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The Demons Within

The night was hot and sticky; I had dozed off on the couch watching some infomercial for the Garden Weasel. The VCR flashed 12:00, 12:00 over and over again. It was almost hypnotic. The static from the television hissed much like that of oceans surf that never receded.

I had a full-on piss hard-on when I rolled off the couch. Damn, I hate it when that happens. It just lets me know of my ever-present manhood and no woman to give it to. Not that they want it anyway. Fuck it, I’ll just take a piss and go to bed.

“Touch me… Touch Me.” whispered from the static of the TV set


I looked closer at the set, “Wha…What the fuck!!!

“Touch Me”…”I can help you,” it whispered. “Touch me and your dreams will be your reality”

What the hell is going on with this piece of shit? As I moved closer to the T.V. I saw the shape of a hoofed demon staring directly at me.

“Touch me, your dreams, your dreams will come true. I will be your new god. Look at you, look at what you have become. Look at yourself… does it look like your god loves you. IF he did, wouldn’t HE come here to help you…I am here…. TOUCH ME!!!”

To late for the piss I had to take… It was running down my leg.

“FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER! I’ll just turn you the fuck off!!!” I went for the switch when a misty apparition floated from the screen and touched my hand. I jumped back. It was like an electric shock had just gone through my body… I, I can’t feel my hand…My… My head… gotta call 9-1-1. If I could just make it to…. Just as I was to pass out I heard a voice whisper in my ear. “You have released me, my child, I am now your god, your dreams, your reality”.

I drifted off into a deep sleep

The TV jerked to life as so did I. I woke to 12:00, 12:00,12:00. Yep, gotta fix that fuckin’ VCR. Oh my god… My head. What the fuck. I realized that I was on the floor surrounded by empty beer cans and an empty bottle of Jim Beam in my hand. Ahh, so that is what happened. Good job Marty, get fucked up. The women will love ya. Yeah right you computer geek. You haven’t had a date in 6 years. A 26-year-old virgin. Yeah you’re a real winner Marty.

Fuck, what a dream I had, what a god damn dream…the TV, the Demon… The… The… the rest so foggy but yet… feels so…. Oh well time to go to work.

The answering machine light was flashing. Oh hell yeah, a message, I am the stud of this berg. HAHAHA! I thought to myself. I pressed the message button, “You have 3 messages”.

“Message One. Marty, It’s Bob from work, I realize that it is Monday, and your probably are pretty tired from working the extra 18 hours this weekend, but it is 8:30 and you are still not here. Give us a call. Talk to ya later”

“End of message”

“Message Two: Marty What the hell is going on, you never called yesterday, it’s Tuesday and Mr. Gibson is pissed, you better call or they might fire ya. Call me buddy…Later”

“End of message”

“Message Three: Marty, this is Derek Johnson in Personal, This is your third no call no show. You are hereby terminated. Your check will be sent to your home. Have a nice day”

“End of messages”

Thursday…Thursday, I have been out for 3 days, what the hell. Well guess I better get cleaned up and get some breakfast.

I walked into the bathroom. As I pulled down my pants I noticed that my fingernails were quite a bit longer at least a half an inch past my fingertips. They were soft like a well-manicured hand. Oh well, the 3 days of rest must have did my hands some good…56 hours a week on a computer does a number on a guys hands…this could be a blessing in disguise.

Just as I was getting ready to pull my johnson out of my boxers I noticed that my penis was considerably smaller. It had shrunk about 3 inches and tufts of red hair had appeared on it. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! Well, ya know I have been jerking off a lot lately and I have heard of hair on the palms why couldn’t it happen on the weasel…. Eh that’s to embarrassing to go to the doctors for… I’d hate to tell some hot nurse that I have been spanking the monkey lately. She might not blow me after saying something like that heee heee

I finished shaking off the last of the piss dripage that clung to my helmet. Damn that actually felt pretty good with these new fingernails…to the point were my shaft began to get hard. Should I… Nah, not right now. In time, plenty of time now that I am out of work.

I walked over to the shower and turned on the hot water…. it hissed to life “Touch me” There’s that god damn voice again…. hmmm. Where the hell is that coming from? Must be my imagination. I got to go find a job. Oh well. I started to take off the T-shirt I was wearing when I noticed how loosely it clung to me. What the hell…I jumped on the scale…145 Lbs.Well hey, being knocked out for that time sure made the weight shed off. 35 lbs. Go figure. 3 days with no fast food…WONDER DIET!!!

I finished taking off my shirt and went over to the bathroom mirror. It was then that I noticed…being out cold for 3 days and I didn’t have to shave. Not so much as a 5 o’clock shadow, my face was clean. I ran my hand over my face…soft…very soft. And what the hell, my chest was… completely and totally hairless. But… wait… what the fu… My nipples… they were red and swollen. What is going on? Rug burn… the only reason… rug burn. That’s the only thing that it could be.

“Touch me”….
Touch me”…
Touch me”….
Your Dreams. Your Reality”

The sound, the voice…. it…it….

I passed out.


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