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The Sexual rebellion

Welcome to the future. We have come here to watch an unfolding drama of erotic proportions. In the here and now physical intimacy has been severely restricted and virtual reality has replaced the bedroom. A technotheocracy has taken control of the United Sentient Alliance. The gods of the electronic age rule supreme and technological miracles insure the continuance of this long and almost celibate culture. However, there is hope for deep within a select few lays the hidden desire to touch. As these few grow and become men and women of great importance a grandiose plot comes close to fruition.
Since Mike had become the CEO of the U.S.A., It had become his secret pleasure to watch the old recordings of pleasure. He could understand why they were restricted. It looked like so much fun and he longed to touch these sirens of old. Mike had engaged in Virtual with many women, but he had never touched one! This forbidden fruit began to call on Mike stronger and stronger with each nanosecond. As the sun, or at least its computer counterpart, began to shine Mike entered his office and got quite a surprise. She sat at the Secretary’s station. She introduced her self as Tera and said that she would be his secretary, because of a transport accident that had killed Roger. Roger was his old secretary and would be missed, or at least that is what Mike tried to tell his self.
Mike looked forward to his daily orientation. Tera entered his office with a V-corder in hand. She began to tell him the necessary background for today’s meetings with the Church Council. “It was not until 2040 that the Christian Church metamorphed into the awesome power of today. Faced with virtual extinction the Church began to change its public appearance. The Jesus Project was the beginning of the Churches technological advances. Its goal was to create a Virtual Jesus and it was successful. The Virtual Jesus reacted and taught just as Jesus was supposed to have done. With this step completed they had to get him into the Net and to do this they turned to a modern day Judas, known only by the code name, Bob. Bob was able to hack the Net and insert Virtual Jesus into every computer system in the world, but there was one little thing the Church neglected to tell him. The Virtual Jesus was a brainwashing program that was one hundred percent effective.
Overnight the Church became an unstoppable world power to be obeyed. Pope Ed’s first decree was to outlaw unauthorized physical sex. With these very words he changed the world and it has yet to be decided if it was for the good. The positives of it are well known; low population, low disease rates, and better soldiers.
Pope Ed’s second decree was that all non-Church research would be halted. This gave the Church a powerful bargaining tool and weapon.”
“Tera,” Mike began, “I know all this and you know all this. So, lets skip this part and discuss the other side of the coin. I mean that we should maybe break the law and… Hold Hands!” “Oh Jesus,” Tera exclaimed, ” I don’t think we should.” “I am the political leader of the alliance and I say,” Mike began. However the feel of her hand in his pleasantly interrupted him. Mike could not believe his luck. Tera suddenly kissed him on the lips! The wondrous sensation of her tongue in his mouth was unlike any other and totally beyond compare. Mike began to feel an unusual sensation in his pants. Tera felt something poke into her stomach and looked down to see what it was. To her surprise it was Mike’s penis. Mike was extremely shocked. “I don’t know what is wrong,” Mike, said. He also realized what needed to be done. He told Tera to lift up her skirt. As she complied Mike began to undress. Mike flashed his penis like King Arthur would flash Excalibur. Tera felt a shocking new sensation between her thighs and gasped, “My pussy is flooded with sweet juices.” As if to prove a point she sampled her self with a smile. Mike slowly walked towards her with all the grace of a panther and started to enter her. Tera cried out in joyous pain as she felt her hymen give way. At first they were awkward, like teenagers from the fifties making out in the backseat of a car. But, slowly they felt a strange presence and fell into a dance older than the human race. As they raced towards completion Tera felt her self slip into a wave of ecstasy that washed away all the Church’s lies. Mike screamed her name and she felt the volcanic blast of his orgasm gush into her. Suddenly there was a presence there with them and Mike looked about to see who it was. She stood in a corner of the room with a promise filled smile on her face. She spoke in a godlike voice, “I am called by many names. Aphrodite, Astarte, and Venus to name a few, but you can call me Jenna. You will be my first disciples in this new world. I will teach you the many wonders of physical love and you will teach others. It won’t be easy, but I will be.” With that she floated to them and began to kiss Tera on the lips. Slowly a moan built up in Tera and she let it loose. Jenna began to use her fingers on Tera and Mike both. Mike felt his penis rise and Jenna suddenly dropped to her knees and began to service them both. Mike stared in awe as she deep throated his tool and sucked Tera’s love box. It was a truly religious experience, but nothing prepared them for her next action. Jenna started to finger Tera’s love box again, but she also started to lubricate her ass! Tera slowly relaxed as Jenna fingered her ass. She began to move to the tune of Jenna’s fingers and had another ear splitting orgasm. Jenna guided Mike’s penis to Tera’s ass and slowly inserted it. “Slowly,” she said. Mike took heed of Jenna’s warning and began to pump in and out slowly. Jenna got down on her hands and knees in front of Tera and began to circle Tera’s clit with slow even tongue strokes. Tera could not stand up to this pleasure for long and soon she was whimpering sweet nothings. Finally Mike blasted off in her ass and Jenna climbed onto the desk and asked Tera to service her. Tera obliged and began to do to Jenna what Jenna had done to her. Mike could not take being left out so he began to massage Jenna’s tits. Jenna soon began to flood Tera’s mouth with love juice. The orgy would have continued had it not been for the incessant knocking at the door!

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