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As I lie here, sound asleep, feeling all warm and safe, thinking how happy I feel, cold shivers running up my legs, it feels like spiders running over me.
I feel wet cold tongues on my legs, maybe three or four, slippery cold wet feeling moving up my body kissing and licking, as they move up to my face, cold wet feeling like frost or ice working hard on my mouth, all I can see when I open my eyes are shadows, there are three slivery weird shapes with tongues like swords whipping all over my face, two off them move down my body and take a nipple each, licking and flicking them with their tongues, while the other one just floats above my face fucking my mouth with his tongue. It was going deep inside, it was very long I was struggling to breath with the length of his tongue but he liked that, he seemed to fuck it harder, I was screaming with pleasure.
I was soaking wet, I was laid there waiting for them to fuck me, the other two were still eating my nipples, I was shaking inside, I wasn’t meant to like it I thought but has they was licking and flicking my breasts and my mouth being fucked harder than I could of thought possible.
I moved my fingers down to my cunt and started to fuck my self with two fingers has hard as I could cumming all the time.
One of the shadows moved down to my pussy, moved my fingers out of the way and started licking at my clit with his amazing tongue he had total control of my pussy biting sucking my clit lashing at it with his tongue, oh wow I was bursting inside thrusting about the bed. They wouldn’t let me move too much they had to be in control of me.
Another one joined him and oh god he placed his tongue in my cunt ramming hard inside, as the other one is licking my biting lashing out at my clit the other one had a sort of grin on his face a wicked and powerful grin has he was kissing my lips and tonguing me at the same time he moved away and then he started to insert is long whippy tongue into my ass.
The pain was incredible but in a very orgasmic way it was sending me wild screaming with excitement and pleasure I grabbed my tits squeezing my nipples hard and licking them how much longer could I take this one fucking my ass the other fucking my cunt having my clit eaten like he needed it to survive, I started to wake feeling very wet and numb.
Thank you my shadows of pleasure………

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