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A Midnight Bite

I had never believed they were real. I had always fantasized about them but never really believed. Until that night. He came silently through my window and stood before me as I ay in my bed.
“Janise, I am a Vampire, and I know you know what I want. I want you. I have watched you, I have seen you in the shower, and I haved wanted you. You are beautiful – I love the way the water cascades over you delicate mahogany skin…I adore the scent of you when you lie in your bed and bring yourself over the edge of personal exstacy. After tonight, I will do it for you.
“My name is William, and it is all you will call me, unless I tell you otherwise. You must understand, that I am old and I have sexual habits as I’ve had since I was alive as you are. You will grant every sexual desire I have and if you are successful in fulfilling my desires, I may at times consider yours.”
My pussy heated up 5 degrees with every word he spoke and I was on fire now. I could barely speak I was so hot for him.”yes, of course”
“Come with me, Janise”
He leaned over me and took me from my bed swiftly. He flew – I couldn’t believe it. He flew for what seemed like only minutes and we arrived at a huge mansion in the mountains outside of town. He took me to a room that was huge and outfited with a bed that had to be a double king-size and hooks of all sizes and shapes attached to its stone walls. He sat me down in the middle of the bed and began to undress himself.
“This is the last time I will do this myself Janise – you must pay close attention for it will hence become your task to undress me. Remove your clothing please”
I took off my robe – under which was my naked body. He looked at me and smiled, his incisors showing themselves teasingly over his lip. He came to me, and took my breasts in his hands and stood me up. His mouth opened and covered my nipples hotly as he bit into the dark circles around them. I was extremely hot for him. I wanted to feel his cock inside me so bad. He led me over to a small bed – no bigger than a twin which was bolted to the wall. he quickly afixed my wrists to the wall in shackles on a short chain. He smiled as I arched my pelvis, showing him how I wanted him. He took his hand and put it around his cock and stroked it. He walked over to me so that his cock pressed over my lips, across my tongue and pushed at the back of my throat. I nearly choked on his cock, but it was so good. I moved my head back and forth feverishly over that hard cock and relaxed every now and again to lick his head softly. I nibbled on his head and fondled it with my tongue. I sucked his cock back deep into my throat and worked my tongue and throat mucles all over his thick hard cock. I felt him shudder and then I felt him shooting his thick creamy load into my mouth. I swallowed gulp after gulp of him as it was almost over he began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. He fucked my mouth until his river of cum dried up and my belly was full of his juice.
“Well done Janise, I have not had my cock handled in such a way without hands in ages. It seems I did the right thing by choosing you. You may wonder how I can be a vampire and still produce bodily fluids”
“Yes William, I am wondering”
“I was not made a vampire by another vampire, but by a spell cast upon me when I was in my 20s. I do not grow old, I do not show age, yes, I do fly and I am immortal for as long as I continue to feed. I must drink blood to stay alive – and I will drink yours.”
He came over to me and spread my legs wide apart. He licked my hot dripping pussy until it was only moist and bit the inside of my right thigh and sucked on me for an 10 minutes or so while he slipped 3 fingers in and out of my pussy. He would not let me cum, but drank his sustenance, stood up, released my bonds and led me to the bed.
“You will sleep here – I will meet all of your needs as you do mine. Go to bed my dear Janise, I will return. You will find you have complete up to date modern living quarters through the doors.”
He kissed me, bit my lip, and left.

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