you cannot keep them open I will keep them pryed open, understand?” I again nodded my head and walked over to the couch. I sat down and spread my legs for her. She stood in front of the couch with a develish smile on her face. After a few seconds, she walked over to the entertainment center, inserted a dvd and returned to the center of the room. What I saw on the tv screen shocked me. On the screen was Ms. Mack and a beautiful young lady. The young lady had a nice round brown ass, a cleanly shaven pussy and huge tits. Ms. Mack was also naked and her body was gorgeous. Ms. Mack was making the young lady (whose name I later found out was Angela)lick her pussy. She commanded Angela to lick her from her pussy to her asshole. Angela looked posessed with lust and was eager to please Ms. Mack. I couldn’t take my eyes from screen.The things that she was making Angela do turned me on. I saw that my master began to undress. She walked over to me in her panties and wifebeater. “Are you enjoying the movie?” She whipsered. I nodded my head. She told me that Angela works for her and Angela never wanted to be with a woman. She turned Angela out and now she belongs to her. Something made me look at her. She was looking at me with a warm look n her face. “Lean back and open your pussy for me”, she said with force. I leaned back, and took my fingers and spread my wet pussy. She made me sit that way for five minutes. I so badly wanted to touch myself as I saw the two of them on the tv screen sexing each other down. I never thought that I would be in this position. “Your clit is so big and hard baby girl. Do you want to touch your clit for me, make that shit wet?” She asked. I said “Yes I do”. “YES I DO WHAT?” she screamed. “yes I do master, I whispered.
“Touch that pussy for me. I want to see you fuck your fingers.” I did as I was told and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. My pussy began to make squishing noises that let my master know how wet I was. She walked over to the couch and knelt down in front of me. She lowered her head and licked my clit. I almost exploded. She wrapped her lips around my big clit and sucked on it like a baby nursing. I began to squirm on her face. Just as I was about to cum, she stopped. I lay there and stared at her. “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you bitch”? She smirked at me. “Please master make me cum”, I begged. “Now thats more like it. I love for my bitches to beg me. But first you have to pleasure me”. She stepped out of her boxers and took her wife beater off. She had the most beautiful breasts. Her pussy had a tattoo at the top. She stood on the couch and her pussy was in my face. This is the closest I had ever been to a pussy. She looked down at me. “Don’t just sit there and look at it, eat my pussy bitch”! She yelled at me. I kissed her pussy and wondered how in the hell to get started. I tounged the outer lips of her pussy. I heard her gasp. I licked her pussy lips up and down until I reached her clit.It pertruded like a mini dick. I hardened my tougue and played with her clit. She began to rock on my face. “MMMM thats it my little bitch, play with my clit”. I began to suck on her clit and I knew that she really liked that. She began to make glutteral noises. She widened her stance and her pussy was directly on my face. I hardened my tongue once again and entered her pussyhole. She began to ride my tongue. I placed my finger on her clit and another finger in her asshole. She was fucking my face harder and harder. I tasted her juices and couldnt’ get enough. I wanted more. I grabbed her hips and sat her on my face. I opened my mouth wide and her clit was on my teeth. I gently bit down and inserted my tongue into her canal. She was going crazy. “LICK MY PUSSY YOU BEAUTIFUL BLACK BITCH, I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR MOUTH AND SQUIRT DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT!” She screamed. I felt her pussy contract around my tongue and tasted the sweetest juice I have ever tasted in my life. I opend my mouth as wide as I could to get every drop of this sweet nectar. She was squirting her juice down my throat. When she recovered from her orgasm, she positioned herself to lie back onto the couch. “Come and sit on face baby, I want to taste more of that fat black pussy of yours.” I squatted over her face and sat. Her long tongue found areas of my pussy that no man has every found. She spread my pussy lips and sucked long and hard on my clit. She was moaning into my pussy. I saw her playing with her own pussy and that really turned me on more. She sucked harder and harder on my “mini dick” and inserted two fingers into my pussyhole. I began to ride her face harder and harder. “Oooohhhhhhh master, I’m gonna fuck your mouth so good and cum so hard. You fucking slut, eat my pussy, lick my cunt mmmmmmmmmmmmm thats it, stick that tongue in my hole” I was a mad woman. I was riding her face hard. We were in a different world. I began to feel my climax building. I rode harder and harder until I felt the urge to release. “UUuughhhhhhh, I’m cumming, Oh My Gawd, I’m cumming!!!” I screamed as I showered her with my cum. She sucked on my pussy until every drop was gone. I was still turned on. She flipped me onto my back and told me “I’m gonna show you how my clit is gonna make you cum again my little bitch”. She spread my legs and positioned her clit on mine. Our clits were touching and I felt electric bolts of energy racing through my body. She began to rub her clit on mine harder and harder. I could feel her pussy getting wet. “Mmmmmmmm, baby, your clit is so big”, she moaned. “But mine is bigger and I’m gonna make that pussy pulsate and cum.” It felt like her clit was getting bigger and bigger by the moment. She slid down further and her clit was at my opening. She rubbed her clit in and out. I was in ectasy. I saw a raw look of lust in her eyes as she fucked me harder and faster. “You like the way my clit feels is in that pussy don’t you baby.”, I moaned in pleasure. She pinched my tits hard and twisted my nipples. I loved her roughness. She was rocking with no remorse on my pussy, ” I’m gonna cum baby I’m gonna cum in this sweet pussy of yours.” “You will always belong to me. Your pussy will be mine, you hear me bitch mine!” After she screamed that, she convulsed and so did I. I knew after that moment, I would never be the same.

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