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Great Sex is Worth The Wait

I longed about being alone with Sean since the 10th grade. We were the best of friends. We went to football games and hung out with the group together almost everyday. I could always feel the tension between us but both were too afraid to act on it. I guess we were afraid of what it might do to our friendship.
10 years have pasted since i had seen him. I thought about him and all the times that I wished I had told him how I felt. I have dreamed about times when I have felt his hands run up my skirt and feel how wet and hot he makes me. Then I got the invitation to my 10 year reunion. I decided that I would go and see if that fire was still alive between us.
I planned every detail of what I would do and wear when I saw him again. I spent hours getting ready so I would look perfect when I saw him again. I bought a satin red bra and thong set to wear under a short red mini sundress. I wore white open toed heels with my nails painted red and a sexy ankle bracelet. I looked and felt sexy and horny, and was ready to do and say all the things I never allowed myself to say in high school.
When I arrived at the reunion, I was so nervous but as so excited. I could feel my pussy tingling at the thought I seeing his face again. I walked across the parking lot with my head held high and my shoulders back just in case he was somewhere to see. I always took pride in my figure and learned to walk in a way to turn any head that I wanted.
As I walked though the door, I looked around but didn’t see him there. I mingled though the crowd, constantly looking to see him. Just as i was about to give up, I turned and there he was right behind me. “I was beginning to think you wouldn’t come”, he said. I could feel cold nerve chills come across my body at the sound of his voice. The tension that we had always felt was there stronger than ever. “would you like to dance?” I took his hand and we walked over to the dance floor. He held my body so close to him I could feel his pecs pressing against my breasts. “You look fantastic”, he whispered softly in my ear. The feeling of his breath on my neck made my nipples rock hard. By the smile on his face, I could tell he knew that. We danced all night together, and talked a lot of small talk.
The reunion was ending, and we had still not mentioned to each other how we felt. During the last dance, I felt a huge burden to do something to make the night continue. “Would you like to go back to my house so we could talk me private?” At first he did not answer, he just looked at me and pulled my hair back off my shoulder. Finally he leaned forward and kissed my shoulder. “Get your purse.”
We went and got into my car. As I was driving, he leaned over and started to kiss my neck. Cold chills ran all over my body like little needles sticking in my skin. I could feel my nipples sticking up so far that you could see them though my dress. “You have always been so beautiful. Why have we never done this before?” I did not have any answers for that one.
I pulled in the drive. “Here we are.” He reached over and grabbed my face. He started to kiss me so hard and wet. As I felt his hands hold my face, his tongue ran all over my mouth and then slowly down my neck. My body was so tense and hot feeling him suck my neck. His hands started to rub all over my body, then slide his hand up my thigh to my panties. His hands were big and strong rubbing my pussy though my panties. My hips started to move around with his hand in a way that begged him to keep going.
I was getting so hot. I wanted to feel his body against mine. I slide out of my side and sat myself on his lap. I could feel his hot hard cock pressing into my pussy though his pants. He slide the straps from my dress down my shoulders and let them fall to my hips. My breasts were jumping from my bra wanting him to suck them into his hot mouth. I took my hands and rubbed them across my breasts, then took his hands and guided them in my bra so he could feel my rock hard nipples. I slide my hips back and forth on his hard cock beginning to feel so wet that i could hardly wait to feel him inside of me. “Let’s go inside where we could have a little more room.”
After a few minutes, we put our clothes together enough to get inside. When we walked into the room, I lead him to the couch. I pushed him in a way that he knew to sit down. Standing in front of him. I slowly pulled the shoulder straps of my dress to the side, and let my dress fall to the floor. There I stood in my satin bra and panty set and my heels. Then I reached back to remove my bra. I let it fall from my shoulders to the floor. Watching his face, I started to rub my hands across my body feeling my breasts and nipples. I took my hand down to my soaking wet pussy. I could feel the juices on my panties. I slide a finger into my panties until it was wet with juices, then lead forward to him and softly rubbed my finger over his lips. He smiled slyly and slowly moved his tongue over his lip. I sat on top of him pressing my body against his and kissing his hard. I started sucking his lips and tongue. Sliding my tongue down his neck, I started to suck his neck while rubbing his hard cock against my cunt. Unbuttoning his shirt, i slide my tongue down from his neck to his chest. Lick around his nipples, i slide off his lap and sat on the floor in front of him. I licked slower and slower as i went from his nipples to his belly button and started to bite softly on the outside of his pants. I looked at him watch me as I unbuckled his belt and pants and pulled his hot dick out to my lips. I continued to pull his pants off and threw them to the side. Our eyes never moved from each other. “I have dreamed of this moment for years”, i said. He smiled. I ran my nails softly up his thighs and gently took his dick in one hand and his balls in the other. Slowly i rubbed up and down in his dick while I licked around his thighs and stomache teasing him until he was begging me to slide it into my mouth.
I made my lips and mouth wet and hot and started to lick softly on the head of his dick. His eyes closed slowly as I slide him further and further into my mouth. With my mouth wet, I started to slide him in and out of my mouth slowly, holding him firmly in my hand and jerking on his dick while my mouth was causing him to moan. Watching his excitement while i sucked him made me want to suck him even more. I started to suck on him hard and faster and began to rub my hand up and down in his dick to meet with my mouth. I told the other hand, and rubbed on his ass while my mouth worked his dick. I took one finger and softly started to side just into his ass. He started to moan, “Dont stop, I’m going to cum.” I grasp his dick more snuggly and licking him wildly in anticipation of his sweet hot cum. His cum started to shot from his hot dick, most went into my mouth. The taste made me want to cum.
My pussy was tingling and wanting to feel him inside me so bad. He must have been reading my mind. He grabbed my arms and pulled me back onto the couch. His fingers were strong and hard as he rubbed my pussy. “You are the sexiest bitch I have ever seen.” I loved hearing him talk so harsh to me. “I want to feel your dick fucking my pussy NOW.” Hearing that he picked me up off the couch and turned my over on my knees on the floor. His tongue was all over my body and then I could feel his hips pressing into my ass. He grabbed my thong and pulled in to the side of my pussy. With a hard thrust, I felt him deep inside me. His dick was bigger then any I had ever felt. He moved it back and forth with such power I thought I would exploid from excitement. His fingers moved around my body and rubbed my nipples between his fingers. I was getting so excited I could feel my clit pounding. I ran my finger down on my clit and let them slide around on my clit while his dick fucked me hard. I slide my hands down on my pussy and felt his dick sliding between fingers.
Pulling away from him, I turned over and laid on my back. “I want to feel your ass fucking me.” He stayed up on his knees and we looked at each other bodies for a few minutes. Then he laid on top on me and pushed his cock back inside. I pulled his ass against my body pressing my nails into his back. I pulled my body against his chest feeling our nipples touching each other. I started to moan uncontrollably. I could feel my body getting tingly everywhere. “Don’t stop, I’m going to cum”, I said. He started to fuck me even harder. “OOHH damn, you have the biggest dick i have ever felt.” I slowly start to moan more and more loudly. I can feel him pushing more and more. My body raises up and we cum at the same time, then our bodies fall together. We lay there for a long time too tired to move. “Why have we not done this before?”, he finally asked. We both laughed and agreed that it was worth the wait.
The next morning, I took him back to his car and kissed him goodbye.
We have gotten together a few times when he is in town. Every time we get together, it feels like the first.

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