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Heather's Double Dose

Heather had only just got over her tears as she sat at her desk in the sixth-form classroom of St.Mary’s College in Suffolk.
Mr.Cook was taking the class in English Literature and Heather was finding it difficult to concentrate and certainly to be able to write notes. Within the last hour, Miss Brough had caught her smuggling a note to her friend Cathy. Called to the front of the class she had been caned, three strokes across each palm. Her hands were throbbing with the stripes on her palms and swoolen with the bruises. She could not hold her pen and it was all she could do not break out again in tears.
Mr.Cook was becoming iritated about her inattention and called on her to concentrate. Heather could not put her mind to the lesson so Mr.Cook called her to the front of the class as he took his cane off the hook and ordered the girl to stretch out her palm.
Please Sir, don’t cane me my hands are still sore from the cane.
‘Well, Heather there is no alternative but for you to take this punishment note to the head.’
The girl was horrified as she knew what that would meen but nevertheless trudged out of class upto the study.
Handing the note to Miss Brown she prepared for her fate. She knew that pleading would do no good as the head had the reputation of a harsh flogger.
She was instruicted to bend over the desk, lift her skirt and pull her school knickers up tight holing onto the far side of the desk. The girls bruised hands could hardly grip the edge.
Miss Brown too the vicious cane out of her draw and stood alongside the trembling schoolgirl.
Six times the knotted rattan bit into the white bottom cheeks leaving ugly scarlet stripes and emerging bruises.
Heather was wimpering and trying to rub her sore hands over her wounded bottom as she made her way back to class.
When she got back Mr.Cook smiled and asked her how her bottom felt before telling her to take her seat at her desk.
Very carefully Heather eased her throbbing bottom on to the hard seat to screw up her face in pain.
School life at St.Mary,s was tough indeed.
That night she lay in bed clutching her hands between her legs and lying on her tummy with her bum exposed to the cool air.

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