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The Hunt

Putting the finishing touches on my lips i stand back from the mirror without really seeing i know that im pleased with what they will see,there illusions shall be,there fantasy’s meet and my deep burning hunger will be satisfied before the dawns light. I hear the night calling me urging me into its wide open arms seducing me with its promises off forefilment,stopping to put on my thigh length boots i slip them on my feet as my eyes move down to my stocking clad legs i run my hands over the silky black fabric, taking them all the way to the hem of my black leather shorts my finger moves up higher running over my bare stomach then stopping to trace the delicate outline of the purple and gold sequin bra i wear. I zip them up and shake my raven black hair i feel it tickle the lower part of my back and my green eyes shine with need.
I slip out the door and walk up the flight of stairs my nostrils flare as the sweet smells of the night waft into them, the cool air greets my bare skin and caresses it like a thousand lovers of time gone by.My nipples respond hardening as the animal in me awakens, my footsteps echo into the night my adrenaline starts to pump as i get closer to place where the adventure will start.
Walking up the flight of steps im greeted by my dear friend “welcome Kitiara”he smiles as he holds open the heavy wooden doors “so good to see you out my friend” moving past him returning the smile i reply “yes, my dear friend its good to be out” .
Standing at the edge of a iron bannister i look down into the crowd of people the music pulsates stimulating my senses, the air is full of young lust and desire, the life in my viens responds to the urgent need that fills the smokey nightclub.I move forward walking down the stairs energised by the responses of both the men and women as they turn to look at me, my eyes meet every single one looking right into there souls as i search for the one who will forefill me, the young soul who will be with me this night.
Heading to the bar i watch the young couples coming together needing the other to make them feel whole, the need for them to stroke there egos and make them feel their pitifull life is worth living this silly courtship has allways amused me, i get to the bar a take a seat.
Smiling at the bartender i order my drink, he brings it to me and i raise it to my lips,the sweet flavour intices me as the rum burns its way to my stomach. I tilt my head back laughing remembering times gone by when i used this drink to chase away the demons called morals, how far away that life time feels .
Moving around to get a better view i feel a shiver up the back of my neck, my insides quicken as i know when i turn i will be looking at the one. Excitement fills me as i wonder this time if it be male or female. As i turn i am greeted by the warmest most virginal brown eyes i have ever seen, i can hear the blood in his viens and the beating of his heart.I stare into his eyes beckoning him to me. He stands from his table and my breath catches as he walks over , i drink in every delicous inch of him from his brown shoulder length hair to his greek like physique,”god he is beautiful” i hear myself whisper as my body reaches out to him wanting him already.
He stands before me and i smile as he reaches out for my hand as i give it readily , he turns it over and places a tender kiss on the inside of my wrist “goodevening” he says his voice sounding like tiny angels to my ears, “goodevening how are you on this fine night” i reply “fantasic now” he breaths my insides melting away at the way his dimples become even more prominate with his smile.
Can i get you a drink, he offers and i accept. We sit there drinking and talking the night away with his voice seducing me with each word, the music and people seem so far away as melt into his eyes and is awed by his knowledge.
My ears catch the first cords of big love and i turn to him and whisper”come dance with me”.
We move across the crowded room to the dance floor till we can stand facing each other, i start moving infront of him slowly moving my hips to the beat of the music, my hand reaches up to touch his cheek and his arms moves around my waist as he pulls me against him. We move as one letting the music take over our bodies as we stare deeply into each others eyes, my breathing starts to get shallow as my body responds to him being so close to me while his eyes flash knowningly at mine, my tongue darts out to wet my lips and i hear him let out a slight moan and i know its time to leave. I take his hand and start moving towards the exit he follows in silence.
We step into the night walking hand in hand down the darkened streets not saying a word just feeling each others presence, as we come to my door and i turn to him and reaching up i trail my finger over his lips “are you ready” i ask “yes” he replies. We step into the foyer i take his hand and lace his fingers through mine, leading him through to the lounge he takes a seat and i offer him a wine he nods, so i move to the bar getting out two long stemed glasses i pour deep red wine into them, walking back to him i watch the hunger in his eyes. I smile handing him one, ” back in a minute” i say, walking away i can feel his eyes watching each seductive sway of my hips,entering the bedroom i walk to the curtains opening them, i look into the moon as i start to take off my clothes the beams of light move over my body illuminating each femine curve, my breath catches in my throat as i hear a gasp from the door i turn to see him standing there, “my god you are beautiful” he moans stepping forward he reaches up running his fingers over my cheek and down through my hair reaching the end he pulls me against him, i feel every muscle of his chest against mine his hardness, his pure lust, i move to put a robe on “no beautiful dont cover such a delightful body”he begs i stand before him letting the fabric fall to the floor,he walks back towards me and i put my hand on his chest “not here” i breathe beckoning him to follow me, he obeys as i walk out of the room down the hall to a flight of steps that lead down to a heavy iron door. I open it and lead him inside i hear a sharp intake of breath as he’s eyes adjust to the candle light as he walks in the room “Wow what is this” he laughs turning to him i reply “my playroom” he looks around taking in everything, hundreds of candle lights everywhere, the flames dancing off the chains that hang on the walls and the elaberate array of whips then to my pride and joy the hand carved wooden alter topped with padded burgeny satin. Excitment shines in his eyes as he takes my hand and pulls me closer “who are you,what are you” he asks “your ultimate fantasy” i reply”oh baby i can see that”he whispers as he lips come down to take mine opening up my mouth i let his tongue enter he brushs against the roof of my mouth and my passion starts to ignite, my hands move up and start unbuttoning his shirt sliding my hands up his bare chest to his shoulders i remove the fabic letting it fall to the floor.
Stepping back i look as his masculine chest his muscles rippling with each slight movement
smiling i step forward undoing his jeans and lowering them down to the floor, grinning up at him i hook my thumbs into his boxers and pull them down over hips, his hardness jumping out of it as they to fall to the floor, i offer him my hand he takes it and i lead him to the far wall taking his left hand up to my mouth i kiss his palm slowly trailing my tongue up to his finger then sucking it deeply into my mouth, removing it i grab a shackle and clasp it shut around his wrist,his excitemt shows by the rapid rise and fall of his chest i repeat the process with his right then move my mouth back to his kissing him deeply. I start my journey down running my tounge over each nipple lightly niping them into hard buds, i go lower darting my tongue into his bellybutton. Stepping back looking at his hardess my fingers reach out to caress it, he moans for more “no” i whisper as i run my nails down his inner thighs,bending down i clasp each ankle in, he now stands before me under my total control. Taking a red silk scarve and tieing it around his eyes, oh how i love this game taking a lover and making them lose there sences being in full control of there pleasures, bringing them right to the edge only to take them back down again making them beg for total release.
Grabbing a candle i start trailing kisses all over his chest getting it nice and wet with my saliva his moaning increases as i move to his neck nipping at it moving to the side i take his lobe into my mouth at the exact same time i drip wax on his nipple his body jerks and it is torn between pleasure and pain.
Whispering in his ear i ask him does he like it he reply “oh yes baby more” laughing i move back and kneel down he archs his body trying to feel where i am,i take my tongue and flick it over his knob he bucks wildly, moving down to his inner thigh tasting him teasing him with my teeth, going higher i take his balls into my mouth rotating each one with my tongue he begs me to take him into my mouth, i flicker my tongue once more over his knob tasting his precum,moving away i see the dissapiontment on his face i sit down just watching him placing my hand inbetween my legs i feel the moisture i moan “what are you doing”he asks”touching my hot moist pussy lusting over your body, why my love do you want to watch me part my lips and slide them in and out?”yes ” he replies”oh god yes, please let me watch you.”I stand walking back to him my breath caresses his cheek i whisper “beg” his body stiffens with need as he answers”lady please take this blindfold of me i need to see you”my hands go to the back of his head i untie him the blindfold slipping down along his chest falling to the floor.
With eyes burning with pure need i go sit back down spreading my legs apart so he can see, i start teasing my lips touching them soflty moving up to my clit rotating it in small circles, the pleasure spreading to every inch of my body and i rejoice in it, feeling myself getting more and more turned on by the need in his eyes, slipping a finger in and is greeted by warm moist tight flesh i look to him as my take my finger out as run it over my lips. I suck it in tasting my sweet warm juices,he struggles agianst the chains and tells my to come here.
Walking over to stand before him my naked body alive, “i want you”he sighs “you will” i answer taking position back on my knees and slowly start seducing him with my mouth, using my tongue to flicker up and down his shaft i open my mouth wider taking him in with ease my head moves back and forth, my tongue teasingly caresses his shaft, my hand moves down to cup his balls needing them feeling him getting harder. I fasten my pace now using my teeth to excite him more i taste him he’s getting close”oh yeah thats it “he groans i feel him start to lightly spasm and i stop, moving back up to his mouth we start kissing with such intensity i thought i might lose it there and then, my hands go up to his our fingers lace as our bodies grind against each other looking for release. Fumbling with the shackles i undo him, we stand before each other lost in the passion that has been building. He grabs me by the waist and leads me to the alter where he spread my legs and start eating me with such urgency, his tongue masterfully teasing my clit as his fingers start sliding in and out of me my head rolls back and my tongue darts out “Oh yes thats it” i scream grinding my pussy against his face. Wrapping my legs around his neck my body starts to burn with a thousand tiny sensations, my pussy is dripping wet im getting closer, i grab his shoulders pulling him back up to my mouth kissing him feverishly. I turn him on his back mounting him ordering him to look into to my eyes as i lower myself down onto his hardness,as it pushes my tender flesh apart, my eyes roll back as i feel every last inch of him inside me ,biting my lower lips i start riding him slowly grinding my hips into him my nails make tiny trails down his chest, feeling each others lust we start melting into one other, me moving faster him thrusting his hips up to meet me. I throw my head back in passion my long hair teasing my ass and his balls, leaning forward i take his tongue into my mouth sucking it with each thrust with his hands trailing over my breasts needing them, teasing the nipples into hardness i sit back up arching my back taking him in deeper grinding my clit againt his groin the wetness running down his shaft onto his balls. A burning starts from my clit moving around to my back and hips and last of all my ass, i reach around to his balls and squeeze them rocking back and forth i moan loudly “oh yes baby im coming” the spasms take over my body my legs jerking with the intencity of each contraction of my pussy around his hard shaft, he grabs my ass pushing himself deeper inside of me”im coming too”he screams as i feel the him peak. Hot streams of cum filling me i callapse onto his chest our breathing slowing down, he takes my face into his hands and kisses my gently “that was pure delight” he groans”heaven i reply”. Looking into his eyes i ask the question that will change his life forever “do you want me for enternity” “baby eternity is not long enough for me and you”he answers smiling down at him i kiss his eyes his nose his lips moving down lower i take him into my mouth licking him clean. Moving inbetween his thighs looking at him i lower my mouth down the need to taste him higher then ever before “wait” he askes “what is your name” “kitiara” i answer, and yours “pheonix” he replies “welcome to my world pheonix” i whisper as i lower my head down i start running my tongue in small circles sucking lightly on his thigh the blood slowly starts rising to the surface. I hear the pounding in his viens as the animal in me answers my fangs grow, my need to feed getting more and more intence with each passing second. I cant wait no more my fangs pierce into his warm tender flesh at last i drink his rich blood, his life force flowing through me. I finnish taking my fill, looking to the moon blood running down my neck the hunger now fullfilled.
Looking at him astonishment burns in his eyes i slit my wrist with my fingernail offering it to him, he drinks greedily taking the blood from me that will make him the same, finnishing he lightly runs his finger over my jaw “forever” he breaths “forever” i promise.

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