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What A Night

I was getting ready to go out with my boyfriend for our 2 month anniversary. I was looking for the perfect thing to wear even though I already knew Josh would like. I decided to wear a pink thong, a white lacy bra, a tight denium mini skirt and a red tank top that showed my great cleveage. When Josh came to my door he looked at me like he knew what I was thinking. So instead of going newhere we decided to stay at my house cuz my parents were out of town for a few days. We sat down on the couch and in a few minutes we were making out. Soon I could feel his warm hands running up my thighs so I uncrossed my legs. He then started to suck on my ear lobe which made me wet instantly. The next thing I knew I was laying on my back with him on top of me sliding his fingers into my pussy. He slowly pulled off my tank top and took off my bra and start to suck on my already hard nipples making them harder and harder. He kissed all the way down my body til he came to clit then he start to suck on it and flick it with his tounge. His 2 fingers were still in my pussy I could help but to start moaning. It felt so great he knew just what to do all thought it was his 1st time. He came back up to me and started kissing me hard i could taste my juices on his tounge it tasted so good. I slowly pulled his shirt over his head and then quicky removed his pants. He knew exactly what I wanted he could read my mind. Before I could say nething I felt his hard dick pushing through my pussy it hurt a little bcuz it was my 1st time but I didnt want him to stop. He started to push his dick harder and faster in2 my pussy. We were both breathing hard. I could feel myself wanting to cum but I wanted to wait a little longer. My pussy was so wet that his dick slid in and out easily. There was sum pain but I didn’t mind. As he pushed his dick in2 my wet pussy i couldnt hold back nemore and i started to cum hard on his dick i felt unbelieveable. Soon after he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my pussy or mouth. I knew that I hadn’t statisfied him oraly yet so I said in my mouth. I quickly slid his dick in2 my mouth. He was so hard and still had my cum on it. It tasted great I couldn’t wait to have his cum in my mouth as well. I sucked on his dick as if it were a lollipop. He started to moan really loud so i knew he was enjoying it. He put his hand on my head to guide it up and down. In a few minutes i felt his warm cum sliding down my throat. His cum tasted very yummy. I swallowed ever drop making sure I didnt waste ne. After he was done cumming he lifted my head and kissed me again. We were so tired after all that had happened, after all it was our 1st time, that I just layed in his arms and after he called and told his mom he was staying at a friends house we fell asleep til the next day when we did it all over again….

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