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Prom Night

Hello, my name is kokokurves, a name that was given to me by an ex-boyfriend, Shawn in High School. I am a golden brown skin,dark brown medium length hair that hung to the middle of my neck. I am 5 feet and 5 inches,38D cup,and weigh about a buck forty five. The name kokokurves was perfect, the clothes that I wore revealed the shape and kurves of my body that was neatly placed in order.
It was friday night 8:00pm, Shawn and I are at our senior prom.It seemed to last forever with the dried out food and all the oldies that the Dee-jay was playing. After the prom all of our friends had plans, so Shawn rented a hotel room and we had a small intimate party.The party consisted of six people. Shawn and I and two other couples that we were close to but did not consider friends.
We are all enjoying the party by dancing with our dates. My bracelet fell on the floor as i bent over to pick it up i felt something hard as a rock pressed against my small round ass. I turned around and there stood Shawn looking horny as hell grinding on my ass.I looked around the room and one couple were fucking against the wall and the other couple was fucking on the bed.
I didn’t want to embarrass him by turning him down in front of our classmates.I continue to let him grind and squeeze my ass.He reached his soft, tender hands around from the back and cupped my soft, sensitve hard,erotic,size 38D breast squeezing and taunting them with his soft and tender touch.
I sat back in a relaxed chair that was settled in the corner of the room.I put one leg across the arm of the chair inviting Shawns hard erect penis with his pants on to tease my wet,hot,screaming pussy.
Shawn climbs on top of me and work his hard dick almost entering my wet pussy. I could feel his nice hard penis being held hostage by his underwear and pants pressing deeply against my thongs. He decided that he would set his dick free. He unzippered his pants and reached inside and all of a sudden his dick popped out as if it was waiting to be released from the bondage of his underwear. He slid a condom on and started fucking my pussy through my thongs. I felt his penis pushing my thongs way into my pussy. It went in so deep that I let out a moan.
He started sucking my tits and playing with my nipples with his tongue as he continued to fuck my thongs into my hot,steamy,wet, screaming,desirable pussy.
It was getting so good to him that he was making faces and digging a little deeper with his penis. I said,”I’m about to cum”. He exclaims, “ohhhhhhh baby me too”.He places two of his soft , tender,sensual fingers deep inside of my steamy pussy with his penis still inserted. He pushed his way into my pussy harder with his rock hard dick and remained there for a moment. Then he slowly pulled it out, quickly back in, slowly out,quickly in,slowly out. Then he rotated in a circular motion. Then he withdrawn his sagging penis from my penetrating pussy.
He then got on his knees and placed his mouth between my thighs until his tongue reached the tip of my thongs with the hopes to reach my screaming pussy. he sucked and licked faster,faster,and faster and I found myself pushing my pussy up to meet his awaiting mouth. I whispered,” Ohhhhhh,Ahhhhhhhh,Mmmmmmmmmmmm”. My thongs were now soaking wet he lifts his head up slowly and gave me the most passionate kiss ever, allowing me to taste some of my natural juices, which was, warm,sort of sweet and creamy.
He sat on the chair and I sat on his lap. He was on the verge of cumming, so I played with and sucked his penis until his cum squirted into my
mouth. I kissed him allowing some of his cum to escape my mouth and into his.
After our orgasms we sat in the chair making plans to shower together.When we looked up there were the other two couples sitting on the bed staring at us.

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