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Shauna and Jesse

Jesse had always been my best friend since college. She and I always talked and we met each other at least once a week for lunch or dinner. By the way my name is Shauna. I very pleased with my figure. 5’2″, tanned skin, very short cut black hair, five sizes bigger than medium sized breasts, and a tight ass the drives men crazy. Jesse is no bad looker herself. 5’1″, her skin is a little whiter than mine, long brown hair, large breasts, and a nice ass.

Jesse and I always talked about our boyfriends and discussed what was going on in our lives. One day Jesse and I decided she would come over to my house and we would have lunch, maybe watch a movie. Jesse came over at twelve o’clock sharp. She was wearing a tight black miniskirt and white blouse. I had own a tight pants that stopped high above the knee and a black corset that was tied in the back. “Looking very pretty today,” I said. “You too,” Jesse added.

We ate lunch and sat out on porch. “Hey, can I see your new shower?” asked Jesse. “Sure Jess,” I said. I walked up to my room and then into my bathroom; Jesse fallowed. “Wo! This is huge,” exclaimed Jesse. The sure was seven by six feet large. There was two shower nozzles on the wall. One was a fixed to the wall, the other could be detached and moved around. The floor was marble and in the center of the floor was a large tub that was sunk into the ground. The tub had water jets and normal nozzle. The shower room was enclosed by glass. Jesse and I stepped into the shower room and looked around. “I have an idea,” said Jesse. A smirk grew on her face.

She walled over to the tub and turned on the water. She stepped over to the two shower nozzles and turned them on. The nozzles were aimed directly at the tub. The over flowing water wash into the drains by the pool. I couldn’t figure out what Jesse was thinking till she walked up to me. She smiled, then turned me around and started to untie my corset. She finished quickly. Soon she was sucking hard on my breasts. I didn’t know whether to stop or have sex with her. I just went with and started stroking her long brown hair. She would circle around nipple then flick it lightly with the front of her tongue just to tease me. My nipples hard and erect. She sucked my nipples hard for a long time. I took her off my breasts and started to undo her blouse. She had on a black thin-laced bra, which I quickly undid. I sucked on Jesse’s breasts. I stopped and unzipped Jesse’s skirt while she unzipped my pants.

We both jumped into the tub and pulled of our underwear. Jesse and I move over to the water jets. Jesse motioned for me to move up on to the edge of the tub. I pushed myself up and sat on the edge of the tub with my knees and lower legs in the water. Jesse up to my pussy and spread my legs apart. She started my slowly licking the edges of my pussy and I was already aroused. Then she pushed her tongue into my pussy. She caressed the insides of my cunt with her tongue. Jesse sucked in my overflowing juices and then removed her tongue. She flicked her tongue at my clit and circled it with her tongue. I groaned and clenched my fists because the pleasure was driving me crazy. “Oh, Jesse, oh Jesse,” I cried. Now Jesse was sucking hard on my clit and I was feeling my breasts and going insane from the pleasure. I climaxed and Jesse quickly sucked in my juices and moved up to my mouth, started kissing me. She my juices flow into my mouth as our tongues twisted over each other. I pushed Jesse back into the water and I joined her. I moved over to one of the water prove compartment and removed my favorite device. My fifteen inches long seven inches wide vibrator.

I snuck up on Jesse who was shoving her finger in her cunt. I turned her around flicked on my vibrator and shoved it as far into Jesse’s cunt it would go. She instantly started crying from the pleasure. The vibrator had gone three quarters of the way in. I removed most of it and started rhythmically jamming the vibrator into her. Jesse was moaning from the pleasure. She grabbed her breasts hard and cried out from her satisfaction. To my surprise she grabbed the vibrator as I tried to ram her again. She turned me around against the edge of the tub so my ass was facing hers. I grabbed hold of the each of the tub wondering what Jesse was going to do. With out warning she flicked the vibrator on to high and shoved the entire thing into my ass. I cried out as the searing pain turned into the greatest pleasure I had ever felt. I began to moan from the pleasure. That was the first time I had anything in my ass. Jesse then grabbed me with the vibrator still in my ass and took me out of the tub and brought me to the nozzles. She detached the nozzle and started spraying her body and mine. I was having trouble standing with my vibrator still in my ass. Jesse moved the nozzle and started spraying my cunt and clit. The pleasure too much for me. My knees went weak and I fell to the floor. Jesse put the nozzle back and sat down next to my. She turned me over and remove the vibrator, which was as painful as when she shoved it in me. Jesse turned me over again and laid down on her side with me. Her legs spooned mine. put one hand on my breast and one on my crotch. We were bisexual for life.

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